Ebook conversion Services for Authors and Publishers


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AtoZ ebook conversion service is the best company to convert all types of manuscript into digital formats at affordable cost. Visit the website for more details.

AtoZ invites all authors and publishers to convert their own manuscript into Epub and Kindle digital formats.

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Ebook conversion Services for Authors and Publishers

  1. 1. www.atozebookconversion.comAtoZ Ebook Conversion
  2. 2. INTRODUCTIONThe world proceeds to adjust and progress because of the introduction of newtechnology - so does the way people choose to acquire information. The words ebookand ereader meant almost nothing to individuals just a year ago - at the present timethese are getting as common as newsprint and magazines.Right now there are a couple of basic file types utilized by most eReaders -.mobi andepub. These 2 file types let you add your own e-book to the different ebook outletsincluding the iBookstore and the Amazon online marketplace kindle store. Gettingyour actual physical book converted to these file types is not really complicated,though not all conversions are the same. Many low-priced converters, internet-basedsoftware will probably promise to complete the task. However if youre not cautiousyoull find that what you receive appears nothing like what you sent in. Many of thesecheap businesses and software automatically produce your files so when they comethrough… not Impressive! A much better choice is to get a company that will convertyour files manually and program the book to appear exactly how you desire.
  3. 3. One of the many issues that publishers and self publishers are currently facing is whatshould a good quality eBook conversion look like, especially for reference titles. Itsvery difficult to know what to expect from a conversion house for your specific content.
  4. 4. PRO C E S SWe accept all types of manuscripts like paperback, pdf, word, text, and images.
  5. 5. (We also convert the paperpack and hardcopy of books into digital formats)(Once the scanning process is done, well proofread the entire document by one of ourprofessional)
  6. 6. We format the entire document to Html 5 and Css 3 for styling..Also we make sure, we keep the original look and feel of the book while formatting the books.
  7. 7. Validate the html file by using w3c html validator All the digital books are validated with Industrial validator called "Epubcheck 1.3" before delivering to the client.
  8. 8. Conversion process is done, We check it in Adobe digital edition(ADE), Ipad and Kindle Device.
  9. 9. Our output files could read it in numerous digital device and some of them are Nook,Kindle, iPad, Sony, etc.. We distribute the books globally though the various retailers.. Your book is available in major eBook Retailer… Happy Reading!!!
  10. 10. If you have any other questions regarding the conversion, please contact us at info@atozebookconversion.com Thanks for your time!!!