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June 16, 2014
How brands can win
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How Brands Can Win With Twitter Engagement


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On #AtomicChat, we discussed how brands can win with Twitter engagement with special guest @SusynEliseDuris. Here's the transcript with highlights and key takeaways!

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How Brands Can Win With Twitter Engagement

  1. 1. EVERY MONDAY at 9PM EST/8pm CST/6pm pst #ATOMICCHAT ATOMICREACH.com #ATOMICCHAT June 16, 2014 How brands can win with Twitter engagement Why is engagement important? What is the difference between engagement and broadcasting? Brands have to meet sales/leads goals, how much should they broadcast on Twitter? How much of an impact does influenced engagement have? How do you initiate engagement and interactions on twitter? What are some engagement must-do’s for busy marketers? what do you think is the key to create and maintain high engagement on twitter? @SuSynEliseduris special guest: Susyn Elise Duris @SusynEliseDuris Relationship bldg is crucial. For people to buy from you, they need to trust you get them and can help them. Bottom line. #atomicchat CBarrows @CBarrows Engagement allows you to get to know people. It’s communication, it’s sharing, and it’s a chance to build relationships. #atomicchat Emily @emkslone Building relationships (i.e. having engagement) builds trust and loyalty. #atomicchat Willis Williams @Social_Chef Engagement and content are the fuel that drives your social media marketing to excellence. The destination is connections. #AtomicChat Vincent Orleck @Vin_Orleck Broadcasting= 1 way street Engagement = 4 lane freeway Kavita Chintapalli @kavita1010 Engagement is a dialogue - it’s actually social. Broadcast is traditional, one-way marketing messaging. #AtomicChat Joe Stanganelli @JoeStanganelli Diff. b/w engagement & amplification/broadcasting: Engagement=convo b/w you and others. Amp=Others talking about that convo. #AtomicChat Ashley Ashbee @cartooninperso If only companies understood how they’re missing opportunities when they don’t respond to others’ engagement. #atomicchat Susyn Elise Duris @SusynEliseDuris Suggest this - Tweet 1/3 of time - be yourself 1/3 - curate things in your field of expertise, interest , 1/3 - promote. #atomicchat Susyn Elise Duris @SusynEliseDuris It is so very, very key.You need to listen, engage, help to develop relationships with influencers. #atomicchat Todd Burgess @tburgess57 if you do your engagement by the numbers for the numbers the only things you connect with are machines #atomicchat Susyn Elise Duris @SusynEliseDuris I probably answered too early on this one - here’s the recipe 1. Listen 2.Engage 3. Help 4. Promote. #atomicchat Susyn Elise Duris @SusynEliseDuris Guy Kawasaki has sd that he monitors his name and he answers, debates, etc. with people. #atomicchat Lolo LLC @LoloLLC Listen! The conversation is already happening. Join in and speak up. #atomicchat Canadian Blog House @CanBlogHouse When someone follows me-I read their Twitter bio & make a comment about it..after I thank them #atomicchat Susyn Elise Duris @SusynEliseDuris 1.You have to respond - quickly - to questions, respond when you are mentioned 2. Be consistent with your comms... #atomicchat Susyn Elise Duris @SusynEliseDuris Those that are gd at relationship bldg make it all abt the other person. Their focus is on helping them, in a genuine way. #atomicchat Brian Blatnicki @BrianBlatnick personalizing engagement methods - when it’s time to communicate, u can mention things the user actually cares about #atomicchat Brian Blatnicki @BrianBlatnicki Building context to set up content – meaning listen to the discussion before chiming in. #atomicchat Susyn Elise Duris @SusynEliseDuris 3. Recognize ppl who say interesting things/post interesting content 4. Diversifyyour comms-comm w diff sectors/communities #atomicchat Ira Haberman @irahaberman I’m a fan of the 5-1 ratio, 5 times the amount of content (owned or curated) vs. promotional stuff. #atomicchat Joe Cheray @wildheart4vr Use a tool like @followerwonk to see when your followers are online tweeting the most and use that as a guideline #AtomicChat Andrew Hutchinson @adhutchinson It’s about establishing yourself as trusted voice first, then people will be receptive to all messages #AtomicChat We are 188 members strong on LinkedIn! The “Why Content?” group aims to discuss ways to connecT our audiences with quality content. They deserve it, don’t they? So join us! Join our “Why Content?” Group!