Go Negosyo Special Report


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submitted to Prof. Jorge Saguinsin for Entrepreneurship class

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  • If we want our nation to be progressive we need to teach as many people as possible to be enterprising and show them many ways they can do it. Many times, we just don’t need to rely on finding jobs because as we know it is hard for some to do it, for too many reasons.We need to empower them to make their dreams come true.
  • Like what was said in our Red Crab case, Raymond mentioned that you have to create your own segment because through this you can tap the opportunity of making your business a success.
  • Go Negosyo Special Report

    1. 1. Company NamePresented to you by Athens Cruz
    2. 2. What is Go Negosyo?• Go Negosyo is the advocacy of the Philippine Center for Entrepreneurship (PCE), a non-stock, non-profit organization that advocates for a change in MINDSET and ATTITUDE.• Go Negosyo hopes to demystify entrepreneurial success and popularize entrepreneurship as an alternative to unemployment, job-seeking or migration. We are a partner in improving entrepreneurship education, and in providing a marketplace of ideas, innovations, business models and best practices.
    3. 3. How it started?• Jose Concepcion was appointed in 2005 by the former PGMA• Forged partnerships with business corporations, entrepreneurs, acad emic institutions, NGOs, microfinance, government agencies and LGUs.
    4. 4. • Created links to both private and public sector to increase access to a support system• Through the partnership, it became a full-blown advocacy that reached out hundreds of thousands of Filipinos
    5. 5. The DREAMWe want to create an entrepreneurialclimate for the Philippines: one thatwould lead to a country of enterprisingand progressive Filipinos who areoptimistic and empowered, and whodont rely on dole-outs and are incontrol of their destinies. We hope toforge a country of smart, innovative andvalue-adding entrepreneurs by inspiringand by teaching.
    6. 6. Motto"teach a nation how to fish, feedthe nation many lifetimes"
    7. 7. Business Opportunities• All business ventures require passion. Aspiring entrepreneurs must match their interests with what is in demand in the market.• Aspiring entrepreneurs must assess if their desired business opportunity:1. will earn profit sustainably2. is realistic and possible within the current constraints within the environment3. is something that will be in line with their personal vision and belief systems and help them achieve their goals.
    8. 8. Seminars or TrainingPrograms• Negosems• Caravans and summits• Negosyo Training and seminars
    9. 9. • It is a one-day seminar on the how-to’s in entrepreneurship• An opportunity to learn key principles in entrepreneurship, from mastering self and the opportunities around to continuously generate relevant innovations; to mastering the enterprise – from set-up, product development and marketing, to finding sources of capital and managing finance.
    10. 10. Angelpreneurs The seminar is led by Go Negosyo Angelpreneurs, who are experienced entrepreneurs, seasoned business lecturers, professional speakers, and Go Negosyo mentors, who have the heart to educate and guide existing and budding entrepreneurs in their entrepreneurial journey.
    11. 11. Caravans ans Summits• Serves as a venue to inspire attitude change, and teach basic concepts in starting and running a successful business
    12. 12. Negosyo Training andSeminars• Government Agencies DTI, DOST, TESDA, UP Institute of Small Scale Industries• Private Organizations ABS-CBN Bayan Foundation, Nego-skwela, and Business Coach
    13. 13. The Philippine Economy (2013) News about the continuous growth of the Philippine Economy is no longer a rumor. Manila Bulletin has shed some light about this topic: “The Philippines jumped 10 notches in a global survey of countries rated on economic freedom. Among 177 countries, it ranked 97th in the 2013 Index of World Economic Freedom, up from its 107th ranking in 2012.”Manila Bulletin, Jan 20, 2013 (http://www.mb.com.ph/articles/390502/improv ed-philippines-economic-freedom- ranking#.UROfIPIV8UE)
    14. 14. What is the connection ofbusiness to the economy?A business contributes to theeconomy by increasing the GrossNational Product or GNP.Moreover, it provides additionaljob opportunities and stimulatesthe market.
    15. 15. Go Negosyo: 50 InspiringStories of YoungEntrepreneursTo help encourage Filipinos todream big and venture intoentrepreneurship as a means offighting poverty and attaining abetter life, not just for their familiesbut also for the entire nation. - Joey Concepcion
    16. 16. Go Negosyo: 50 InspiringStories of YoungEntrepreneurs• Filipinos are truly ready to embrace a positive change to move up in life.• This is what they aim: to change the mindset of our fellow Filipinos and to educate them on how to start their own negosyo .
    17. 17. Go Negosyo: 55 InspiringStories of WomenEntrepreneurs« It is our belief that in inspiring the readers, we open their eyes to many possibilities that could come their way. All they have to do is to have an open, positive and enterprising mindset, if they want to move up in life. » - Joey Concepcion
    18. 18. Go Negosyo: 55 InspiringStories of WomenEntrepreneurs«We believe that women play an extraordinary role in our society… where women play a very influential role on just about everything in our lives. » - Joey Concepcion
    19. 19. What I gained…Putting up a business is very riskyKnow your strengths, ability and skills and use that to your advantageRISK + LOVE + PASSION + VISION + PRINCIPLES = A SUCCESSFUL BUSINESS
    20. 20. Top 5 tips1. God should be the source, your inspiration, motivation and strength2. Passion and love3. Learn to empower your employees.4. Hard work5. Integrity/honesty
    21. 21. Consider the followingtoo: Give back LEARN, LEARN and LEARN some more Be positive Be thankful Have fun Always aim for excellence and produce only the best
    22. 22. THANK YOU!