The Epic Tour


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The Epic Tour

  1. 1. The ASM Epic Campaign Builder Are you ready?
  2. 2. What is it?A Resounding Promise + An Epic Campaign = Successful MarketingThe ASM Epic Campaign Builder is going to walk you through a series ofsteps to help you discover the underlying magic behind your business,establish your Resounding Promise, and demonstrate it through your veryown Epic Campaign. That demonstration can then be used to tell the storyagain and again for a long time to come in photos, videos, and recurringevents. This way people can feel your message and not just hear it.Remember, an Epic Campaign is not a flash in the pan one-time event butthe launch of a lasting campaign. After all, it takes time to nurtureawareness but we need a cohesive message with which to start.Any Words in Red are titles to blog posts at our member network If you are a member, you can login to this site andsearch for these terms there for more detailed information.
  3. 3. Your Funnel This is Your Funnel. By the end of the series of questions you should be able to fill in each piece of the funnel and have a very clear call to action to guide your customers from unawareness to ideal customer one step at a time. When building your call to action remember A Satisfied Need Does Not Motivate.
  4. 4. GoalIn order to know if you are ‘winning’ or ‘losing’ you need to have ascoreboard from which to work. Set Quantifiable Targets for your campaignthat you can measure along the way. Once the targets are set compareyour actuals and note any distinct differences in order to determine what isor is not working and how you can be more efficient.
  5. 5. DiscoverListen. Engage. Analyze. You are going to want to take some time and readall the way through this presentation to get an idea for what is in store.Then, before trying to answer any of the questions, go out there and talk toyour customers, prospects, vendors, competitors even and ask some verysimple questions to hear what they are thinking. It is important that we KnowWhat They Hear and not just what we say. There are three steps we like totake before attempting to answer any of the questions to follow:1.Environmental Scan – Do research. Search around and discover whatlessons you can learn on what to avoid and what you can leverage.2.Observational Research – Watch your customers in their daily lives. Askthem questions. Don’t be afraid to just walk up to people and ask for theiropinion.3.Pub-Chat – Get together with a group of highly trusted constituents andask for feedback on your plans and what matters most to them regardingyour business.
  6. 6. Your PromiseWhat is your promise to customers? How is this different from yourcompetition? Think, what is the one thing in the world you are better at thaneveryone else in the world? Remember to Follow the Beam (Branding).See the Positioning Statement below as a guide to help establish yourResounding Promise (Differentiation).POSITIONING STATEMENT:__company name__ provides __ product or service__ for __target customer__ so they can __primarybenefit__ unlike __product alternative__ we __key differentiator__.
  7. 7. MarketWho exactly will you reach? Who is your Path of Least Resistance? This isto mean, who are those customers that are most likely to react to your call toaction and are easiest to reach. Remember to Narrow the Cone here. Seethe Market Group Inventory for suggestions.
  8. 8. Campaign Architecture How are you going to build an Epic Campaign? Check out the Intersection Inventory for examples. Remember to make sure you Follow the Beam. Here are a few related posts to help you get started… • Attract, Don’t Approach • Show, don’t tell. • Narrow the Cone • Reduce the Time to Ten • Be Simple, Be Different • Know what they hear • Names & Faces!
  9. 9. Your Funnel Now that you have crafted your Campaign Architecture you can start to build Your Funnel. Remember to have a clear call to action at every single step and know how you want to guide your customers through the process easily and for compelling reasons. Here are a few important considerations when building your funnel: • Capture Leads • Make it easy to share • Make it live forever • Know who you will need (staff) • Set your budget (Time & Money) • Use Strategic Partners • Prepare for Challenges • Plan for Action
  10. 10. Additional Reading• Perception & Positioning• Pricing Strategies• Complete Transaction• Tipping Point• Enter the Danger• SWOT Yourself• Centers of Influence• Marketing Match Deliver (Consistency)• Customer Service• Idiot Systems• Motivation• Helpful Tools• Pick Two (Good / Fast / Cheap)• Quality Intersections & Evaluations• Switch (Behavior Change)• How to Write a Press Release