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Make Your Content Marketing Stand Out In the Crowd

For this week's #AtomicChat, we talked to @Roypovar about making your content marketing stand out above others!

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Make Your Content Marketing Stand Out In the Crowd

  1. 1. make your content marketing stand out in the crowd Hosted By: special guest: @Atomic_reach @ROYPOVAR What does content marketing mean to you? Roy Povarchik @Roypovar For me, content marketing is about creating amazing little knowledge-based products that helps your target audience. #atomicchat Lucy Martin @LucyMartinMedia Content Marketing is all about providing real, tangible value to your audience before you expect anything in return. #AtomicChat CBarrows @CBarrows Content marketing is connecting with your audience using engaging content that speaks to them! #Atomicchat How do you compete with over 1000 blogs and win? Roy Povarchik @Roypovar It’s not about competing, it’s about finding your voice and unique selling point. #atomicchat CBarrows @CBarrows Find what makes you unique. You need to really explore who you (your company) are/is.#Atomicchat Josh McCormack @joshmccormack Compete with everyone else providing content by making it personal, valuable, and tight. And promote like crazy. #AtomicChat The Middle Child @LindsayFultz It’s not about being everything to everyone. It’s about providing that one thing they’ve been looking everywhere for. #atomicchat What are some techniques to help make my articles stand out? Roy Povarchik @Roypovar Promote your content where your target audience is already looking for it but also look for uprising communities. #atomicchat Jules @quirkyjuice Reach out directly to certain influencers. Also guest blogging! People love to share when they’re involved. :) #atomicchat Wakefly @wakefly Quality content, catchy headlines, strong online presence, and dynamic influence#AtomicChat How can I target my niche to get bigger? Roy Povarchik @Roypovar The more target your niche is the more in-depth content you can create. Meaning you can create better content. #atomicchat Jules @quirkyjuice To grow a niche find where your market get its info. Love your niche enough to learn and apply in depth knowledge #atomicchat Adam Dince @AdamDince Solve a problem for your audience with your content and they will help you reach your niche target #Atomicchat How can networking help content marketers, and how do we go about it? Roy Povarchik @Roypovar Networking can be your entry ticket to the next level of content marketing. #atomicchatt Rachel Miller @rachelloumiller Strategic networking amplifies your content marketing efforts exponentially #AtomicChat Nick Q @ThatsNickQ Leverage! Networking leads to relationships. Relationships lead to partnerships. 2 audiences > 1 audience. @Atomic_Reach #atomicchat #AtomicChat Numbers 830 424.8K 25.4M Tweets REach #ATOMICCHAT october 6, 2014 IMPRESSIONS Chat stats provided by FREE trial code for our community: 30daygo EVERY MONDAY at 9PM EST/8pm CST/6pm pst #ATOMICCHAT Learn HOW TO CREATE QUALITY CONTENT DOWNLOAD THE FRE EBOOK NOW