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Final creative-1.brief

  1. 1. Client: Progressive Insurance Date: August 9, 2010 Team: 4 - Nash Healey Product: Pay as you Drive Insurance Plan   What do we stand for? The revolution of car insurance. (You) take the keys. Problem/Challenge : Rise above the industry’s recycled strategy to reach Millennials; offering a plan that rejects one-size-fits-all coverage and jumpstarts a new age of auto insurance. Target Audience: 18-25 year old (student) drivers, including incoming college students, current students, and early post-graduates. Focus on those still covered by relatives as well as those actively seeking an independent plan. Accepted Common Belief: Auto insurance is seen as a costly, irritating necessity, and therefore is not considered until absolutely necessary. The “one size fits all” approach misses the mark with Millennials, who are extremely diverse and seek personalization. Why do we matter? Our product fits the Millennial lifestyle like nothing has before. Now the relationship between your car, your driving habits, and your coverage is measurable, tangible and transparent. Accountability has never been more clear both for the consumer and for Progressive. Who is the enemy? One-size-fits-all insurance; preconceived notions of auto insurance Brand Tone: Spontaneous, forward-thinking, open-minded, personal, intelligent, direct, simple.
  2. 2. Channel Role Key Message Desired Behavior How will we Drive participation? [channel strategy] We will target Millennials through media channels that come naturally to them on their own time and own terms (employing both online and mobile technologies) we will show Millennials why our product simple fits their unique reality. Television Mobile Online Out of Home Introduce a new and innovative approach to auto insurance; differentiate from the competition Make insurance info constantly accessible and easy to understand & use Generate product buzz by engaging Millennials within their own environment Insurance as unique and personalized as you are Progressive is connected to campus life and is more in tune with student drivers’ needs Spark interest, start discussion; go online to find out more about MyMiles Use our app when you’re on the road and share your success with it online Share the success stories and increase interaction with Progressive Experience insurance in a new, fun way; talk to friends about being keyed and consider the plan Answers where and when you want Open forum to share experiences and integrate guerilla campaign Coverage on your keys. A simple plan with tangible protection.