BlueCurrentSea 5 Ocean Prize


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Our goal is to create value, by reducing waste: Creating prizes that incentivize ocean plastic removal.

VISION. We believe the world’s best minds, networked around a common goal, will lead us to opportunities that inspire people to transform their impact on, and relationship to, the oceans.

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BlueCurrentSea 5 Ocean Prize

  1. 1. B LU E CURRENT SEA5 OCEANS PRIZE 2013 atlasphere
  2. 2. proof: evidence of triumph
  3. 3. challenge : plastic
  4. 4. challenge : plastic
  5. 5. challenge : plastic
  6. 6. challenge : location 100 million tons scattered plastic 5 gyres : 5 oceans impacts ALL life
  7. 7. the ocean prize vision1. massive environmental impact 2. navigate a huge problem 3. incentivize brilliant ideas
  8. 8. 1927: The Orteig PrizeCharles Lindberg $25,000 Launched 240BNSpirit of St. Louis Prize Aviation Industry
  9. 9. 2007: The Google Lunar X Prize $30 million Privately Funded Prize Lunar Robot Landing
  10. 10. 2007: Virgin Earth Challenge 11 teams $25 million Capture in final Prize Carbon
  11. 11. 2013: 5 Oceans Prize CHALLENGE: collect, clean, commercialize, design, and policy 5 gyres: 5 years(winning $1-5 million 5 ocean 5 gyre teams) Prizes Plastic Capture
  12. 12. function : solver model develop 5 oceans prize bluecurrent curate seekers + solvers sea team award 1-5 million
  13. 13. creating new valueOcean Benefit Stamp Brand Your Products+5 cents for 5 gyres Gyre Sourced Plastic raw material value$3.7 MILLION raised = $73 BILLION over 5 years (100m tons x .50/lb)
  14. 14. creating new value 5/GYRE SOURCED PLASTICOcean Benefit Stamp Brand Your Products+5 cents for 5 gyres Gyre Sourced Plastic raw material value$3.7 MILLION raised = $73 BILLION over 5 years (100m tons x .50/lb)
  15. 15. blue currentsea team Andrew Gower Silvia Stephensen Dr. Shuli Goldman Elizabeth Pfau Rowan EdwardsRosemary Hugh Jody Cole Elizabeth Jackson Francesca Prada
  16. 16. prize jury & advisory board Doug Woodring Dune Lankard Mary Crowleyß Dr. Dawn Wright Howard Lack Gil Friend Dr. Daniel Pauly Michael Stoker
  17. 17. financial : model
  18. 18. milestones : next steps 2.5 YEAR PROJECT TIMELINE $90K FUNDING SOUGHT2013 prepare prize launch prize round one2014 round 2 Q Finals test of concept at sea2015
  19. 19. visualize the goal: 2018 * * * January 2018 *** Global Edition * * * THE 5 OCEANS PRIZE DECLARED A SUCCESS!! CLEAN OCEANS TEAM LAUNCH NEW INDUSTRIES: CLAIM MILLIONS IN PRIZES Challenge: Transforming the 5 opportunities that inspire us awarded to the team whose Ocean Gyres: 5 million: 5 years: 5 transform our impact on, and innovation best meets the complex gyres. The oPrize seeks to focus our relationship to, the ocean. Our vision scoping challenge presented by the 5 global intention on the difficult is that the world’s best minds, ocean gyres, within the next 5 years. challenges resulting from the plastic networked around a common goal, Multidisciplinary teams of designers, waste gyres polluting 5 Major will lead to innovations that inspire entrepreneurs, and scientists across Oceans. Our vision is that the world’s us to transform our impact on, and seven continents will compete for best minds, networked around a relationship to, the oceanOur Goal is common goal, will lead to to offer a significant cash prize, the USD 5 million oPrize.
  20. 20. “I skate to where the puck is going to be, not where it has been” Wayne Gretzky 5oceanPrize Elizabeth Pfau, Fairfax, CA 2013