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UNILUX Windows and Doors Presentation

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Unilux.Company .Profile.2008 Pp 97 03

  1. 1. UNILUX Factory in Salmtal/Germany
  2. 2. Company history 1955: Formation of a joinery by Nikolaus Meeth in Piesport (Mosel) 1970: Began manufacturing wood windows and doors 1972: Distributing through specialised dealers 1979: Foundation of UNILUX GmbH 1989: Move majority of manufacturing from Piesport to Salmtal 1991: Market leader for wood windows in Germany 1995: Expansion of production capabilities: began producing - wood entry doors - vinyl windows and entry doors - Low-E glass change of corporate form into an incorporation (UNILUX AG)
  3. 3. Company history 2000: Started production of aluminum-clad wood windows 2001: Market leader for aluminum-clad wood windows in Germany Started of wood-aluminium-clad entry door production 2004: Began producing aluminum-clad wood FineLine Façade systems 2005: Starting marketing efforts in the USA 2007: 450 employees, 90 million USD total turnover (share export 18 %)
  4. 4. One Brand – Two Business Units Windows and Entry Doors Facade-Systems
  5. 5. Product summary Windows and Entry Doors Windows Doors
  6. 6. UNILUX Aluminum-clad wood windows with double fascination outside aluminum for weather protection inside wood
  7. 7. UNILUX LivingLine and ModernLine – for every architectural style  LivingLine – classical rounded ModernLine  modern Design
  8. 8. UNILUX Aluminum clad wood windows and entry doors
  9. 9. UNILUX Aluminum clad wood windows and entry doors The new generation of entry doors A wide range of model selection! A wide variety of colors (182 options)
  10. 10. Aluminum-clad wood windows The benefits – your advantage: - improvement of the facade design by windows with an enormous range of colors - exclusive interior, luxury and aesthetics inside wood, with five different wood species (exotic wood, pine, alder larch and oak, and also finished with RAL colors - minimized care- and maintenance-effort by the weather protection from the aluminium clad
  11. 11. UNILUX wood window programm The UNILUX Meisterfenster (since 2005)
  12. 12. The UNILUX Meisterfenster Meisterfenster variations: Three different designs Slanted design Round design Rustic design Sashes, glass stops, grids and mulling profiles !
  13. 13. The UNILUX Meisterfenster Meisterfenster variations: Special shapes Vary from non rectangular items to sliding and swinging windows or grid possibilities: This is all possible !
  14. 14. Technical features Wood species: pine, tropical wood (meranti) and larch wood processing: triple-laminated, three-step design jamb depth: 72mm, about 8% superior in thermal insulation and stability to usual German wood-windows
  15. 15. Technical features hardware: Maloperation lock in Sash lift for long time Tilt width regulator for tilt and turn hardware for operability individual adjustment of operational reliability (UNILUX standard) the tilt ventilating position (UNILUX standard)
  16. 16. Technical features hardware: silver coloured (European style); Concealed hinges to improve burglary resistance, thermal insulation cleaning and design
  17. 17. Technical features Glass: -Manufactured by Guardian Europe -Soft coat Low E -Hundreds of glazing options to meet your needs - Superior U-values, ratings below .20 available - sound insulating glass up to 46 dB - sound tested window-system up to 42 dB - several safety-glasses (tempered or laminated glass)
  18. 18. Accessories Handles variations
  19. 19. Accessoires grids variations: true divided lites (tdl), simulated divided lites (sdl), GIA
  20. 20. Accessoires - Security Security UNILUX Safety Packages for value added, including Mushroom head bolts handle with locking button Optional safety glass A1 or even tested burglary resistance according to DIN V EN V 1627ff. (class 2)
  21. 21. Accessories Colour variations In addition factory color-coordinated silicon, cover caps for hinges. Changeable to customer preference !
  22. 22. Folding Shutters
  23. 23. Rolling shutters
  24. 24. UNILUX FineLine Facade-System
  25. 25. UNILUX FineLine Facade – System
  26. 26. Technical characteristics FineLine Sealing outside field separation, One-piece Insulated profile Drainage over Crossbar endpieces Installation easement Through center notches solid Installation friendly Wood connection
  27. 27. 3-D Drawing FineLine-Facade
  28. 28. The Installation Drilling the post with pattern 1
  29. 29. The Installation Drilling the crossbar with pattern 2
  30. 30. The Installation Screwing on the base profile (with sealing/center notches)
  31. 31. The Installation Screwing on the (GRP)- insulation profile
  32. 32. The Installation Screwing in the high-grade steel-screw in the post
  33. 33. The Installation Screwing on the massive Alu-connection pin
  34. 34. The Installation Making the connection between post and crossbar
  35. 35. The Installation Secure the connection between post and crossbar
  36. 36. The Installation Glazing / padding
  37. 37. The Installation Clamping-items implanting
  38. 38. The Installation Secure the Glassholdingprofile
  39. 39. The Installation Mounting the alu-cover provile – finished ! 
  40. 40. FineLine Reference projects
  41. 41. FineLine Reference projects
  42. 42. FineLine Reference projects
  43. 43. FineLine Reference projects
  44. 44. FineLine Reference projects
  45. 45. FineLine Reference projects
  46. 46. FineLine Reference projects
  47. 47. FineLine Reference projects
  48. 48. FineLine Reference projects
  49. 49. FineLine Reference projects
  50. 50. FineLine Reference projects
  51. 51. FineLine Reference projects
  52. 52. FineLine Reference projects
  53. 53. FineLine Reference projects
  54. 54. Wood Choices Solid wood surface Solid wood Multiplex Wood (OSB) bonding laminated bonding veneered Kiefer Kiefer Kiefer Uni Layer Oregon Pine Pine Pine Pine Erle Erle Erle Uni Layer Birch Alder Alder Alder Uni flat press Lärche Lärche Lärche board Larch Larch Larch Eiche Eiche Eiche Uni wood Oak Oak Oak shaving Uni veneer- Meranti Meranti strips- Exotic Exotic wood wood wood
  55. 55. Materials, Shapes and Colours Facade construction for the future
  56. 56. Materials, Shapes and Colours
  57. 57. Materials, Shapes and Colours
  58. 58. The Advantages of the System Your benefit - The whole System from one manufacturer: consistent, time-saving, complete. - Concealed wood-connection: beautiful, simple, solid, easy to install. - Consistant wood quality and finishes at post- crossbar. Equal alu-clad wood site lines. : visually brilliant.
  59. 59. The Advantages of the System Your benefit - High quality Aluminum finish on the Window & Facade are identical: perfect optics for the highest requirements. -The FineLine-Facade window: elegance with 1.97 inch profile. Inspiring Architects & building owners alike.
  60. 60. Activities to meet the needs and requirements of the US market Adapting of our range of products and systems (extract):
  61. 61. Activities to meet the needs and requirements of the US market Adapting of our range of products and systems