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Art presentation

My presentation for my art ed 303 class

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Art presentation

  1. 1. Homes Around The WorldAlyssa Tourso By
  2. 2. •Materials Construction Paper Scissors Marker Glue Any other items the student would like to use to complete their project
  3. 3. •Essential Questions How do people’s homes differ around the world? • How do people live differently around the world?
  4. 4. •Ingrid Siliakus Artist
  5. 5. •Making The Project
  6. 6. •Procedures • Read Thumbelina and introduce styles of architecture • Students research country of their choosing • Students complete art project • Students write paragraph explaining their project • Estimated Time: 1 hour
  7. 7. EvaluationInformal: Discussion of homes Research conductedFormal: Rubric for final project