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01 cleary euraxess trieste presentation 270510


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01 cleary euraxess trieste presentation 270510

  1. 1. Industry Participation in EURAXESS Industry Participation in EURAXESS Jennifer Cleary, EURAXESS Ireland, IUA Trieste, Italy, 27° May 2010
  2. 2. Background Series of workshops and studies Annual Conference, Baden 2004 The Hague, 2005 Annual Conference, Bled, 2005 Dublin, May 2006 Document produced November 2006 Annual Conference, Sitges, 2007 ERAMIND Project - Document updated in July 2009
  3. 3. Network Collaboration APRE (Italy), Senternovem ( NL) and IUA (Ireland) Produce a report to support network members in their efforts in serving Industry by showing good practice and disseminating experiences “Industry Participation in ERAMORE- A Collection of Experiences” 2006 and updated in July 2009 ERAMIND / 4 partners – including TUBITAK ( Turkey) Name change: Senternovem -Agentschap NL
  4. 4. Objectives Collate Country Specific Approaches Review approaches – what works/doesn’t work Approaching Industry / How to access show good practice and dissemination of experiences
  5. 5. Material Materials include: Presentations Advertisements Fact sheets tailored for Industry Articles
  6. 6. Aims Collection of experiences with hints and tips for all network members of EURAXESS Not a ready made solution – or ‘best way’ Rather, a collection of ‘hands on’ experiences and best practices to encourage and stimulate EURAXESS network members to approach industry
  7. 7. Early days!
  8. 8. ERAMIND is here..
  9. 9. Content Introduction Checklist I Channels: how and where to get in contact with industry? II Content: which message works for industry? III Tools: which instrument works? IV Monitoring: feedback from industry Annex I: country examples Annex II: examples of PR material
  10. 10. Checklist Checklist provides questions to determine best approach for a particular mobility centre to contact industry. Stimulate reflection Situation in each country is different (research landscape, number and size of industry, legal situation, type of service centre etc) Each service centre / country should determine country specific ‘industry approach’
  11. 11. Recommendation: Channels How & where to get in touch with industry…. A. Representation of Industry in national Steering Group –choose good match/tangible benefits/active contributors B. Collaboration with industry representative organisations – time consuming but well worth it! Increase visibilty C. Other channels: ‘hijacking’ of meetings, attendance at recruitment fairs, funding events, collab with gov. Agencies • EURAXESS will not alone attract industry but it forms a natural part of the wider agenda in meetings ( R&D sessions)
  12. 12. Recommendation: Channels Approaches in promoting EURAXESS to industry very different to academia. Keep it relevant & concise!! A. Free Publication of job opportunities – need to invest time in promotion, training & follow up B. Practical problem solving assistance for all sizes – good to back up with testimonials, keep records C. Funding Opportunities information -hiring (foreign) researchers and securing funding for projects is often closely related. Link with FP/Marie Curie NCP’s and other funding programmes.
  13. 13. Recommendation: Tools Communication Tools influences outcome of activities A. E-mailing and newsletters geared at industry - use existing databases in organisation. *Target relevant contact to ensure dissemination *Beware of cost efficiency vs risk of information overload B. Specific information material for industry *focus on language/tailor made for industry (vs academia, public orgs) *highlight selling propositions for industry *dedicate special section on EURAXESS portal(s) for industry?
  14. 14. Recommendation: Tools contd.. C. Advertising/ announcements using external press *sending EURAXESS message through ‘own’ press might be more trustworthy than direct from EURAXESS centre D. Conferences, training sessions and workshops * Combine PR for EURAXESS with detailed training or information
  15. 15. Tools to date Poster Brochure “ Researchers in Industry – Working hand in hand” Series of Newsletters for Industry Survey for Service Centres and Industry representatives E-Forum
  16. 16. POSTER
  17. 17. Newsletters
  18. 18. Brochure
  19. 19. Assistance with Jobs
  20. 20. ERAMIND Forum – We need your help!!!
  21. 21. ERAMIND Events.. Warsaw, Poland November 2009 Thessaloniki, Greece April 2010.. Postponed! Trieste, Italy May 2010 BHO Workshop June 2010 Madrid, Spain October 2010 Estonia & Austria? TBC