London 2012 brochure - intelligent managed services infrastructure, applications, support


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CEOs now expect IT to provide profitable growth and business agility. Is outsourcing the best way to achieve this?

The Olympic Games is the biggest managed IT services contract in world sport and involves coordinating a multitude of different providers. This new Fast Track Guide on Managed Services is quick to read and formed from the very latest thinking. It shows how providers such as Atos use their experience to build an ecosystem of clients, partners and of course expertise to leverage emerging technologies and market trends.

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London 2012 brochure - intelligent managed services infrastructure, applications, support

  1. 1. intelligentmanaged servicesinfrastructure, applications, supportYour business technologists. Powering progress
  2. 2. Just because everybody’s got a smart phone in their pocket,doesn’t mean that enterprise IT can now run itself.2 Intelligent managed services infrastructure, applications, support
  3. 3. Freedom andcontrol in balanceThe ability to balance freedom and agility on the one hand withefficient operations on the other becomes the stand-out capabilityfor those who are tasked with the provision and management ofenterprise IT operations. Employee and customer expectations ofhow technology can serve them have changed radically – and theway you design and deliver managed IT services must change too.The solidity of fixed three, five or even ten Innovation and continuity Atos = end-to-endyear service contracts built purely aroundtechnical SLAs must give way to more flexible Atos serves public and private sector Managed Services are part of an end-to-and more dynamic, but no less reliable enterprises, many of them with operations end approach at Atos. We are businessapproaches. The payment models you adopt spanning the globe. For our clients, consistency technologists, and our four business divisionsmust also reflect the times and trends: few and continuity are critical. You also expect all work openly and collaboratively together inenterprises are cash rich and in managed IT us to be service innovators, raising business the pursuit of a single goal: to power progressservices, how you pay and what you pay for and technical performance, and delivering for our customers. This collaboration is themust mirror actual business performance year-on-year cost improvements. foundation of our ability to design, build andand usage with real precision. operate business solutions and IT infrastructure Our reputation as a managed services for our customers.Atos is a world force in managed IT services. provider rests on our ability to anticipate andAccording to independent analysis by Gartner, manage change in both technology andwe hold the number two position in Europe and business practice, while delivering tangiblethe number seven position worldwide, earning and measurable benefit. In this short profile,around €4 billion in annual managed service we introduce our Managed Service specialties,revenues. Over 35% of our company’s 74,000 pointing to the latest developments, andworkforce is directly engaged in the provision providing examples of Atos in action.of managed IT services, each with theirrespective specialist focus on infrastructure,application operations or personal IT support. Consultancy and Our consultants have deep specialist knowledge of both the technology services technologies you use and the sectors we serve. Tracking trends and continually asking what the real implications for our clients are, their insight is critical in shaping managed service evolution. Systems Integration Our Systems Integration teams manage all aspects of solution design and implementation, with strong emphasis on interoperability. Our SI and Managed Service teams work closely together, particularly with regard to application management and operations. Managed Services Our Managed Services resource provides a full range of IT outsourcing for infrastructure, applications and ongoing user support. With their day-to-day contact with our clients, they are absolutely critical in building and sustaining good long-term relationships and in delivering essential operational intelligence. Hi-tech transactional Atos is a leader in transactional services, both for payment and for services fully outsourced CRM. Whenever a solution or process requires high volume transaction processing, often involving complex multi-party relationships, Atos is able to offer the service.Intelligent managed services infrastructure, applications, support 3
  4. 4. Five fields of focusAtos can take full service responsibility for all your managed IToperations. The more we do for you the better it gets – it’s that simple.In reality, your sourcing approaches and delivery preferences willnot be the same as everybody else’s: even though globalizationdrives standardization, different countries, cultures and industrieswill always make different choices.Atos Managed Services capabilities are deep and varied. They fall into five natural five fields of focus: Workplace Making sure that your workforce has the tools to perform, wherever, whenever and however they need to – with the right Management level and the right type of support. Managed Ensuring all storage and computing resources are fit-for-purpose across their lifecycle, whether owned or outsourced, Infrastructure embracing emerging cloud delivery, offering storage on demand through sustainable data centers. Application Operations Managing the ongoing operations of both generic and business-specific applications, handling license management and, increasingly, cloud pay-as-you-go models. Network and Keeping all networks humming at business speed, absorbing the increased load of rich media communications and Communications managing all aspects of unified communications including third party contracting, if desired. Identity, Security and Achieving compliance and sustaining secure and uninterrupted business operations, with particular emphasis on Risk Management managing confidentiality across the extended enterprise.4 Intelligent managed services infrastructure, applications, support
  5. 5. Workplace ManagementAtos already supports around 2.5 million Atos has established the Adaptive Workplace Bring-your-own device and cloud provisioningworkplaces worldwide and has undertaken to help its clients turn this volatility to are already very much a part of the Adaptiveover 400 large-scale enterprise workplace business advantage. Workplace. It’s the way forwards. With thetransformation projects. Adaptive Workplace, we are regularly reducing Adaptive Workplace traditional workplace management costs byPositioning Atos as a leader in its August as much as 40%; speeding the time it takes2011 European Desktop Outsourcing magic The Adaptive Workplace responds to the fact to equip new hires; and slashing the cost ofquadrant, Gartner stated that Atos has a sound that employee need differs from enterprise to mobile telecommunications.and thorough understanding of the future enterprise. The speed and efficiency with whichneeds of end-user organizations and a clear you respond to this difference is critical bothvision of the direction of the market. in terms of business productivity and the cost Virtualization vision in of operations. Financial ServicesAtos has developed a highly industrialized For a major European bank, Atos blendedand responsive approach to workplace The Adaptive Workplace is designed around people – creating smart profiles which put server-based computing, Virtual Desktopmanagement. We answer the two essential Infrastructure and application streaming todemands of both business and CIO teams: the professional needs of the workgroup and individual employee first, taking into account: deliver the best service and the lowest TCO. As one of the largest virtualization initiatives„„That every member of the business is in any financial services company, 30,000 equipped to perform „„Choice of device employees now benefit from fully virtualized„„That the cost of equipping every member „„Fixed/mobile requirements desktops across which Atos manages some to perform is minimized. „„Applications and processes 400 specialist applications. „„Converged communicationsThe workplace has changed massively in „„Security profiling.recent years. We are now in a world where‘every worker becomes a knowledge Support choices are similarly designedworker’; where mobility becomes the according to preference and need. Pro-activenorm; and where the employees’ personal and automated intervention minimizes the needexperience of technology changes their for personal support. When support is required,expectations in the workplace. self-service is immediate and always-on, with agent assistance ready as immediate back-up.Inherent factors for all focus areas: Cloud coverage Essential agility Service and sustainability For Atos, the emergence of cloud- Agility is critical in managed IT services. The Green IT must be on every business agenda. based delivery models has already had ability to scale up or down without drama Not only does the responsible management a significant impact on how our clients and often at short notice is essential in all of enterprise IT resources minimize the think about service. When infrastructure, effective IT contracts. All organizational environmental impact, it delivers clear cost development platforms and applications change has a corresponding impact on the savings. Atos is formally acknowledged as can all be delivered on a pay-as-you-go provision of IT service, and the two must a company which sets high sustainability basis, the rules change. work smoothly together. standards – we hold the independently assessed GRI A+ status. In 2012, Atos announced a new level of When, for example, a merger or acquisition strategic alliance with EMC and VMware and occurs, the speed with which systems and As a provider of managed services, we will the foundation of a new breed of enterprise processes can be brought together is a key seek to help you improve sustainability in cloud service company in Canopy. determinant of success. As a provider of everything we do together. Consolidating managed services, Atos understands the your own data center operations or Canopy offers full range of services importance both of knowing the individual moving to ours will radically reduce energy including consulting, Platform-as-a-Service customer and the specific needs of different consumption. Smart Mobility and Adaptive and most significantly, an enterprise industry sectors. Workplace adoption reduce travel and real application store with full scale enterprise estate requirements. service agreements, all built on The operational rhythm, for example, of a open standards. system which manages student applications Atos is not content simply to help you cut for university places is not the same as back. The shift to cloud, for example, is already All cloud capabilities build directly on a billing system for a utility company helping Atos clients to break wasteful cycles Atos’ solid experience of virtualization and or telco. Managed IT service is not high of hardware refresh. We are even helping turn strategic approach to optimizing enterprise- profile in business glamour – but we do physical data center output to good use, with scaled architectures, and whenever you not underestimate its impact on customer heat generated being used to provide warmth are engaged in service discussion, we will service and brand quality. in local homes and apartments. ensure that cloud, is on the agenda.Intelligent managed services infrastructure, applications, support 5
  6. 6. Identity, Security and Risk ManagementEvery change in the enterprise IT landscape When, for example, an organization begins As more and more of our clients need theircarries some degree of risk, and those who to adopt cloud models of delivery and employees to work effectively in virtual teamsyou choose to manage your IT services must encourages employees to use their own in the cloud, we have seen a significant increaseknow how to assess and minimize the risk of devices then appropriate security practice in all aspects of secure collaboration too.every change. must be designed into the usage model. Compliance, reporting and authorized access to information continue to underpin our clients’Every year, we see thousands and thousands The design of your workplace must allow security requirements, and Atos deliversof new viruses and other instances of malware your people to work securely whether they end-to-end secure archival and informationbeing created. Increasingly, these are designed are onsite or on the move, using locked security attack specific enterprise, government and down laptops or bring-your-own devices.military targets. In both public and privatesectors, the ability to combat these threats, is Atos understands that good security is Leisure industry IDnow key to continuity: security and compliance ultimately not about restrictive practice: it A leading player in the leisure industryare high on the agenda at both national and is about ensuring that employees, partners was losing significant revenues at its eightenterprise level. and customers are free to work together theme parks through fraud. Personal visitor safely. In this respect, Atos seeks to make passes were being used by whole families,All effective security and compliance strategies security practice integral to all new business hired-out and even resold to arriving guests.must be comprehensive in scope: any gap development activity. When developing new The simple biometric fingerprint solutioncan potentially lead to compromise across the mobility solutions with a client, for instance, designed and implemented by Atos has putoperation. The devices hidden in an electrical how can we be fully confident that confidential an end to ticket fraud, speeding entry forcloset must be treated with the same attention transactions cannot be intercepted – whether around 30,000 guests a the video conferencing systems in the maliciously or accidently?board room. Our breadth of expertise is strongly enhancedBut security is not just about firewalls with industry-specific knowledge. Areas ofand encryption algorithms – it is about specific expertise span the operations of today’sunderstanding culture and behavior both public and private sector organizations. We areinside and outside your organization. expert in electronic ID and authentication, and are increasingly asked to use biometric security in our approaches.6 Intelligent managed services infrastructure, applications, support
  7. 7. Application OperationsAtos manages the smooth and continuous As a provider of long-term application Our achievements in this area areend-to-end operation of business applications. operations services, Atos directly addresses independently recognized. With Oracle,This spans middleware, databases and the challenge our clients face in the need to for example, we have been awarded bothinfrastructure. The scope of this activity is retain sufficient skills in heritage applications Technology Partner of the Year and the Specialbroad and getting broader. Our application while keeping right up to date with the latest Achievement Award for our work on Exadata.operation teams have depth of expertise in developments.core business applications using, for example, In an age in which the closed perimeter of theSAP or Oracle and also with the ongoing More than continuity enterprise gives way to an extended network ofmanagement of enterprise databases. partners, this need to monitor and understand Application Operations is about more than customer experience becomes even moreIndustry-specific knowledge is central to just ensuring continuity of service. We critical, embracing the analysis of web andthe Atos proposition, and this is also clearly continually tune performance and monitor social media too.reflected in our application operations. Look usage. Demand is rarely constant, andat any of the sectors on which we focus, and intelligent analysis ensures not only that wethere is a corresponding element of long-term can anticipate changes in demand and actapplication operations. Examples include: accordingly, but also provide substantiated Exadata in action and actionable advice for excellence in Atos clients are achieving extreme„„Manufacturing – PLM (Product Lifecycle planning and development. performance improvements with our Management) and MES (Manufacturing Exadata services. For a major German Execution Systems) When, for example, Atos is engaged on a telecommunications company we reduced major SAP consolidation and harmonization 13TB of storage to 1TB; critical batch runs„„Telecommunications – BSS project, the quality of reporting and analysis (Business Support Systems) and from nearly 30 hours to less than 30 from application operations becomes minutes; and back-ups from three hours to OSS (Operational Support Systems) valuable input in the change management 20 minutes. For a high-tech client we beat„„Utilities – Automated Meter Management and design process. all records to date, completing a batch run„„Financial Services – Core insurance and that had previously taken nine hours in just banking platform operations The ultimate focus, however, will always come six seconds. back to the quality of the customer experience.„„Public Sector – Management of Atos has invested in formal processes, tools and secure archival. metrics which reveal how well the technology you rely on serves the people who use it.Intelligent managed services infrastructure, applications, support 7
  8. 8. Network and CommunicationsEverything is networked now. Virtual and Our strong relationships with leading network With network and communications, thishighly mobile work teams expect to be able and telecommunications companies drive is particularly evident. A broadcast mediato collaborate effectively at any time, from us to continual innovation in networking company needing to move massive productionany location and using any device. It’s not and communication. files across private optical networks hasjust employees who depend on the quality different requirements from an energyand resilience of your network services. They New rich media communications do more company needing to send applicationextend across the entire business eco-system, than increase demand for bandwidth. They patches to a fuel station point-of-saleto include your partners and your customers necessitate smarter and more responsive device over a public line.themselves. In addition to person-to-person allocation of network resources, and we makeand person-to-process, we are witnessing it possible to scale up massively for peaks in There are now over two billion interneta massive increase in machine-to-machine demand, but without paying for permanent users worldwide, and as their constant usecommunication too. redundancy. As more and more enterprises of social networking spills over into the make unified communications the business way in which business works, Atos is keenlyThe quality of network communications has a norm, with simultaneous voice and data focused on anticipating and preparingdirect impact on both enterprise sustainability conferencing for distributed business teams, for this inevitable impact on network andand business efficiency. When, for example, full the need for agile management becomes communications management.scope converged communications become ever more critical.part of the enterprise culture, the cost andenvironmental impact of business travel is All five of our managed IT service focus areas Global quality conferencingminimized as more efficient digital collaboration demand an exceptional depth of technical Online conferencing used to be a jitterybecomes the norm. understanding – and Atos is proud of its strong second choice to face-to-face meeting – well engineering background. It is the depth of not any more. When smooth multi-media,As a provider of managed network and industry-specific experience which underpins multi-party conferencing becomes partcommunication services, Atos can manage all real differentiation. of the business communication fabric,third party relationships to ensure that your quality is key to success. Since Atos hasvoice and data services meet growing demand. been entrusted with the operation of onlineWe ourselves actively manage over 72,000 conferencing for this global company, usagenetwork devices connecting millions of people. has increased by 400% in two years. Over the last twelve months, we have delivered 45 million top-quality conference minutes.Managed InfrastructureIn recent years, we have all seen significant Whether hosted or on-premises, we handle Green IT is also high on the agenda, and allchanges in managed services requirement for the full cycle: data center provision is designed for minimizedboth storage and processing resources. In the environmental impact.not too distant past, managed service activity „„Current state analysis and transformationhappened mostly on the client site and focused design We are also one of the few global servicemostly on equipment the client owned. „„Provisioning, configuration and providers offering virtualized mainframe data migration services available on-demand with 100,000Advances in virtualization, network technology MIPS processing capacity. „„Remote monitoring and continuous tuningand remote management changed all that. Andfurther advances in attitudes to the merits of „„Upgrade and change managementownership changed it further. Recent increased „„End-of-life services. More than costawareness of the business importance of agility This European insurance giant knewand sustainability has changed it further still. Atos is increasingly asked to make hosted that data center costs were high. They resources available on demand, and has challenged Atos to make a difference.But there are no clean breaks. Today, Atos invested in a highly articulated network of The business case for our data centerprovides agile cloud-based delivery and global data centers. Hosting is subject to consolidation program was clear: it wouldInfrastructure-as-a-Service right alongside strict regulatory compliance which changes provide annual savings of at least €7m andmore or less traditional managed according to both industry sector and national would deliver full payback within three years.infrastructure services. law, and Atos is able to help its clients design Although cost savings were important, they managed infrastructure approaches which were not the only prize – rationalization respect both. across the data center network reduced complexity and improved performance.8 Intelligent managed services infrastructure, applications, support
  9. 9. Intelligent managed services infrastructure, applications, support 9
  10. 10. Intelligent andindustrialized deliveryIn managed IT services, nothing is more important than the qualityof delivery. Across all five areas of Atos managed IT service specialty,the process and machinery of delivery are under continuous reviewand refinement.Our clients demand value, consistency and Our commitment to industrialized delivery does Partnershipsagility – and all this comes as a direct result of a not mean there is no personalization. Quite therobust and highly-industrialized delivery model, reverse. By automating to the maximum, we are Atos is a vendor-independent IT servicesunderpinned by strict alignment to ITIL industry able to do even more with our skilled service company – as business technologists, ourservice models. delivery teams. We have a globally coordinated value lies in our ability to turn technology into set of support teams with specialized units business advantage for our clients – creatingThe basic rules are simple enough: based both in-country, and in near and new and better ways of engaging with off-shore locations. In terms of language customers and helping the extended enterprise„„Prevention is preferred to intervention support, Atos has the process and tools in work productively, creatively and safely.„„Automation is more efficient than place to ensure that we can add specialist language resource according to the individual To stay at the top of our game in managed manual fixes, and services, we need to be acutely tuned to the requirements of our clients.„„Every action must contribute to business and technology developments being richer intelligence. driven by the world’s leading technology The quality of Atos service delivery has been independently recognized: we have, for companies. This drive is certainly recognized byOur Managed Service resource is global, example, been recognized by Data Monitor as the many members of our partner eco-systemand is coordinated as a single team. We have the foremost provider of managed IT services – a great example is the 2011 award for Mostretained strong capabilities in Europe, in order to the telecommunications industry for two Innovative Partner from SAP.specifically to meet the compliance obligations consecutive years.our clients face with regard to data hosting. Although we have active joint development initiatives with all these industry leaders, theAll clients are given dedicated management recent combination of Atos and Siemens ITresources, and foremost among their Solutions and Services makes the Atos Siemensresponsibilities is the task of report analysis Alliance particularly noteworthy. A sharedand the ongoing evaluation of changing need. €100 million development fund feeds an exciting series of business solution programs in sectors including healthcare, local government, manufacturing, transport and utilities.10 Intelligent managed services infrastructure, applications, support
  11. 11. Global data centers Local data centers Managed service centers Global service desks Local service desks The pursuit of progress The delivery of consistent, high-quality Many people just don’t get excited by managed IT services at fair and transparent managed IT services. We most definitely do. costs is core business for Atos. We have For your employees and your customers, served some of our clients, with continuous the quality of their digital experience is service contracts for 25 years and more. rapidly becoming synonymous with the quality of their business experience – and If you have not yet tried Atos, then it may be in that, managed IT services are pivotal. time to talk. If you are already a client, then perhaps we need to talk more. Your business technologists. Powering progress.Intelligent managed services infrastructure, applications, support 11
  12. 12. About AtosAtos is an international information technologyservices company with annual 2010 pro formarevenues of EUR 8.6 billion and 74,000 employeesin 42 countries. Serving a global client base, itdelivers hi-tech transactional services, consultingand technology services, systems integrationand managed services. With its deep technologyexpertise and industry knowledge, it workswith clients across the following market sectors:Manufacturing, Retail, Services; Public, Health &Transport; Financial Services; Telecoms, Media &Technology; Energy & Utilities.Atos is focused on business technology thatpowers progress and helps organizationsto create their firm of the future. It is theWorldwide Information Technology Partnerfor the Olympic Games and is quoted on theParis Eurolist Market. Atos operates under thebrands Atos, Atos Consulting and TechnologyServices, Atos Worldline and Atos Worldgrid.For more information, visit: atos.netFor more information, contact: Atos, the Atos logo, Atos Consulting, Atos Worldline, Atos Sphere, Atos Cloud, Atos Healthcare (in the UK) and Atos Worldgrid are registered trademarks of Atos SA. March 2012© 2012 Atos.