2012 A4K Information Package


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Here is what we're about and how we are changing the lives of kids through sports today!

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2012 A4K Information Package

  1. 1. We put kids in sports.They put themselves in the game. www.a4k.ca
  2. 2. PLAYBOOKHistoryFour like-minded businessmen from the North Shore of Vancouver had a vision tohelp less fortunate kids in our community play the sports they love. Athletics forKids was officially incorporated as a society in August 2002 and began operationsthe following year. Since then, over 2,500 children across B.C. have been givenfinancial assistance to take part in sports ranging from hockey, soccer, swimming,gymnastics, boxing, baseball to martial arts.VisionEvery child in British Columbia participates in our community through sports.MissionBy providing funding assistance, we ensure allBritish Columbia children, regardless of theirsocioeconomic status, have access to youthamateur sport.A4K jumps right into the actionMore than one-third of Canadian children cannot participate in sports or recreationalactivities due to financial barriers.Through sport and recreation, children are able to establish a strong foundation ofphysical health while helping build self-esteem, leadership skills and social skillsduring this key developmental period.With financial support from A4K, no child in our community will be denied theopportunity to participate in the sport of their choice and reap the tremendousbenefits of an active, vibrant life.As a privately funded charity, A4K is able to get dollars into the hands of those whoneed it most, quickly and effectively. The support of A4K is available province-widefor children ages 5 to 18 who are currently enrolled in school. A4K covers 80% of the base registration fees for a multitude of sports – both team and individual - up to an annual maximum of $600 per child. Please visit our website at ww.a4k.ca for full details on our application process and how you can help us put kids in our community in sport.
  3. 3. THE BENEFITSWhen children participate in sports, they are more likely to:*• Achieve better academic results• Maintain a healthier body image• Increase their interpersonal skills• Develop and maintain feelings of high self-esteem• Develop strong team-building abilities with an emphasis on mutual successThey are less likely to:*• Drop out of school• Engage in early sexual activity• Become involved in an abusive relationship• Smoke or do drugs*Institute for the Study of Youth Sports at Michigan State University and the Women’s Sports Foundation. THE IMPACTMy name is Keaton and I am a 12 years old boy with a heart condition. My cardiologist saidI must do cardiovascular exercises that I like to keep my heart healthy and strong. Myfavourite is the trampoline. I know my mom could not afford to put me into this or anyother program this year so when I found out that your organization helps out kids like me Iwas thrilled beyond words. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! - KeatonWords cannot express my sincere gratitude that overwhelmed me when I opened the letterfrom A4K indicating my son’s hockey fees had been taken care of. I would like to thank youall from the bottom of my heart. Without your generosity, my son would be sitting in thestands, rather than skating his heart out on the ice. Again, thank you! - KristinaThank you so much for providing the funding to cover my son’s gymnastic classes. Extrahelp with funding for sports and activities such as this enables us to have a better quality oflife. In my opinion A4K is definitely a program that is worthwhile because it providesopportunities to families that sometimes wouldn’t be possible otherwise and it certainlyserves the community in a positive way. - Carrie (mum) & Zack (son)Thank you for sponsoring us to play soccer and field hockey. Soccer is my favourite sport toplay and watch. I have made new friends and my coaches were awesome. I even scored agoal in my very 1st game! I want to play soccer for all of my life. You make me feel veryhappy, thank you. A4K rocks!!! - Daniel & Gabriel
  4. 4. HELP A4K PUT KIDS IN SPORTA4K is continually looking to establish partnerships with companies and individualsthat share our love of sport and philanthropy, with the goal to help children reachtheir full potential and live a healthy, vibrant life.There are a number of ways you or your company can support the work of A4K:Make a DonationMake a financial contribution to A4K. Receive acharitable tax receipt, acknowledgement on ourwebsite and mentions in social media.Become a PartnerMake A4K a charity of choice. Support A4K with afundraising event, cause-marketing promotion, donation matching program, or in-kind services. With a contribution of $1,000 or more each year, A4K provides a fullyintegrated recognition and support program for you and your business.Sponsor our Gala – April 5, 2013Our annual fundraising gala at Hollyburn Country Club is an evening to celebrateour impact and raise funds to ensure every child in our community participates in asport of their choice. Contact us for more information on sponsorship, prizedonations, in-kind support, and ticket sales. CONTACT INFOA4K is enthusiastic to work with you to develop a personalized program of support.Please contact us today.Athletics for Kids (A4K)Derek Mayson, Executive Director220 – 901 3rd St. WNorth Vancouver, BCV7P 3P9604-221-PLAY (7529)info@a4k.cawww.a4k.ca