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  • Data center administrators are very cautious with virtualizing their applications as their criticality grows. We see that tier 3 applications are virtualized more than tier 2 and tier 2 more than tier 1. There are a few key challenges and one of them is application availability.The results of an IDC survey conducted in October 2009 indicated that 51% of the respondents from companies with > 1000 employees think that ensuring application availability is their key challenge in managing virtualized servers. Need to ensure both the VM and the applications are up in the VMVM can be recovered, but the applications may not have been started or recovered properlyNeed to ensure that the process is up and functionalNeed to ensure that applications start in the right sequence regardless of the VM boot up sequence
  • Symnatec ha in virtualization

    1. 1. High Availability in Virtualized Environments Atif Mehmood Malik Network Engineer, TPS Pakistan
    2. 2. Overview • VMware High Availability • Challenges in VMware High Availability • How Symantec addresses these challenges Ensure 24x7 Availability: HA/DR 6.0 Update 2
    3. 3. VMware HA • Easy-to-use, cost effective and native High Availability solution in virtualized environment • Minimize unplanned downtime and IT service disruption • Uniform High Availability solution across all OS platforms • Minimum cost and management overhead Ensure 24x7 Availability: HA/DR 6.0 Update 3
    4. 4. VMware HA Ensure 24x7 Availability: HA/DR 6.0 Update 4 • VMware cluster
    5. 5. VMware HA Ensure 24x7 Availability: HA/DR 6.0 Update 5 • Virtual Machine OS failure
    6. 6. VMware HA Ensure 24x7 Availability: HA/DR 6.0 Update 6 • Physical Server failure
    7. 7. VMware HA • Global failure Ensure 24x7 Availability: HA/DR 6.0 Update 7
    8. 8. • Virtualization widely- adopted for non- critical applications • Business critical applications are infrequently virtualized • Virtualization vendors fail to ensure application availability Key Challenges: Ensuring Application Availability Virtualizing Business-Critical Applications ApplicationHA 6.0 VMware 8 TIER 3 TIER 2 TIER 1 IIS Apache Print WebLogic WebSphere File SQL, Oracle SAP Exchange Criticality of applications Virtualizationadoption Low adoption beyond Tier 3
    9. 9. Application Availability Key requirement for virtualization of critical apps 2. Source: IDC, October 2009. Choosing Storage for Virtualized Servers. For companies with > 1,000 employees. Key challenges in managing virtualized servers2Leading causes for unplanned outages1 Gartner: 40% of failures are caused by the application going down IDC: 51% of respondents rank Application Availability as the key virtualization challenge 1. Source: Gartner, 30 November 2010 Ensure 24x7 Availability: HA/DR 6.0 Update 40% Application Failures 40% Operations Errors 20% Security, Power, OS, HW 32% 29% 42% 41% 51%Ensuring Application Availability Coordinating new deployments and upgrades Managing unanticipated cost increases Overcoming existing allocation, purchasing and budget practices Compensating for the lack of integrated management tools 9
    10. 10. Virtualize Without Compromise Ensure 24x7 Availability: HA/DR 6.0 Update 10
    11. 11. VMware HA and Symantec ApplicationHA Meet all HA needs in Virtual Environments High Availability 11Ensure 24x7 Availability: HA/DR 6.0 Update Application Availability Symantec ApplicationHA Infrastructure Availability VMware HA
    12. 12. Symantec ApplicationHA + VMware HA: Virtualize without compromise ApplicationHA 6.0 VMware 12 Application Resources OS VM ESX Server Site App Components VM1 OS VM2 OS VMware ESX VM2 OS c3c2 c1 c2 c4 c1 c3c1 c2 VMware HA protect infrastructure components Symantec ApplicationHA protect application components
    13. 13. Application HA • Adds a layer of application awareness to the core HA functionality offered by VMware • Monitor overall health of configured application by running specific commands, tests or scripts • Heartbeat agent sends application heartbeats to VMware HA • In case of application failure: – Application HA agents attempt to restart application for a configurable number of times – If agents are unable to start the application, Application HA stops sending application heartbeat to the VMware HA – VMware HA gracefully restarts the application and Application HA agents attempt to start application and its dependent components in pre-defined order Ensure 24x7 Availability: HA/DR 6.0 Update 13
    14. 14. VM1 OS VM2 OS VM1 OS VM2 OS Coordinated recovery between ApplicationHA and VMware HA • App monitoring – Show health status – Detect app failures • Coordinated recovery – Restart applications – Trigger VMware HA for further recovery – Integration via App Monitoring API • Protects against wide range of failures – Infrastructure failures – VM is up but app is down ApplicationHA 6.0 VMware 14 VMware ESX VMware ESX Application HA Application HA SQLORA SQLORA VMware HA VMware HA – VM recovers after a server failure but app doesn’t – App is up but not functional
    15. 15. Application HA • Simple administration and full integration with vCenter • Fully compatible with VMware features like vMotion, Distributed Resource Scheduler and Fault Tolerance • Integration with Site Recovery Manager • Integration with Backup Exec Ensure 24x7 Availability: HA/DR 6.0 Update 15
    16. 16. Integration with vCenter ApplicationHA 6.0 VMware 16 Aggregated StatisticsData Center Level Alert DetailsBatch Operations Dashboard also available on cluster level.
    17. 17. Integration with Backup Exec 17ApplicationHA 6.0 VMware Application Restart Virtual Machine Reboot Virtual Machine Image Recovery Escalation of Remediation Mechanism Automatically restore, or trigger a prompt for consent to restore, a failed virtual machine in order to recover lost application services once ApplicationHA has exhausted the steps available to remediate the failure. .
    18. 18. Thank you! Copyright © 2010 Symantec Corporation. All rights reserved. Symantec and the Symantec Logo are trademarks or registered trademarks of Symantec Corporation or its affiliates in the U.S. and other countries. Other names may be trademarks of their respective owners. This document is provided for informational purposes only and is not intended as advertising. All warranties relating to the information in this document, either express or implied, are disclaimed to the maximum extent allowed by law. The information in this document is subject to change without notice. Thank you! Ensure 24x7 Availability: HA/DR 6.0 Update Atif Mehmood Malik 18