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Recreation area on the shore of the volga river


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Investment offer in region of Russia
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Recreation area on the shore of the volga river

  1. 1. Recreation area on the shore ofRecreation area on the shore ofthe Volga riverthe Volga river1
  2. 2. Recreation area on the shore of the Volga river2
  3. 3. Development of tourism in the Chuvash RepublicAdvantageous geographic location andhigh population density3Presence of holding companies in theregion - development of business tourismSolvent consumers of tourist servicesDevelopment of tourism,sports and healthinfrastructure, recreationareasWell-developed transportinfrastructureExistence of environmental and culturalheritage in the regionDeveloped social and culturalinfrastructure (different events)Favorable climate and environmentalconditions
  4. 4. Health resort complexes and recreation centersHealth resort complexes (more than 20):The distance to Cheboksary 10-25 kmTaxi expenses 300-400 roublesCost of accommodation 850-6500 RUR per dayServices: 3-5 meals daily, treatment, deluxe roomsLeisure: horseback riding, swimming-pools, vapour baths4Recreation centers (more than 20):The distance to Cheboksary min. 25 kmRent payment for house min. 700 RUR per dayServices: mealsLeisure: boats, fishing rods, barbecue, sports grounds
  5. 5. Complex locationThe distance to the nearest cities:Cheboksary 26 kmKazan 150 kmNizhny Novgorod 180 km5Infrastructure facilities:Ilyinka settlementIlyinsky quay (the Volga river)Bus stop (5 minutes)Road from the recreation center to highway hasasphalt pavement
  6. 6. Services offeredSeasonal services Rest on the beach Alpine skiing track Training sport centre (skiing, orienteering,etc.) Tours by water with «green» stands Pick of mushrooms, berries, fishing6Year-round services Health and recreation services The place for holding congress, scientific,educational, sports events, festivals Organization of tours (Kazan, NizhnyNovgorod, Cheboksary, The Raifa Monastery,local history museums, architecturalmonuments, ethnographic settlements,archaeological relics, etc.)
  7. 7. Model of recreation area structure Residential area (rowhouses, terraced houses) Hotel area (hotel, recovery and health building) Recreation area (swimming-pools, play and sports grounds, boat station with two landingdocks for yachts, launches and waverunners, summer theater, barbecue, summerhouses) Administrative area (hair salons, shops, maintenances, etc.) Area of engineering constructions7
  8. 8. Advantages of the project: Object is located on ecologic preserved area – recreation area of theChuvash Republic Sandy beach on the Volga river Availability of a waterway for organisation of yacht and motorshipmoorage High population density in the region (10 mln. within the radius of 500km) Developed transport infrastructure Tending for domestic tourism development8Risk factors:Increase of prices for construction materialsRisks in rated calculations of the tourist streamCommercial risks (correlation of demand for services and service cost)Competition with similar institutions (more then 30 sanitaria and healthcomplexes and recreation centers in the Chuvash Republic)Increase in payback period of investment
  9. 9.  Lifting 30% of restrictions on transfer of losses to the coming taxperiods Opportunity of using special index to the main depreciation rate inrespect of fixed assets Reduced income tax rate can be fixed9Privileges for the recreation area residents
  10. 10. Investors are invitedInvestors are invitedCorporation of Development of the Chuvash Republic, JSCGeneral director – Anatoly DanilovEmail: anikdan@mail.ruTel: (8352)62-05-50