2014 ITAP Brochure


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Short description of how ITAP benefits its global clients

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2014 ITAP Brochure

  1. 1. www.itapintl.com National culture is a business issue. But often it is seen as a ‘problem’ —a barrier to overcome, or an enemy to be beaten. Yet in an age of international business and cultural diversity — this should not be the case... Success across borders. National culture can be an asset to global business... ITAP International specializes in global, cross-border consulting. We focus on helping organizations work across internal and national borders, achieving success through people. We are experts working in multiple countries with extensive line and staff experience in multiple sectors. Our work is based on the best research and the best global practices. Our services focus on: 1. Growth and sustainability 2. Globalization 3. Transformation and change 4. Talent retention and development 5. Effectiveness of the senior team and mission critical teams. Ensure that culture is an asset, not a barrier in your global business.
  2. 2. www.itapintl.com Over 25 years of client experience Clients reached out with these questions: • Can you help me set up a new operation in _________? • Why isn’t my overseas call center training improving quality scores? • Our European office instituted some new HR policies in Asia which are not working. Can you help us figure out how to remedy the situation? • Can you help us develop our global finance professionals into ‘trusted advisors’ to the country and regional line business heads? • What do we need to know about the culture of Asian-Americans and Latin-Americans in the US to help us with marketing, product and collateral material design, sales approaches, and support services? • Our __________ employees have filed a formal complaint against our operations manager (from another country). Can you handle the complaint investigation and help us sort out which problems might be due to cultural misunderstandings? • We are not as effective as we expected to be when we outsourced our back office functions to Asia. Can you help our bi-cultural process migration teams work more effectively together? • Can you help us better understand how various cultures view ethical practices? • Our company has grown by acquiring companies from two other countries. Our senior team is struggling to integrate all three pieces of our organization. Can you help the executive team become more effective at this integration? ITAP handled these issues; can we help your organization? Call and schedule a conversation with one of our cultural experts. We have major offices in the Americas, Europe and Asia. Call ITAP International at (1) 215.860.5640