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your Content engine 
Hosted By: special guest: 
@Atomic_reach @rtmixmktg 
How do you describe a content engine? 
Tom Trean...
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Revving Up Your Content Engine


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This week, we sat down with @RtMixMktg to discuss brand storytelling during our #AtomicChat. Featuring contributions from @wakefly, @BH_Social, @irahaberman, @srvwiz, @quirkyjuice, @LindsayFultz and @LucyMartinMedia.

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Revving Up Your Content Engine

  1. 1. your Content engine Hosted By: special guest: @Atomic_reach @rtmixmktg How do you describe a content engine? Tom Treanor @RtMixMktng Content Engine is team, processes and tools that generate quality, consistent and targeted content #atomicchat Wakefly @wakefly Content engine is your procedure for creating meaningful and valuable material to engage your audience #AtomicChat Brandon Harig @BH_Social Content engine is all about developing quality, branding-based content that expand awareness, product/srvc perception #AtomicChat Why do content engines stall? Tom Treanor @RtMixMktng Content Engines stall -> writing to blended audience, lack of analysis on topics & types, no metrics or low quality content Ira Haberman @irahaberman Content engines stall, because they often aren’t consistent, and people don’t audit for change. These things evolve people! Sourav Sharma @srvwiz Content engines fails due to lack of consistency and patience... #atomicchat What does it mean when you’re writing to a blended audience? Tom Treanor @RtMixMktng Content Marketing blended audience is no audience. Trying to write on general topics but writing to no one in particular #atomicchat Tom Treanor @RtMixMktng Blended audience limits topics, depth & impact of content. Picking target audiences & meeting information gaps is powerful#atomicchat Content marketing is about art & science. What is the right mix? Wakefly @wakefly The art is in the writing. The science is in the data. Use both wisely. #AtomicChat Tom Treanor @RtMixMktng Art=quality writing, design sense, storytelling, audience connection - Science=keyword, audience analysis, results tracking #atomicchat Tom Treanor @RtMixMktng Content Marketing is a blend of powerful, authentic content AND prioritization & adjustment based on data, research #atomicchat Jules @quirkyjuice Art is the framework of content. Science is the meat. #atomicchat How do you make sure your content is good for social? Tom Treanor @RtMixMktng Socially shareable content: new angles on old topics, going the extra mile, tackling important questions, great visuals #atomicchat The Middle Child @LindsayFultz Make sure it is mobile friendly and short, sweet, visual and actionable. #ATOMICCHAT Lucy Martin @LucyMartinMedia Listen to your audience & the quality of your content will become pretty clear. #AtomicChat How do you make your posts go from average to great? Tom Treanor @RtMixMktng To make blog posts great, don’t churn out volume sacrificing quality. Leave them thinking “Wow, that was awesome!” #atomicchat Tom Treanor @RtMixMktng For great blog posts - topics your target customers really care about + raise the bar on delivering value + great visuals #atomicchat Jules @quirkyjuice Listening. Listening to your audience and SHOWING that you listen to them. #engagement #atomicchat #AtomicChat Numbers 608 294.6K 24.4M Tweets REach #ATOMICCHAT october 13, 2014 Revving up IMPRESSIONS Chat stats provided by FREE trial code for our community: 30daygo EVERY MONDAY at 9PM EST/8pm CST/6pm pst #ATOMICCHAT Learn HOW TO CREATE QUALITY CONTENT DOWNLOAD THE FRE EBOOK NOW