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Technical conops concepts_technical_training_course_sampler


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This three-day course is designed for engineers, scientists, project managers and other professionals who design, build, test or sell complex systems. Each topic is illustrated by real-world case studies discussed by experienced CONOPS and requirements professionals. Key topics are reinforced with small-team exercises. Over 200 pages of sample CONOPS (six) and templates are provided. Students outline CONOPS and build OpCons in class.

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Technical conops concepts_technical_training_course_sampler

  1. 1. Slides From ATI Professional Development Short Course Technical CONOPS and Concepts Instructors: Mack McKinney John Venable ATI Course Schedule: ATI's CONOPS:
  2. 2. OCD Flows To OpCons and CONOPS Operational Concept Formal CONOPS Document Sections Sections • Overview • EXECSUM • Problem Statement • Section 3 – Situation Today • Changes Needed • Section 4 – Justification for Changes • New Capability or System • Section 5 – End State Envisioned & OpCon • Operational Uses • Section 6 - Scenarios Copyright STC March 2008. 141 All rights reserved.
  3. 3. Data-Driven OpCon and Future  Concepts  Standard Operating User- Focused CONOPS (e.g. JOpsC) Procedures (SOP), Are the Linchpins OPORDS, EXORDs, Ops Assessments Scenarios, Current System/Situation, P3I & ECPs Justif for Delta, Scenarios Summary of Impacts Features Left Out & Training Personas Obsolescence Analyses & Scenarios Programs Personas, Use Cases OpCon CONOPS & Scenarios User Manuals * OpCon Text, Scenarios, Effects-Based Solutions, Lessons Regular Input From Users Regular Input From Users, Learned Modeling & Simulation TTPs Copyright STC 2010. All rights reserved. Architecture Requirements DODAF CBAs JCIDS DOD/DHS AV-Xs OV-Xs SV-Xs Reviews Effects-Based SE * Operators, maintainers, SysAdmin & downstream product users all need User Manuals
  4. 4. Copyright STC 2008. All rights reserved. Structured Dialogue With Operational Users - - - especially with Hands-On Operators - - - OpCon, CONOPS, (to learn current concepts, ops scenarios, biases, lessons from exercises & ops, Modeling & Simulation future needs, impressions of similar systems, etc.) Operating Environment Existing New Existing m&s m&S System or Component OpCon CONOPS New M &s M&S 2 X 2 Matrix addresses most common M&S situations. Modeling & Simulation (M&S) - - - Traditional Decision Points - - - 1. What do we want from the M&S effort? 2. What real-world things are we examining with the M&S? 3. What systems/platforms should be modeled? 4. At what fidelity? 5. What operational environment should be modeled? 6. What combination of systems/platforms is appropriate? 7. What operational scenario should be employed? 8. What combination of dependent and independent variables is best? 9. What roles should be scripted? 10. Does the M&S result make sense?
  5. 5. WHAT You Build Is Driven by Client’s Interests Client’s Interest . . . Your Course of Action . . . • Set up a new organization • Get people to accept new approach • Offer new system Build CONOPS w/ Build OpCon & Formal Template • Host an exercise Scenarios • Assess operational utility of a system – That is completely new Build CONOPS w/ – That already exists Fielded Template • Assess disruptive technology Envision or rapidly build a prototype Technology in a System Copyright Solid Thinking All Rights Reserved • Explore utility of a device, Build EmpCon & weapon, etc (not a system) OpCon
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