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TPQ Flyer 2019


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The Team Process Questionnaire (TPQ) measure interactions among team members.
It can be used with various types of teams:
-Action Learning Teams
-Cross-functional Teams
-Functional Teams
-Leadership Teams
-Project Teams
-Product Development Teams
-Process / System Development Teams
-Quality Assurance Teams

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TPQ Flyer 2019

  1. 1. Are YOUR Teams High Performing?  Do your virtual teams struggle with role clarity?  Do they communicate effectively?  Is the level of trust among team members high?  Would custom questions help you collect valuable data? For more about ITAP Measure improvement over time in these areas...and more: • Role clarity • Group communications • Trust • Goal clarity • Conflict resolution DID YOU KNOW? Different types of teams require different types of assessments. ITAP’s TPQ has 3 versions, serving 3 types of teams: Action learning teams (ALTPQ) Global teams (GTPQ) Domestic teams (OTPQ) Order a Team “Wellness Check” @ $500/iteration +1.917.359.5360 Call today!