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Rabinowitz at LAWDI

  1. 1. Result for JSON query: /search.json?term=alexandria&item_type=site&aut h=http [{"title":"Alexandria","point":{"lon":"29.944304823875427","lat":"31.213466703015236" },"options":{"serial_number":"000004568","zoom_level":"1","pleiades_uri":"http://pleia","cultural_importance":[{"culture":"greek","factor":"2"}],"p eriods":[{"term":"Ptolemaic","culture":"Greek/Egyptian","start":"332 B.C.","end":"31 B.C.","serial":"000004569","image_link":" s/geodia/period_images.json?sernums=000004569&auth=http"},{"term":"Roman","c ulture":"Roman/Egyptian","start":"31 B.C.","end":"359 A.D.","serial":"000004570","image_link":" s/geodia/period_images.json?sernums=000004570&auth=http"}]},"start":"332 B.C.","end":"359 A.D."}]
  2. 2. GeoDia data model: relational data jammed into a flat database Period term, Culture Time start/end prefixes and (e.g. “Greek”) (e.g. “start: 1000 BC; suffixes end: 800 BC”) (e.g. “Iron Age”) Period (e.g. “Early” + “Iron Age” + “I” + “Greek” + “1000- Stylistic 950 BC” + “Greece/The Aegean”) Political Region parent Technological (based on connectivity rather Cultural than coordinates) etc. Site period (temporal extent of parent period at specific site) “Importance” (zoom level) Pleiades URI Site Cultural Latitude, “importance” Longitude name (zoom level) (“Lefkandi”)
  3. 3. An attempt to model a period assertion Pedley 2004 (NOT “a period” in absolute terms) Authority according to has duration Iron Age, Archaic modifies modifies Absolute Prefix Period Term Suffix date range Is conventional in Early, middle, late A, B, C; I, II, III 600-480 BC characterizes Geographic Term Type area Technological, developmental, political Modern nation, ancient territory, region, site: Greece, the Aegean, Troy
  4. 4. The PeriodO model for a period assertion
  5. 5. Chersonesos and its ARK interface: a context record
  6. 6. Chersonesos and its ARK interface: a small-find record
  7. 7. Chersonesos and its ARK interface: a scan of an illustration of that small find, living on the servers of the Texas Advanced Computing Center in an iRODS instance
  8. 8. Metadata automatically extracted from files related to Chersonesos ARK records, during iRODS ingest (basis for RCATs proposal)