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#AtomicChat How to Blog Consistently Without Burning Out


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Wondering how to maintian a blog without burning out? On Monday we connected with @seosmarty to get the answer.

Featuring contributions from @chevd80, ‏@BrianDriscoll92, @calgarydreamer, @LMHinz, @4KM, @wakefly, ‏@BrianBlatnicki and ‏@AnnaMariaSocial.

Published in: Marketing
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#AtomicChat How to Blog Consistently Without Burning Out

  1. 1. EVERY MONDAY at 9PM EST/8pm CST/6pm pst #ATOMICCHAT #ATOMICCHAT January 26, 2015 How to blog consistently without burning out Why is reading so important to you? How do you get inspired to write blog posts? What are some brainstorming tips you can provide? What other content formats could we incorporate into blogging? What are some tools you use to help you through the blogging process? @seosmarty@Atomic_reach special guest:Hosted By: Ann Smarty @seosmarty Reading is VERY essential self-growth: It inspires, makes you think, improves your memory, etc #atomicchat Terry Lo @calgarydreamer I write about topics I find that I’m especially passionate about. It makes my writing a bit inspired and better for reader Lisa M. Hinz @LMHinz I am definitely inspired by reading and conversations just like this one. I’ll get a sudden idea & MUST excidedly right it down. #Atomicchat Ann Smarty @seosmarty using @MyBlogU collective brainstorm, I can use one project to write 3-4 huge articles within a couple of hours #atomicchat Wakefly @wakefly We’ve been expanding into video and are interested in emphasizing infographics. Visuals are powerful! #AtomicChat Ann Smarty @seosmarty I use @Quora for inspiration too (questions always inspire!) Cheval John @chevd80 Reading allows me to learn something new from social media experts and makes me a better writer #atomicchat Wakefly @wakefly Conduct keyword research, read industry (or better yet, your competitors’) content, and ask your coworkers! #AtomicChat Ann Smarty @seosmarty The more types of visuals you create, the more channels you can market to #atomicchat Brian Blatnicki @BrianBlatnicki Could be video, podcast, cartoons -stick to your strengths majority of ur communication should come via ur strongest method Jeff Higgins @AnnaMariaSocial People that inspire you. They make you think harder and farther than you would without them. Think harder than that person. #atomicchat Terry Lo @calgarydreamer #AtomicChat @hootsuite’s content helps, so does flipbook, and simply reading research with google, but in the end, the best tool is me Brian D. Russell @BrianDriscoll92 Reading for me is insight to the smartest people ever. In my opinion -- a great way to learn. #atomicchat Alice MacGillivray @4KM That’s one of the reasons for my dormant blog: driven too much by inspiration and not enough by calendar ;-) #AtomicChat Terry Lo @calgarydreamer #AtomicChat when thinking about topic, I use the word association game. Start w/ the theme, and think of every word associated for angles 970 647.4k 9.7MTweets REach Chat stats provided by FREE trial code for our community: 30daygo IMPRESSIONS #AtomicChat Numbers