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Athena zoë


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Athena zoë

  1. 1. ATHENA GODDESS OFWISDOMAthena‟s parents are the titanessMetis and Zeus the ruler of gods andgoddess. According to legend, Athenawas born in the ancient city ofAlipheira. When she was pregnant heswallowed their child. In order toprotect his kingdom. Nine monthspasted and then Zeus started feelinga strong pain. He asked Hephaestusto stop the pain. He obeyed and openZeus‟s head, out sprung Athena. Shewas already a grownup a was wearingarmor with a shield in her hand andscreaming war like cries.
  2. 2. Zeus instantly made her his favorite. Athena‟stree is the Olive and the sacred animal is theOwl. Athena and Poseidon one day wentdown to earth. There was a city and they bothwanted to claim it, so they had a contest, tosee who could give the city something useful.The god who won got to name the city.Poseidon struck his trident at the earth and awell with water came out of nowhere but itwas salty they said „This water is salty! Wecan not use it. Athena struck her spear intothe earth and a Olive tree came out. Thepeople named the city Athens. Poseidon gotreally mad and cursed the land. So it had lesswater. From now on it has problems withwater shortage.
  3. 3. Once there was a young girl Arachne. Arachne was aweaver. She was so good that nymphs and mortalswatch her do her work. Now she boasted that shetaught it to herself. One day she went to far and saidthat she could compete with Athena and win. WhenAthena heard this she was angry. She transformed into an old lady and went to Arachne‟s home. She saidthat she should not compete with a goddess andshould forgive Athena. Arachne said “I do not needyour words of what you call advice. I know I am thebest. If Athena dares she should come and compete!”Then Athena sprung up and turned in to her self.Every one was awed, but Arachne. Then they had thecontest. When they had finished they gave it to theothers who laughed and said “As all ways Arachneyou…” “Let me see. Now!” said Athena, and went tosee Arachne‟s work of art. Arachne had made fun ofthe gods.
  4. 4. Athena was outraged whensaw it. She screamed “Youmay be foolish but you cannot dishonor a god orgoddess!” With that sheturned her into a spider. Theothers screamed in fright andran.
  5. 5. Meropis was a young maiden wholived with three of her siblings Vysssaher cousin, Agron her uncle, and herfather Eumelus in the island of Kos.They were the most known family.For they dishonored the gods andgoddess. One day Hermes, Artemisand Athena came and punishedthem. Meropis got turned into owl.Vyssa a seagull. Agron another bird.Eumerlus complained and got turnedinto a raven. Never mess withAthena, Artemis and Hermes!
  6. 6. HOPE YOU LIKED IT!!!!By: Zoë