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Can content management be used as an asset to boost productivity and collaboration?

Atos’ performance at the Olympic Games has proved the ideal challenge to improving the way we deliver world-beating business technology for our clients. This new Fast Track Guide on ECM is quick to read and formed from the very latest thinking. It describes how, in the economic climate, enterprise collaboration tools have been embraced by organizations looking to become leaner and more flexible to boost productivity and efficiency across an increasingly dispersed and mobile workforce.

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London 2012 brochure - Enterprise Content Management

  1. 1. Enterprise Content Managementdiscoveringcontent as an assetboost productivity and collaborationYour business technologists. Powering progress
  2. 2. Collaborationunderpins productivityEvery business generates and stores increasingly large quantities ofdata, but few can realize the value that it contains. To do this you neednew ways of collaboration, freeing your enterprise to operate globallywith employees, customers, partners and suppliers.Atos’ end-to-end Enterprise Content Making it personal ECM increases efficiency, fosters innovationManagement (ECM) solutions do exactly that, and delivers growth. The combination ofturning data that is unstructured and difficult Correctly delivered, ECM services create traditional enterprise collaboration tools, ECMto interpret or share into information through an environment that enables employees to and social networking is creating the next wavean open and flexible system that can operate communicate and collaborate in the workplace of powerful business processes that will changesecurely even in the cloud. in the same way that they have become the way organizations operate by delivering accustomed to in their day-to-day lives. a connected and borderless enterprise.This results in a more productive, efficient Transforming paper workflows into digitaland agile organization ready to exploit the This new way of collaboration fosters can deliver cost reductions of up to 30%opportunities of the new world economy. innovation in all areas of the business and and workflow automation has delivered improves much-needed collaboration within productivity increases of more than 80%.ECM solutions have been around for years, the enterprise and with external parties.but combining them with new communication By embracing social, communication,tools and bringing them into the cloud delivers technological and business changes, Atosopen, secure and powerful collaboration on a seeks to implement ECM as a strategy thatglobal scale for the first time. ensures a consistent approach to information management, reduces costs and supports business growth.2 Discovering content as an asset
  3. 3. “With the use of collaboration, we see greater opportunity to make better decisions faster with relevant and quality information at hand.” Gartner ResearchDiscovering content as an asset 3
  4. 4. Finding what youneed, where andwhen you need itIndividuals today – particularly those of Generation Y – expect to beable to call on the same communication services, social networkingtools and techniques they use in their personal lives whilst at work.Most companies struggle to accommodate this idea, although somehave introduced wikis and blogs.The SharePoint connection The result is often that collaboration usually The extended enterprise remains within these individual applicationsMicrosoft SharePoint has become the with little or no interoperability. However, we are The financial crisis has encouraged, even forced,collaboration and knowledge-sharing platform seeing an increased demand for access to rich companies to collaborate more outside theof choice for many enterprises. It is evolving information whenever a person requires, from organization. Product lifecycles are shrinkingto meet the needs of a world in which access any device, with easy-to use tools for sharing, so RD investments are less easily knowledge is ‘always on’, mobile and transferring and retrieving content. By collaborating with external partners,device-independent. organizations can share the investment With the volume and variety of both structured burden, risks and rewards, and are betterGetting the greatest benefit from SharePoint and multimedia content growing, this is placed to innovate and bring new servicesdemands careful thought. You need to consider having a significant impact on capacity and and products to the market more and process implications, just as performance. Content is only an asset whenyou do with any ECM initiative. Even more it is freely accessed and can be searched Growing a business in a time of economicimportantly, you need to ensure that your effectively and efficiently. hardship is one of the greatest challengesinvestment works culturally – your people facing organizations today. Cash and liquiditymust become its champions. And content must be controlled. Simply are critical but funding is restricted, placing implementing an archiving policy can lead to emphasis on savings through efficiency.Atos has invested in SharePoint expertise. a reduction of at least 50% in data volumes. Innovations such as automated documentWe offer both industry-specific SharePoint management and knowledge databasesconsultancy services and a portfolio of Enabling collaboration requires anytime, have been shown to greatly reduce theadvanced managed SharePoint services. anyplace access to information – on any device. cost of handling customer interactionsThese include full hosting, end-user and People are accustomed to communicating whilst also improving service.technical support – giving the cost and efficiently by mobile or netbook in their dailyefficiency gains of cloud delivery if desired. lives. And that’s how they expect to work.Perhaps our real stand-out, however, lies inour extension services. Using smart templates,reporting and analytics, we make it possiblefor you to fast-track effective adoption –empowering your people to take controlof knowledge and collaboration. “Organizations should develop a comprehensive strategy for collaboration investments.” “Companies that embrace Gen4 are likely to gain a competitive advantage.” Gartner Research4 Discovering content as an asset
  5. 5. Companies must position themselves to meet The Olympics: Doing more with less inthese changes. This requires that they have an delivering information to public serviceeffective collaboration strategy in place. Gartnerdescribes Gen4 – the fourth generation of a worldwide audience Across the public sector, agencies arecollaboration services – thus ‘Gen4 is essentially No IT project is more high-profile than the under pressure to do more with lessa repackaging of existing collaboration Olympic Games, and delivering a secure and, most importantly, to develop aservices with new use patterns. Gen4 enables news feed from dozens of venues to a customer-centric culture. Ironically,the user to easily employ the most effective global media via multiple channels is the ubiquitous use of IT and the Internetcollaboration service for the business task at most visible demonstration of ECM one often result in unmanageable datahand via a universal dashboard.’ could imagine. volumes rather than in improved service.Securing the cloud The challenge for the 2008 Olympic Games The ability to streamline process and was to provide a reliable and secure source manage content has become pivotal inPutting information and enabling sharing of comprehensive and regularly updated the public sector challenge to improvewithin the cloud presents a range of security information for the Olympic Family of service while reducing overheads.issues. With the rise of external collaboration athletes, international federations, national Atos expertise in ECM is making athroughout the value chain, the architecture Olympic Committees, IOC members, VIPs real difference in the drive to boostmust also handle the challenge of data leakage and of course TV, journalists and staff. productivity and responsiveness:.and IP ownership. That is just what Atos achieved, but it is how „„Electronic data and document exchangeAtos understands this and applies security these results compared with those at previous between public sector agencies and theirprocesses and technologies that address events that really show the data volume private sector partners streamlines andthe need for secure access at various levels explosion and how the new collaborative improves communication and executionand by different parties (employees, way of working produces information: „„By reducing the cost of transactionsuppliers and customers). This provides processing we not only help makesecure access without impacting on the „„80% more competition data for media better use of resources – we alsobenefits of ECM. and news agencies worldwide – totaling improve the public perception of 1.5 million messages prudence and efficiency „„Almost 50% more stories published each „„Content management and workflow are day by the Olympic News integrated, reducing administration and „„40% more sports disciplines were added boosting productivity to the Commentator Information System „„All data protection and security „„And there were 30% more hits on requirements are respected; all requisite INFO2008, averaging around 1.2 million document traces maintained; and each day. long-term archiving obligations met.Discovering content as an asset 5
  6. 6. ECM: the AtospropositionECM spans a broad spectrum of activity. It is not just about technology– it’s about how people work productively and safely together. Changemanagement features strongly too, as any major ECM initiative willpositively alter the way your people think and behave.In any engagement, we will explore numerous Industry leadership Although fully vendor-independent, we do havepractical topics and approaches together. a particular depth of expertise in MicrosoftThese include: portals and access methods; Atos has invested in building strategic SharePoint. We will craft the product to yourcontent and document management; partnerships with the industry leaders individual business requirements, so that yourstructured collaboration and workflow; in ECM technologies. We have real depth of knowledge workers are able to seek and act onimage and data capture and legal archiving. expertise in solutions and technologies from information using portals designed to match EMC, IBM Filenet, Microsoft, and OpenText. your work culture.Our approach is consultancy-driven: the Our own systems integration and managedgoal will always be to help you transform services operations have the skills andunstructured raw data into usable information resources needed to implement and thenassets. To reach this goal, we will analyze run the solution.current practice in the light of your businessobjectives, and craft a practicable roadmapfor effective ECM. This will also take into The evolution of collaborative workingconsideration operational and architecturalchoices: will you, for example, exploit public Siloed working/limited collaboration One-to-one communicationor private cloud, or perhaps choose a hostedapproach using a dedicated Atos data center. 19th Century Paper-based communication and storage TelephoneAtos has a comprehensive Document management and archiving Collaboration, portals and enterpriseportfolio of specialist We make sure you can securely capture, store social networks and manage electronic files of any format. The tools and structures you put incompetencies in ECM Easy retrieval is critical, and so we prioritize place must actively promote productive folder structures and metadata management. collaboration. Although portals are mature, We design and implement long-term archival their use is continually evolving as complex in compliance of your specific legal and collaboration scenarios involving employees, regulatory profile. We cover the full life inter-departmental networks, partners and cycle of record management, and are customers all come into play. also specialists in the archival of all SAP and related documents and records. We will help design and execute content portals and web content management practice, Case management and process handling defining structures, templates, and processes. Content is not free-floating – it is inextricably Typical focus areas include knowledge bound to process. We will work with you to management, eLearning and, increasingly, ensure that content and documentation in all social business networks. its forms is effectively and intelligently routed between people and processes.6 Discovering content as an asset
  7. 7. One-to-many communication Many-to-many communication Collaboration Behavior 20 Century th 21 Century stTechnology Telex Fax Email Web communications Social media Video conferencing ECM Web 2.0 mobile internet Media asset management ECM consolidation and harmonization ECM interoperability and As media rich communication becomes the ECM is now a mature business technology – integration services norm, the range and volume of content objects even though evolution is continual. Atos is well Where ECM implementation is already mature, needing to be managed increases. In addition positioned to help you assess current ECM we frequently find that interoperability can to text documents and records, you need to approaches and to consolidate and harmonize be tuned to the client’s business advantage. manage complex inter-linked engineering across the enterprise. We are particularly An Atos audit of ECM practice will reveal and business models, e-mail histories, video skilled in breaking down content silos, in opportunities for improved integration. streams and IP phone calls. The task is vast and order to extend the business value of These engagements can often be prompted getting vaster. Atos can take full responsibility collaborative information. by reviews in corporate compliance, especially for ingestion, annotation, cataloguing, storage, with regard to archival and regulatory reporting. retrieval and distribution of all digital assets in By harmonizing current ECM practice, Interoperability between ECM and other traditional and rich media. we can reduce storage overhead and critical business systems, including ERP environmental impact and, even more and accounting, often features. Search importantly, ensure greater business agility. engine effectiveness is also a common In many consolidation and harmonization agenda item here. engagements, our clients are keen to consider migration to Microsoft SharePoint. Discovering content as an asset 7
  8. 8. About AtosAtos is an international information technologyservices company with annual 2010 pro formarevenues of EUR 8.6 billion and 74,000 employeesin 42 countries. Serving a global client base, itdelivers hi-tech transactional services, consultingand technology services, systems integrationand managed services. With its deep technologyexpertise and industry knowledge, it workswith clients across the following market sectors:Manufacturing, Retail, Services; Public, Health Transport; Financial Services; Telecoms, Media Technology; Energy Utilities.Atos is focused on business technology thatpowers progress and helps organizationsto create their firm of the future. It is theWorldwide Information Technology Partnerfor the Olympic Games and is quoted on theParis Eurolist Market. Atos operates under thebrands Atos, Atos Consulting and TechnologyServices, Atos Worldline and Atos Worldgrid.For more information, visit: atos.netFor more information, contact: Atos, the Atos logo, Atos Consulting, Atos Worldline, Atos Sphere, Atos Cloud, Atos Healthcare (in the UK) and Atos Worldgrid are registered trademarks of Atos SA. All trademarks are the property of their respective owners. December 2011© 2011 Atos.