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Depression counselling


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Offering magnificent free counselling services in Ireland, ATI Community Based Counselling has psychotherapists who are accredited with the concerned Irish authority, IACP. Visit for more details on depression counselling.

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Depression counselling

  1. 1. Depression Counselling The occurrences of small tensions, mishaps and setbacks in life are common happenings. When such mishaps lead to serious upsets in a person’s life, they can prove to be a hindrance in the mental well being. Loss of someone dear, heavy financial loss, severe accidents are some of the few happenings which create a level of mental instability that can disrupt the normal life of an individual. This then creates a lot of tensions, from which recovery becomes difficult. This is where the individual goes into a kind of depression which is not realized by the individual. Sometimes such situations can lead the person towards substance abuse. Now is the time to think about going in for a depression counselling. Initially, such an idea of getting help may appear absurd to the person, but gradually the beneficial effects are huge.