Ebook conversion -Need of the electronic age


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“Ebook conversion” is basically the process in which, the incompatible text material with different devices used by the e reader is converted into digital format for compatibility.

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Ebook conversion -Need of the electronic age

  1. 1. PR Log - Global Press Release Distribution E-Book Conversion - Need Of The Electronic Age Source: AtoZ ebook conversion Company Dated: Sep 01, 2012 “Ebook conversion” is basically the process in which, the incompatible text material with different devices used by the e reader is converted into digital format for compatibility. We are living in the world of gadgets and smart phones. It’s really necessary that all the important information could also be read on these portable devices anywhere used by e readers. So at this point we come to realize that “ Ebook conversion” has become our need in this electronic age. Significant role of file size in ebook conversion The file size plays a very important role in E-book conversion. As ebooks are downloaded and transmitted over the internet. More importantly they are read on devices, which are battery-operated. A digital file compatible with the e readers devices is an interactive file. It includes features like font sets, bookmarks, hyperlinks, RGB color coding and the embedded metadata. The file size varies and it can range from 1MB to 8MB. Only novel books have smaller file sizes. The childrens e books have colored graphics, so file size is larger comparatively. From hard copy to ebook The process of converting the print books to ebooks is basically scanning. In which the physical pages of the required book are read by the scanner. It’s a time consuming and difficult process. Errors can arise from font ligatures, print quality and kerning in scanning. Spell check can be of some help in fixing errors. So the digital file is produced as a result of scanning. Different scanning softwares are now available in various forms of formats. Digital file to ebook A digital file or text in word doc, PDF or In Design required to be changed into XML. The PDF format is more acceptable by the ebook sellers and even some libraries as compared to the XML format. It is also preferred for reading a specific text on the desktop screens. Anyone with sound understanding of Adobe Acrobat can apply the basic enhancements on a PDF format. Which are as web optimization, page cropping, insertion of meta data and adding a table of contents. XML & HTML5 are comparatively more complex and difficult. But mostly ebook formats are in XML and html language. In XML an ebook is consists of files zipped all together, with the proper file extension. The conversion of the digital file to XML format depends upon the books structure, quality and its content. The basic components of XML format are the style sheet file, media file and the marked-up content file. Quality control Whether you convert the hard copy or digital file to an E-book, quality control is very important in “Ebook conversion.”The process involves challenges like images, text, display, coding and navigation, should be checked properly to produce high quality and error free E-books. AtoZ Ebook Conversion is the best place for everyone to get all the services related to E-book conversion at quite pocket friendly prices in entirely professional environment. Their main aim is to provide error free Page 1/2
  2. 2. PR Log - Global Press Release Distributionwork in a professional way. For more info, visit the website http://www.atozebookconversion.com/index.htmlCategory Ebook ConversionTags ebook conversion, ebook conversion services, ebook formatting, ebook conversion needEmail Click to contact authorCity/Town D.C.State/Province WashingtonCountry United StatesLink http://prlog.org/11964463 Scan this QR Code with your SmartPhone to- * Read this news online * Contact author * Bookmark or share online Page 2/2