Leadership beyond cultures seminar shanghai 08:14


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Leadership beyond cultures seminar shanghai 08:14

  1. 1. SMG specially invites you to join us in our Seminar – jointly presented with iTAP International: Date : Thursday, 28 August 2014 Time : 1.30 pm to 5:30 pm Venue : Shanghai, China RSVP : Email to jasmine @ jasminezhang@smgcsh.com or admin@smgcsh.com or call us at 86-21-64412588 Seminar Programme 1:00 pm: Registration 2.00 pm: Welcome & Introduction 2.15 pm: Leadership Beyond Cultures 3.45 pm: Tea Break 4.15 pm: Global Team Cultures / China Case Study 5.15 pm: Forum/Q&A 5.30 pm: End of Seminar “Leadership Beyond Cultures” SMG Consulting (China) Co., Ltd Room 1504, Wangjiao Plaza, No 175 East Yan’an Road, Huangpu District, Shanghai 200002 Tel: (8621) 64412588 Fax: (8621) 64647309 http://www.smgts.biz email: admin@smgcsh.com Sincerely yours, Ms Teo Jin Lee Managing Director, SMG Strategic Management Group Board of Governors (BOG), International Association of Coaching (IAC) President, Singapore Chapter International Association of Coaching (SCIAC) It will be a pleasure to host you at our Seminar and we trust that you would better appreciate how SMG can best support you in building competencies for “Leadership Beyond Cultures”. The American Management Association (AMA) in their 2012 Survey on Global Leadership Development identified 10 critical future competencies for leaders; 6 of which relate to cross-cultural leadership, namely -  managing virtual teams  cross-cultural employee engagement  managing innovation in a cross-cultural setting  collaboration with peers from multiple countries  applying ethical standards in multiple countries and  multi-country supply chain management. Our partnership with iTAP International (in association with Geert Hofstede, thought leader in working across cultures and author of “Cultures and Organisations - Software of the Mind”) puts SMG in the forefront today, to help leaders master these critical global leadership and cross-cultural competencies and in turn, be able to leverage cross-cultural leadership as an asset and business advantage. Seminar Highlights 1. Insights to your own cultural dimensions based on Geert Hofstede’s 5 Cultural Dimensions 2. Leadership strategies essential to achieve results across cultures 3. How to lead a culturally-diverse workforce Key Takeaways  Understand your preferred Cultural Dimensions and the strategies you can employ across cultures  Understand what qualities, characteristics and competencies are needed to succeed across cultures  Leverage your understanding of cultures to shape behaviours and performance in your team  Increased awareness of how culture diversity plays a part in our workplace Complimentary – 1st 20 registrants “Culture in the Workplace Questionnaire” (CWQ) & consultation with SMG Coaches on your cultural dimensions at the Seminar
  2. 2. “Leadership Beyond Cultures” About SMG SMG is a global leader in training and consulting via scenario-based business simulations with headquarters in the U. S. It was established by 3 faculty members from the Wharton Business Schools in 1981. SMG Consulting China was established in Shanghai in year of 2003. SMG China leverages on the materials developed in the U.S and customize to the Chinese market to better accommodate local needs. High customer satisfaction as well as our unique training methodology “learn by doing” drives us growing rapidly through these years. Our core services and solutions are in sales and marketing, strategy, project management and leadership. About ITAP International ITAP International was founded in 1986 in Princeton, New Jersey, USA with focus on cross cultural consulting and training. Through offices in Europe, Asia and the Americas, and the ITAP Alliance of Associates, ITAP offers clients with comparable services, instruments and programs in over 40 languages and for over 80 cultures. The clients of ITAP include: Astrazeneca, Avon, Degussa, ExxonMobil, Merck, Morgan Stanley, Pfizer, Sprint, the US Department of Agriculture, AIG and etc. One of ITAP assessment tool “Culture in the Workplace Questionnaire™” CWQ was developed by the Dutch researcher Dr Geert Hofstede. Geert Hofstede is an influential Dutch expert on cross culture, and is an author of several books including Culture's Consequences (2nd, fully revised edition, 2001) and Cultures and Organizations, Software of the Mind (2nd, revised edition 2005, with Gert Jan Hofstede). In 1986, Dr Hofstede conducted study of 116,000 IBM affiliates in fifty countries and formed the foundation of the field of comparative cultures, they are: Power Distance, Uncertainty Avoidance, Individualism and Collectivism, Masculinity and Feminity, Long-term Orientation and Short-term Orientation. CWQ can be incorporated in new employee orientation, expatriate relocation, workshops like cross culture, performance management, conflict management, project management, customer service, product design, Corporate merge and re-structure, overseas market development, change and etc. SMG Consulting (China) Co., Ltd Room 1504, Wangjiao Plaza, No 175 East Yan’an Road, Huangpu District, Shanghai 200002 Tel: (8621) 64412588 Fax: (8621) 64647309 http://www.smgts.biz email: admin@smgcsh.com