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Soalan essay english


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Soalan essay english

  1. 1. Based on the picture, write one correct sentence. You must use both words give. You are advised tospend about 15 minutes on this question.a)__________________________________________________________________b)
  2. 2. c)__________________________________________________________________d)_______________________________________________________________
  3. 3. e)__________________________________________________________________f)
  4. 4. g)______________________________________________________h)__________________________________________________________________
  5. 5. i)__________________________________________________________________ j)
  6. 6. Read the information carefully. Use the information to complete the passage. You are advised to spend25 minutes on this question.Wedding DinnerDate: 4 July 200Day: SundayTime: 7.00p.m – 10.00 p.mVenue: Paradise Lagoon Hotel, Kuala LumpurNumber of Guests: 300Menu: Main Dish – rice, chicken curry, sweet sour prawns, crab sambal, mixed vegetables Dessert – chocolate cake, fresh cut fruitsMrs Veena : Hello, can I speak to Chef Tan, please?Chef Tan : Chef Tan speaking. Can I help you?Mrs Veena : My son is having __________(11)__________ on 4 July 2010. It will be held ______(12)_____ Kuala Lumpur.Chef Tan : At what time is the function?Mrs Veena : It is between _____(13)________.Chef Tan : What does he suggest for the menu?Mrs Veena : Well, for the main dish, he wants plain rice and chicken curry.Chef Tan : What about seafood?Mrs Veena : He likes to have ______________(14)____________.Chef Tan : Those are excellent choices of seafood.Mrs Veena : Could you prepare mixed vegetables in oyster sauce too?Chef Tan : Yes, of course. How many guests will attend the dinner?Mrs Veena : _______(15)_________ will attend the dinner?Chef Tan : What does he want for dessert?Mrs Veena : He chooses chocolate cake and fresh cut fruit.Chef Tan : Well, I’ve got all the information. please come and see me to confirm the order.Mrs Veena : All right. I’ll be there this evening. Bye.
  7. 7. The series of pictures below show an event. You may use all the words to describe the pictures. Writeyour answer in the space provided. You are advised to spend 35 minutes on this question.- studying - late- looked out- shocked - black smoke______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
  8. 8. - run - bedroom - shouted - parents - phoned______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________-firemen - arrived - put out - owner - safe - thanked______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________