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Presentation on Android application


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Presentation on Android application

  1. 1. Android Application And It’s Relation with Android Operating System Presented By: MD: Atibur Rahman
  2. 2. What is Android & Android Application Android: Android is a software stack for mobile devices that includes an operating system, middleware and key applications. Android Application: An Android app is a software application running on the Android platform. Because the Android platform is built for mobile devices, a typical Android app is designed for a Smartphone or a tablet PC running on the Android OS.
  3. 3. Android Application Everyone must have heard about Sudoku game. For android I have tried to make that game. You can play the game in different difficulties. I have added settings for this game. There any user can choose whether he wants sound and hints or not.
  4. 4. Android Operating System There is four layer in android Operating System and they are- Linux Kernel Libraries and Android Runtime Application Framework Applications
  5. 5. Sudoku’s Connection with Android Operating System Let’s talk about the Libraries that has been used in Sudoku. For Sudoku game I needed a 2D Graphics. In android libraries there is a 2D graphics provider named SGL. If we need to use 2D graphics we need to call SGL. • import; • import; SQLite: As I have to save the game, I need a data storage. SQLite provides the data storage that we need for the application.
  6. 6. DALVIK VIRTUAL MACHINE: It is extremely low-memory based virtual machine, which was designed especially for Android to run on embedded systems and work well in low power situations. I had to check my program before taking it to any phone and see if it is working perfectly. DVM gives us the support to run our application virtually. Core Libraries: The core library contains all of the collection classes, utilities, IO, all the utilities and tools that you’ve come to expected to use.
  7. 7. Application Framework For my Sudoku game I needed to use some features from application framework of android operating system. View System: Used to build an application, including lists, grids, text boxes, buttons, and embedded web browser. Resource Manager : Providing access to non-code resources (localized strings, graphics, and layout files). Activity Manger: Managing the lifecycle of applications and providing a common navigation back stack.
  8. 8. This is a activity.
  9. 9. This is a pop up window in another activity.
  10. 10. Thank You Any Questions?