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Aties Smm And Smr Whitepaper


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A brief primer on social media recruiting, social media marketing, Applicant tracking systems, linkedin, CRM, good for recruiter training, IT recruiting and ATS, HRIS, CRM and other systems managers or architects.

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Aties Smm And Smr Whitepaper

  1. 1. “An Introduction to Social Media Site Marketing and SEOfor Sales &Recruiting”Presented by: Marc Crowl Director of Recruiting & Workforce SolutionsLinkedIn Profile Advanced Target Identification and Engagement Systems, Inc.Toll Free: 888-648-4547 | Local: 503-406-1428 |Website: | Connect with ATIES on LinkedIn
  2. 2. Are YOUEngaged in Social Media Site Marketing & Recruiting? A large majority of companies are moving away from job boards and toward social media as their primary recruiting tool.Of the respondents who are actively hiring this year, 92% said that they either "currently use or plan to" use social networks for recruiting new employees. Meanwhile, spending on more traditional tools like job boards eitherdecreased or stayed constant for a majority of companies.Not surprisingly, the social networking sitemost used by companies for recruiting is LinkedIn (78%), followed by Facebook (55%). The site that sawthe most growth was Twitter, which was used by 45% of respondents this year.Most hiring firms willreview a candidates social media presence as part of the vetting process, with 38% indicating that theyalways search for applicants social networking profiles and 32% doing so only sometimes.Indicating thatthe social medias involvement in job recruiting is more than just hype, the survey reported that 58% ofcompanies had successfully hired employees via a social networking site. 83% will recruit in social networks this year 46% will spend more on social recruiting 36% will spend less on job boards 80% review social profilesCast a Wide Social Net to Maximize Talent and Client Acquisition Efforts The goal of recruiting and sales is to find the right person or opportunity at the right time. Logically, that means one source is never enough. You’ll want to tap into diverse mediums to find the best and stay close to the money. Social media is no exception. Each platform has its own unique demographic. You’ll want to consider that audience when making the decision about which applications and key social platforms to use for your Talent and Client Acquisition efforts.Regardless of the applications, services and tools or any combination thereof, there are somecommon elements to using social media for building branded communities of interest whereprospective customers and candidates can be found and interact.
  3. 3. Foundations of Social Media Marketing (SMM) & Social Media Recruiting (SMR) Your Employees and prospects can connect! With product or service enthusiasts, find reviews, contribute content, and join a fan base.Customers, prospects, candidates and stakeholders or partners can convene online in a productive open forum.All users internal and external have community software functionality in respect to their specific accounts or services to self-organize around a topic, post or distribute ideas or company collateral or data, share advice, and make lasting connections.Align divisions and regions across multiple platforms to ensure consistency in messaging, branding, andcreative.Stay on top of trends, issues, opportunities and ROI withreal time tools and services that workwith and leverage existing hardware, software and business infrastructure investments.Leveraging Human Capital and Contact Management systems to increase opportunity Human Capital and Contact Management systems is the core of your opportunity management, sales and recruiting efforts and are also known by various names; Contact Record Management & Client Relationship Management (CRM) Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) and Human Resource Information Systems (HRIS).Contact record management is a broad term for an accessible and editable records database whileClient Relationship Management can allow portal access to various back office systems and tools likesales collateral, Marketing campaigns, Business Intelligence and billing, while ATS usually refers to arecruiting specific CRM system and HRIS refers to a Human Resource or HR generalist system foremployee and talent management. There are brand-name services like; Avature,Taleo, Salesforce,Microsoft crm/Sharepoint and Social media platforms or hybrid websites that roll-up and combineCRM/ATS functions as a Value add service (VAS) within their social media platformsuch as; Linkedin,Jobvite,, and hire-ability, although the Hybrids generally offer less functionality, fewerfeatures and lack IT integration points into other core business systems unless they offer an API(Application Programming Interface).
  4. 4. Most of these systems are delivered as cloud software or as a Service (SaaS) and as a clientserver/Installed application. Some are a combination of both – allowing on and offline access andsynching or updating information on a scheduled or user requested basis.Many recruiters, sales professionals, business owners and system users often have a need to integrate,aggregate and distribute their various data and ideas on multiple platforms including Social Media Sitesand Services.Using Mash-ups or Cloud Solutions to Drive Recruiting and Marketing ActivitiesSaaS, cloud computing & Mashables or Mash-ups Pass credentials and information in the cloud or on anetwork amongst multiple saas, and online services/social platforms. They can address quick to marketand IT compliancy needs by Implementing fast, tested and scalable solutions. Talent acquisition andbrand marketing focused social media strategy often need to interact with existing current compliancyand regulatory needs. Mash-ups have been a growing trend in application development and offer a turn-key integration point between services and systems. We can often Use mashables or cloud solutions tobridge the gap between disparate CRM/ATS/ and Social media sites, blogs, job board feeds or forexample extend marketing materials to a group or prospect by publishing the document simultaneouslywhile having it distributed via twitter, out to your job board using (JDS) job distribution Service, to yourLinkedIn Profile or any number of places.
  5. 5. Technology That Connects Social Media Websites, Tools&Business Systems There are many methods to accomplish mash-ups between systems to drive Recruiting and Marketing activities that increase revenue and reduce tedious repetitive and time consuming essential tasks. There are simple xml (extensible markup language)calls that are smart data base connectors that interact within data warehouse and business intelligencerepositories or data marts. An example would be posting a new job requisition to your CRM or ATSsystem and then clicking a link to publish it that creates an XML code and send that’s code to your publicwebsite under your RSS (really simple syndication) button or follow/favorite this job feature. Coding andsoftware development via platform APIs is another popular way for innovative companies to build forprivate and public use, mashups as a service that for example allows you to simultaneously post yourWordpress blog and have it appear on your Linkedin profile or vice versa or view a Powerpointpresentation on someone’s Slideshare profile and tweet it or send them a Facebook friendrequest.These companies cooperate to extend their APIs and create useful tools to recruit, sell and extendbranding quickly among your social business networks. There are also many Plug n Play Social Media Plug -ins that mash up business software and websites such as Xobni for outlook and the Microsoft social connector plug-in. These are actually download files for a particular licensed software that extend its functionality and integrate it with a social media site or other online community portal.
  6. 6. Quickly Launch your own Branded Social Media Website Portal In addition to building your social and business brand or selling and recruiting on the myriad of existing offerings you may also consider building your own Social Media Presence by creating unique public and member’s only website. There are many tools such as SharePoint, and Dolphin that have quick ready to go templates and built in tools for many if not more of the features you see on say for example Linkedin.The benefit of creating a company branded or specific community portal is to enforce yourbrand or value in a deep loyalty perspective CRM orientation by creating a members group. Thisallows you to offer a forum to share expertise or related company subject matter more indepth. You also promote collaboration between your employees, prospects, vendors andexisting social media networks.Enforcing the Link Between Social Media Marketing & Organic Search Engine Optimization The link between search and social media only becomes tighter as the engines and the social web innovate and integrate together in ways which make both more valuable. From the standpoint of staying relevant and at the edge, the engines and the social web need each other. They are working together for the benefit of users, but site owners, recruiters and sales professionals can benefit too by creating a strategy embracing the connection.The web itself has always been social, and search and social have already reached theconvergence point. The future will see an even closer, symbiotic relationship between the two.The social web and search results support each other and are inexorably linked.
  7. 7. Branding Control,Marketing Presence&Foundations for Organic SEO Creating a unified products and services marketing campaign that utilizes keyword weighted ad copy can not only increase your search relevancy but also allow employees to participate in social media marketing by having ready to use turn key content they can freely share and promote.Directory sites and search Portals like Hoovers, D&B, Yellow Pages online, Google Business, Manta,Spoke and others are generally seen as static as opposed to dynamic sites because they review, submitand post data in a 2-D presentation format. They are generally used as a source of business or personalinformation for marketing or reference. Because these types of websites are very relevant in searchresults indexes they are a good way to present company information and provide a relevant backlink toyour website often under a specific category such as recruiting or IT consulting Services.SEO Documents, Images, Tags and the Transformation of Social Presentation Marketing Attachment marketing using sales collateral and presentations is a great way to get extra SEO mileage out of your existing documents. You can also extend your branding, sales and recruiting opportunities by making collateral online and shareable through your social network.
  8. 8. The additional benefit of self guided discovery via social media presentation distribution allows potentialcandidates or clients to discover you without feeling like they were pushed. While many companies posttheir collateral on the company website there is often the barrier of using a CMS or contentmanagement system or having to submit a request to a webmaster. Although it is a suggested bestpractice to have documents available online via the company website there are also great social mediatools that allow added distribution and lead opportunities for sales and recruiting.Slideshare is a greatexample of an online collaboration and knowledge site that harnessed the power of social medianetworking and marketing that allowed them to transform into a niche provider of social presentationmedia.Users can upload PDF’s, PowerPoint’s, word docs, image files and even videos like YouTube. Youcan create a branded “channel” and distribute your presentations to Facebook, LinkedIn or evenforward to your contact list. Users create tags or keywords to enhance SEO for each uploaded documentin their channel and can control download or editing settings.Implementing SEO best practices in social media recruiting and marketing Search engine optimization or SEO is a complex process involving many key technical and creative components such as Meta data, tags, backlinks, keyword weighted ad copy, Geo-data, contact data, unified services and product descriptions, distribution of key word weighted ad copy & content to content publishers, trade zines, blogs, PR feeds.In order to create SEO across all online presences with effective and long lasting ROI you have toconstantly expand your footprint by traveling to and interacting with many online places ancommunities . There is a difference in SEO and Search engine marketing or SEM which is generally basedon paid ads, impressions and paid search results listings.SEM Is fast and easy to measure but is oftenmistrusted by potential clients or candidates who would prefer a trusted or deeply rooted organic resultinstead of a paid advertisement. SEM can be an ongoing expensive process that disappears once the adspends stops.Good SEO is a responsibility of everyone in a company or as an individual whenever theyare making information public on the web.