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Alliance One Corporate investigation services


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Alliance One Corporate investigation services

  1. 1. CorporateInvestigationServicesA Brief Profile
  2. 2. Who We Are• Mumbai’s best corporate,commercial and privateinvestigators .• Diverse range of clients,including multi-nationalcorporations, legal firms and highnet worth individuals.• Highly skilled team of practicedlawyers and professionalinvestigators.
  3. 3. Our Services
  4. 4. Due DiligenceWe produce produce in depth duediligence reports to give you the edge inyour business dealings and investments.
  5. 5. Our Investigations Can You Help in:Acquisitions and Mergers Arbitration ProceedingsA due diligence report can be We can provide information to helpproduced to investigate the validity settle arbitrationof a business acquisition or merger proceedings quickly.price.
  6. 6. Competitive Intelligence Civil & Criminal LitigationOur due diligence reports can Alliance One Detectives can provideprovide you with competitive detailed information to assist in Civilintelligence allowing you to make and Criminal cases.more accurate strategic decisions.
  7. 7. Corporate & Financial Investments (Business andTransactions Personal)Our financial due diligence checks We aim to enhance our clients’can ensure peace of mind to investment success by providingpotential buyers by analysing and intelligence on key risks and benefitsvalidating all the financial, associated with each investment.commercial, operational andstrategic assumptions being made.
  8. 8. Material Contracts & Asset TracingAgreements Our asset tracing reports can uncover someone’s hidden assets,A due diligence report examine the however hard they may try to hidequality of the assets and potential them. These may be in the form ofbuyer/seller to ensure a safe corporate investments, shares, trusttransaction. funds, undisclosed accounts or loans, possibly abroad.
  9. 9. Tracing Debtors Pre-sue ReportsWe offer an efficient debtor tracing If all other possible paymentservice, tracking down individuals arrangements have been exhausted,and companies which have moved bringing a debtor to court may be thepremises and changed trading only remaining option – in such casesnames. as these, a pre-sue report can provide details to clients as to whether or not a debtor is able to pay.
  10. 10. Employee ServicesOur Employee Related Services AreThe Best in Class.
  11. 11. Potential Employee Checks Financial Information Fraud Prevention & DetectionOur potential employee We can provide Our Fraud Preventionchecks give you all the comprehensive information checks include confidentialinformation you need on a person’s credit history investigation of suspiciousbefore bringing someone and assets including CCJ’s, activities by employees, Bankruptcy history and management, suppliers andnew into your team. other Credit Checks. clients.
  12. 12. Legal SupportWe have a wealth of experience inhandling solicitors enquiries rangingfrom the service of legaldocumentation and productionof Affidavits to assisting andproviding the in depthintelligence for complex courtcases.
  13. 13. Background Checks Missing Persons TracingWe can check integrity of directors, Missing persons can often be traced tocompany profiles, financial status and a current residential address within 24any outstanding litigation. We can hours. Our team of specialistprovide accurate and current researchers will accurately establishinformation in defending hostile their current residential address, oftentakeover bids and in instances of working from minimal information.acquisitions and mergers.
  14. 14. Intelligence Gathering Witness StatementsOur team can assist you throughout Witnesses can be traced andthe course of your case and liaise interviewed to obtain detailedwith you to produce evidence ready Statements. Our network enables afor submission in legal proceedings. cost effective service throughout India.
  15. 15. Insurance Fraud Investigations Asset TracingWe have been involved in many high Our forensic accountants followprofile and complex complex financial trails to trace hiddeninvestigations in the pastfrom exaggerating claims to assets and once identified, ourdeliberately causing accidents or investigators explore avenues todamage. confirm ownership.
  16. 16. Case StudiesSome successful cases thatcontinue to earn us our laurels.
  17. 17. 1. Oil & Gas CompanyWhat Happened?A senior employee 6 six monthsinto his job suddenly resignswithout serving any notice period.He foregoes his salary and does notreturn the company laptop andgoes underground switching hismobile off.15 days before his resignation, a setof patented well drilling tools goesmissing from an on-shore site.Potential Damage: € 150 Million
  18. 18. What We FoundWithin 7 days traced the employeeto Vadodara, Gujarat.Discovered that the accusedemployee owned a fully functionaloil tools manufacturing facility inGujrat operating since the past 5years.Discovered he was competing in thesame area of operations, as ourclient.
  19. 19. The BriefAlliance One was appointed tolocate the whereabouts of theemployee & conduct a discreetinvestigation into his activities.How We Did ItIn an investigation spanning 3months, we provided conclusiveevidence that the ex – employeehad decamped with the well drillingtools that had gone missing, andwas attempting to reverse –engineer the same at his facility inVadodara.Provided proof for initiating legalaction against the employee.
  20. 20. 2. Fortune 500 Pharma CompanyWhat Happened?An internal audit on the expenses ofthe company’s medicalrepresentatives, threw discrepancies.It was found that marketing funds fororganizing Doctor meets wereallegedly siphoned off by employees.Potential Damage: € 15 Million
  21. 21. What We FoundMore than 90% of the bills providedby the MR’s were either forged orthe establishment for which theinvoice was raised, did not exist.Evidence was provided in the formof original actual bills of theestablishment / booking registerphotocopy & video interview withthe manager / owner of theestablishment agreeing that nosuch event took place.Where the event / meets had takenplace, the original invoices wereretrieved, which was substantiallylower in value than the forgedinvoices submitted by employees.
  22. 22. The BriefAlliance One was appointed tophysically verify the Doctors meetsconducted by MR’s in 5 states,across India.How We Did ItIn an investigation spanning 10days, multiple teams comprising ofover 20 field operatives weredeployed across 80 districtscovering 5 states.Documentary evidence wasretrieved to substantiate theorganization’s case against theemployees engaged in putting upfraudulent claims for expenses.
  23. 23. 3. Top Henna Manufacturing CompanyWhat Happened?Counterfeit products of the client’sbrand, of various SKU’s, werefound stocked by leading retailers in oneparticular state of the US.This was an accidental discovery, and theclient suspected several consignments ofduplicate products were being sent tothe US leading to considerable loss ofrevenue for our client.Potential Damage: Millions of Dollars
  24. 24. How We Did ItWe tracked and located the manufacturer ofthe counterfeit brand to Kurla, a suburb inMumbai.Posing as prospective buyers, a substantialconsignment of the counterfeit product wasbought from the manufacturer.The entire transaction was captured onvideo.We retrieved consignment data from theIndian port authorities for the last 2 years.This was cross – indexed and verified by theUS port authority, thus providing acomplete trail of the consignments beingexported to the US, for the last two yearsincluding number of consignments, quantityper consignment, consignee data and alldates and timelines.
  25. 25. The BriefAlliance One was retained toinvestigate the source and extent ofthis counterfeiting operation,suspected to have originated inIndia.How We Nailed The AccusedWe provided documentary evidenceto the client, against onemanufacturer, two distributors inIndia & two distributors in the USwho were involved in thiscounterfeiting operation.
  26. 26. Our TeamAmit Sen Abhishek Talwar Atin DasguptaChief Investigator Head Of Operations Head Of MarketingA commercial pilot by TRAINING, An alumnus of IHM Ahmedabad and An alumni of the JJ School of FineAmit has over 15 years experience in IIM Ahmedabad, Abhishek has Arts, Atin is an artist / designer /the space of corporate over 16 years experience in the marketer all rolled into one. A serialinvestigations, handling Copyright & Hospitality, Aviation, Travel and entrepreneur with diverse interests,Trademark infringement cases, Pre – media industries, which has included he is responsible for branding,employment verifications, Industrial Pan India and International stints. marketing and the corporateEspionage investigations, Asset & With this cross – industry exposure, communication side of the business.Net – Worth assessment assignments he brings to the table a much desiredand vendor / supplier verification sensitivity to approaching and atin@allianceonemumbai.comcases, amongst others. satisfactorily servicing requirements Mobile: 98206 07875 which have diverse nuances, industry to industry.Mobile: 98195 80458
  27. 27. For more information do visit our