Plan 2040 april may online public meeting


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Plan 2040 april may online public meeting

  1. 1. PLAN 2040 Online Public Meeting: Vision and Goals April 1, 2010 – May 31, 2010
  2. 2. We will be thinking about this part of the metro Atlanta area during this meeting. Yellow areas show transportation planning boundaries Yellow and Gray areas are for air quality planning
  3. 3. PLAN 2040 is organized around the following Sustainability principle: Environmental Environment, eco nomy and social needs are inter- related. Plan 2040 will address all three areas and how they Social Economic work together
  4. 4. Where are we starting from? • ARC took a look at the Regional current state of the Expansion Atlanta region – Changing focusing on its needs as Population well as getting diverse Water individual opinions. Availability • These findings lay a Traffic groundwork for policy Congestion and program Housing development. Demands
  5. 5. On the bright side… Our assessment focuses on the needs of the Atlanta region. However, our region has many assets working in its favor: • Headquarters of Fortune 500 companies, like Coca-Cola, UPS, Delta Airlines and Home Depot. • The world’s busiest airport and the intersections of major interstates for the distribution of goods. • Superior colleges and universities, like Georgia Tech, Morehouse, Emory and Georgia State. • Cultural and entertainment facilities unmatched in the Southeast. 10/16/2009 5
  6. 6. Here are the 9 major findings: 1. The region is well-positioned for an economic recovery, but only if we’re willing to adjust how we live and do business. 2. The long-term economic success of the region is directly tied to the availability of water. 3. The region needs significant transportation investments and increased housing availability in major employment centers.
  7. 7. Findings 4, 5, and 6…. 4. The region does not have the financial capacity to expand further if it expects to meet the needs of its people and communities. 5. The composition of the region’s 8 million residents in 2040 will be very different from the population of today. 6. The new housing market will shift toward communities that offer abundant amenities close to employment and cultural opportunities.
  8. 8. Findings 7, 8, and 9 7. Approximately 75 percent of the region’s residents have no other option but to drive to almost any destination. 8. Not only does the region need increased funds for transportation, but also better management of existing assets. 9. The region must focus on both urbanized areas and conservation areas.
  9. 9. Some reactions we’ve heard to our findings • Transportation is a key reason why the region is lagging in some areas. • Recovery will require new investments and new strategies. • Many dynamic regional issues (water, transportation, education) must be addressed locally. • Why are we falling behind our peers in terms of income growth?
  10. 10. So where do we go from here? Plan 2040 links all these issues and can include solutions for If we are to begin the short term (1-5 addressing these years) or the long challenges, we need term (to 2040). a vision and goals to strive for…
  11. 11. DRAFT PLAN 2040 Vision Here’s where you come in… Statement Please take a look at this • Aggressive Leadership for draft Vision Statement Sustainable Growth. • Balance environmental Is it relevant to the future responsibility, economic you want for your growth and social needs community? while maximizing benefits to all.
  12. 12. What would YOU change – is anything left out? There is a survey after this presentation where you can voice your thoughts.
  13. 13. To realize a Vision, Goals need to be attached See what you think about these proposed overall Goals. • Goal #1: Lead as the Global Gateway to the South (Addressing the economy) • Goal #2: Encourage Healthy Communities (Addressing the environment) • Goal #3: Expand Access to Community Resources (Addressing social needs)
  14. 14. Are these Goals addressing the Sustainability principle that we addressed earlier in this meeting? Please record your thoughts on our survey.
  15. 15. So what can you do next? 1. Check out the other resource material we have available on the PLAN 2040 website. 2. Record your thoughts on our survey. 3. If you have a question, email or call us – or 404-463-3272. 4. This public meeting will wrap up May 31, 2010. Please review a report of what you told us that will be posted online in early June. 5. Online public meeting #2 will begin on June 1, 2010. We hope you’ll come back to participate again.
  16. 16. What happens next in PLAN 2040? Results from this meeting and others will be fed into the process. Over this year, the process will address: 1. strategies for the region 2. testing the strategies 3. reviewing the draft plan