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Published in: Technology, News & Politics
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  1. 1. Welcome Privacy:Beginning or the End? Sondan Durukanoglu Feyiz Sabanci University
  2. 2. 9/11/2001- New YorkSECURITY VERSUS FREEDOMSecurity: Government should be given the authority to implant a chip under the skin of a personFreedom: Government should not given such an authority Where to put the limits?
  3. 3. An internet base platform to form a social networkEven if you leave facebook, you cannot delete all the personalinformation you entered to become a facebook member:• Birthday• Gender• Occupation• What you like• What you don’t like• E-mail address (or contact information) No private information stays confidential once it is in the cyber-space
  4. 4. • How to define privacy?• Where to put the boundaries in collecting and analyzing consumer data?• How to create awareness on the subject?form the platform which brings all sides together tohave fruitful and continuing discussions on thisspecific subject