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Atizo fh luzern_130306

  1. 1. CrowdsourcingMarch 6th, 2013
  2. 2. What is Atizo? process to involve proven software 10000 creative stakeholders minds Advantages think the unthinkable reduce the blinkered appreciation to stakeholders benefit from social media
  3. 3. How does this process work? module 1 module 2 module 3 module 4 module 5 workshop online-projects workshop online-projects workshop define find ideas select ideas evaluate plan challenge ideas implementation
  4. 4. strategyproducts & services as!t of Idein a lo Proven t projects n differe marketing process
  5. 5. Develop new products with web communityObjective: Detecting needs todevelop the motorbike of the future Results ● morethan 700 ideas fromCommunity: BMW and 250 different usersAtizo community ● team of 8 lead users ● concept with analy sesModules: 1 to 5 and designs «On the open innovation platform Thomas Hirschmann Atizo we have received many exciting project manager ideas of motorcycle lovers from all «BMW Motorrad Innovation Contest» over the world.»
  6. 6. Find marketing ideas with a communityObjective: ideas for the 150anniversary Results ● 292 event ideasCommunity: Mammut ● 202 commentsand Atizo community ●6 winner ideas which were integratedModules: 1 and 2 into the concept «The Atizo community impressed Rolf G. Schmid us with surprising ideas and CEO diverse expertise.» Mammut Sports Group AG
  7. 7. 7 steps to more innovation1. Innovating behind closed doors is over.2. There are many smart people who want to support you.3. Innovation begins with a challenge, not an idea.4. Tunnel vision is not conducive for innovation.5. The best idea is often created from several good ideas.6. The sooner the customer is involved, the less the risk to flop.7. Ideas are valuable only when they are implemented.
  8. 8. Innovation is not a problem ofcreativity, but a problem of allocation. - Thank you -