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London 2012 brochure - Testing and Acceptance Management


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How can you constantly evolve your business critical systems while never compromising on system availability?

Confidence in your ability to manage change is key. So, before investing further in test services, you must work with your IT partner to understand both the technological and cultural impact that goes hand in hand with the adoption of new applications and processes. Rigorous testing has ensured that there have been no visible IT problems since Atos took responsibility for delivering IT for the Olympic Games in 2002. Therefore, the focus and value of our Testing and Acceptance Management services are enhanced by such industry-specific knowledge which allows us to keep complex, evolving systems performing to the highest standards.

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London 2012 brochure - Testing and Acceptance Management

  1. 1. Testing and Acceptance Managementconfidenceis evidence-basedtesting and acceptance managementYour business technologists. Powering progress
  2. 2. Over the next four weeks, Atos will runapproximately 220,000 hours of applicationand process tests for clients around theworld, validating over 4 million lines of codealong with thousands of interoperabilitylinks. The rigor of our testing services keepsyour business race-tuned.2 Testing and Acceptance Management
  3. 3. Can you beconfident?The applications and processes on which your business reliesare not static. As you seek to drive out operational cost andestablish competitive differentiation, the need to review andrenew applications and processes is constant. Whether youare commissioning or delivering, you must be confident ofthe results – and that confidence rests on the quality ofTesting and Acceptance Management.Right across the public and private sectors, New landscapes need comprehensive test approaches CIO teams need to manage a contradiction. Apart from the need to rationalize, on the one hand, and to augment the scope and focus ofOn the one hand, you need to rationalize. business applications on the other, what else is happening that makes testing and acceptanceWhere tools and processes have been such a critical business activity?developed at a departmental or nationallevel, often over many years, the drive is onto consolidate and harmonize. Every change Clouds The cloud and virtualization impacts delivery for every enterprisecarries risk, and every risk must be minimized. today. With delivery ‘as-a-service’ for applications, computing platforms and infrastructure, often in hybrid architectures, testing must coverIn parallel to this drive to reduce complexity, every need to meet the demand for new Access devices Every change you make must be tested across every device. With thinapplications and IT-driven processes. This clients, laptops, tablets, smart-phones and specialist field devices in themay be prompted by the need for smarter mix, this in itself is a challenge. The massive rise in machine-to-machinecommunication and collaboration; it may communication makes it even due to the explosion in online productsand services; to regulation, organizational Management I t’s not just the devices that have changed. Models of ownership andchange, merger and acquisition or models management have evolved too. Organizations combine leased,international expansion. company owned and “bring your own” models – and every change to applications and processes must be guaranteed reliable for everyBut whatever the reason, the rules remain the management model.same: you must minimize risk and achieveor exceed the target results (while, of course, Networks Everything is networked and every network choice needs to be tested.delivering on time and on budget). If media-rich communication is setting new standards inside the enterprise network, for example, you must be able to guarantee performance and responsiveness for external and mobile environments. Test and reputation affecting essential business continuity; and they must be accepted by the people affected by 1. isolation – looking specifically at the In them. But the real prize for a world class test subject under test discipline ultimately lies in reputation. 2 combination – considering the subject In with all active interoperability Undetected problems which result in loss of 3. n culture – examining change in terms I service or in the disclosure of confidential of usage and acceptance. information can cause lasting damage to the trust people place in your enterprise – and Testing and Acceptance Management is not ultimately, your testing program is designed an end in itself. Clearly, changes to existing to prevent that happening. applications and processes must function correctly; they must be applied withoutTesting and Acceptance Management 3
  4. 4. Heads you win,tails you winAtos has a distinguished Testing and Acceptance Managementresource. Active for over 30 years – we keep pace with everydevelopment in technology and business practice. Originallydesigned to ensure that our own solutions performed to thehighest standards, we soon realized that it shouldn’t stop there.Today Atos offers rigorous and independent Although our industry is fiercely competitive, The real differentiator?Testing and Acceptance Management in two every mature IT service company understandsdistinct flavors: the need for active collaboration. When The real Atos differentiator lies not so much in Atos is called to test, our focus is clear: to our technology but in our sector knowledge. Testing is not just about making sure all the ITAtos projects collaborate with the solution provider to boxes are ticked. It is about being absolutely ensure the best result.Atos itself delivers around 1,000 major change certain that the change initiative is fit forprojects to clients around the world every Whether we’re working together on an purpose in its actual business context.year. In addition to these transformational Atos solution or validating third party projectsprojects, we manage a continuous stream prior to roll-out, we remain fixed on a simple A ticketing system needed by an airline, forof adjustment to applications and processes and unchanging principle: the Atos Testing example, is not the same as one for a railway.under Atos management. and Acceptance Management program will A global manufacturer has different be scoped and coordinated according to requirements for logistics and supplyOur Testing and Acceptance Management our own standards of industrial best practice, chain than a defense ministry or militaryservices act as the gatekeepers for quality and the objectives will be agreed, monitored logistic all Atos systems development and and measured.integration projects. In every sector in which Atos operates, the focus and value of our Testing and Acceptance Business and technology focusThird party projects Management services are enhanced by Technology expertise is key in all Testing industry-specific knowledge.We also provide a complete Testing and and Acceptance Management engagements.Acceptance Management service for third In addition to our coordinated global team of The action snapshots below give a flavor ofparty projects. Sometimes these are conducted over 10,000 SAP specialists, for example, we how our Testing and Acceptance Managementwith our clients’ in-house resources and have centers of competence in other leading teams create justifiable confidence andsometimes with third party suppliers. Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solutions. measurable value by combining deep We have similar strengths in the many technology and sector-specific skills.In every instance, the rigor and independence specialties demanded by our clients.of the Atos services ensure fitness for purpose. With transactional processing, both forWe deliver clear and focused reporting, payment and the management of loyaltypinpointing potential weakness, and making programs and CRM, our dedicated Atospractical suggestions for refinement Worldline unit is dominant in Europe.and resolution. In terms of core technology platforms, we have invested both in alliances and in developing and sustaining our own skills base: we can point to real depth and breadth in technologies from Microsoft, VMware, EMC and many others. We have paid special attention to HP, and to their own highly-regarded testing platforms.4 Testing and Acceptance Management
  5. 5. Action snapshots Energy The growing influence of smart technologyTransport coupled with widespread liberalization hasThe online experience for transport customers left the applications and processes used foris the start of the journey: ticketing, price energy billing and account managementcomparison, seat-booking and variable tariffs showing their age. Atos specialist testingall count. Atos conducts exhaustive automated units are helping utility companies facetransaction and payment testing and in-depth rapid evolution with confidence.consumer trials for travel service providers. ManufacturingFinancial services An increasing range of manufacturingEffective channel management is critical companies are now adopting Manufacturingin financial services. Atos has established Execution System (MES) and Product Lifecycleindustrialized test facilities embracing retail Management (PLM) systems. Scope canand wholesale banking applications with extend beyond individual plants and acrossa special emphasis on channels. Clients the supply chain. Atos places particularincreased compliance efficiency and emphasis on user acceptance testingminimized production incidents. with its manufacturing clients.TelecommunicationsTelecommunications companies are underextreme pressure to get new products tomarkets in which customers are increasinglydigitally sophisticated. Atos has establishedshadow test facilities for telco developmentteams, minimizing time-to-market and boostingthe chance of product success.Public sectorTrans-national public bodies live by IT-enabled process: the effectiveness of everydecision, submission and regulation isstrongly influenced by the quality of toolsand workflows. Atos has developed extensivetoolkits of test scripts for public bodies,allowing up to 80% automation.Testing and Acceptance Management 5
  6. 6. Method and delivery: arobust industrial modelWhen you engage with Atos, you buy into a robust, industrial andsustainable approach to Testing and Acceptance Management.Atos has clients who after asking us to perform tests for a singleproject have subsequently embedded our services in all applicationand process change management activity: the wider the adoption,the better the return.The Atos model is comprehensive in scope and the discipline tight... Standards and methods Plan Prepare Execute Refine Deliver Monitor and tuneStandards and methods Prepare DeliverThroughout the engagement, Atos ensures The project blueprint is agreed with relevant The move to production is the closure point.that all associated industry standards are met. milestones and metrics. Resource allocation Testing and Acceptance ManagementThe client’s own rulebook is applied as agreed. is always high on the agenda. must, however, ensure that applications and processes remain agile and fit for changingMonitor and tune Execute purpose. In this respect, the entire cycle can be regarded as one of continuous reviewEvery step of every engagement is monitored We fire up the machinery of Testing and and revision.and intelligently documented allowing us to Acceptance Management. Output cantune as we progress: agility is essential. deliver directly to release management and production, or can be passed through reviewPlan and refinement cycles as needed.We plan at an enterprise and a projectlevel, establishing a sustainable Testing and RefineAcceptance Management policy and scoping During refinement and review, experteach project in terms of execution and representatives of all interested parties workinteroperability. Both technology and together to critically assess outcomes, andcultural perspectives are considered. ensure that all targets will be met or exceeded.6 Testing and Acceptance Management
  7. 7. Service overview TAM for ERP Performance testing is not always driven ERP remains the foundation of so many by alarm – it can also be prompted by Within our service suite we have numerous business processes, and as such, deserves anticipation of change in business operations, specialties – some technology-driven, some particular scrutiny. Significant changes so that systems are always ‘good-to-go’. industry-specific and some focused on in ERP thinking mean increased demand testing methods. for testing and acceptance. Transformation, TAM for Agile consolidation and harmonization are hot For many, Agile has become the answer Four services are particularly sought after: topics and Atos is resourced to respond on all to the demand for rapid and virtually major platforms, including SAP and Oracle. spontaneous application development. TAM via cloud The method demands approaches to Testing As more and more of our clients transfer Performance testing and Acceptance Management which reflect business applications and processes to Performance testing is always a hot ticket – its highly-dynamic, iterative and open- cloud-based delivery, it is only natural that especially when there is an urgent need to innovation characteristics. Our TAM for the testing models themselves make the investigate unforeseen service degradation. Agile services brings the rigor of ITIL and same transition. These services reflect all the Our forensic analysts are expert both in CMMi to Agile development, with particular benefits of the cloud – notably service on rapidly and reliably identifying the root focus on critical interoperability issues. demand, scalability and highly granular and causes of performance degradation, and transparent costing. more importantly, of resolving them.Coordinatedglobal deliveryEvery business feels protective towards its applications andprocesses. They’re critical, they’re personal and often, they’rea source of genuine competitive differentiation.Not surprisingly, this impacts the way in The Olympic showcase Test the testerwhich you want Testing and AcceptanceManagement services to be delivered. Atos is the official IT partner of the Olympic Members of our Testing and AcceptanceOur model always establishes close Games. The Games are the premier showcase Management consultancy squad will be happyworking relationships between all directly for our Testing and Acceptance Management to help you address the big picture. If youinvolved parties, be they members of your capabilities. Every four years, the world’s largest already have a clear and comprehensive policyteam, of third parties or of Atos specialist sporting event starts on the minute – and for testing, we are keen to compare notes. If youunits: quality of communication is essential. every single application and process must be don’t, then it’s a great opportunity to consider guaranteed to run faultlessly from start to finish. the benefits and choices open to you.The strength of the Atos model hingeson our ability to combine strength of personal With every edition of the Games, the application But more than anything, we invite you, veryrelationships with the highest degree of and process portfolio increases as the audience simply, to test the tester.structured industrial automation. A global of over four billion selects from a growing mixnetwork of specialist Testing and Acceptance of rich media to enjoy the spectacle. Because your confidence must be evidence-Management resources draws on specialist based – and evidence is what we deliver.test labs in Spain, India, Morocco and For Beijing 2008 our labs ran more thanArgentina. These resources in turn are 200,000 hours of tests for the over 80 Your business technologists.coordinated with teams across Europe and applications and processes needed to manageNorth America, many of which are centers everything from accreditation through media Powering progress. Atos.of industry-specific expertise. management to the actual results of over 300 events. Between the Beijing closing ceremonyThis seamless combination of the personal and and the start of London 2012, a team of overindustrial makes it possible for you to embed 1,000 application and process specialists willand sustain an end-to-end test program within perform an even more extensive battery of tests.your own enterprise at acceptable cost – withstrong scalability.Testing and Acceptance Management 7
  8. 8. About AtosAtos is an international information technologyservices company with annual 2010 proforma revenues of EUR 8.6 billion and 74,000employees in 42 countries. Serving a globalclient base, it delivers hi-tech transactionalservices, consulting and technology services,systems integration and managed services.With its deep technology expertise and industryknowledge, it works with clients across thefollowing market sectors: Manufacturing,Retail, Services; Public, Health Transport;Financial Services; Telecoms, Media Technology; Energy Utilities.Atos is focused on business technology thatpowers progress and helps organizations tocreate their firm of the future. It is the WorldwideInformation Technology Partner for the OlympicGames and is quoted on the Paris EurolistMarket. Atos operates under the brands Atos,Atos Consulting and Technology Services,Atos Worldline and Atos Worldgrid.For more information, visit: atos.netFor more information, contact: Atos, the Atos logo, Atos Consulting, Atos Worldline, Atos Sphere, Atos Cloud, Atos Healthcare (in the UK) and Atos Worldgrid are registered trademarks of Atos SA. All trademarks are the property of their respective owners. November 2011© 2011 Atos.