How much do you know about Greece?


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The Greek questionnaire for Italian and Polish students

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How much do you know about Greece?

  1. 1. PRIMARY SCHOOL, KATASTARI, ZAKYNTHOS How Much Do You Know About Greece? General knowledge Fotini Diakopoulou February 2008 question 1 Which ancient Greek work of art was considered as one of the seven wonders in the world? A The Palace of Phaestos in Knossos, Crete B The Colossus of Rhodes C Alexander the Great's Tomb in Macedonia question 2 Which is the pattern of the Greek flag? A A blue cross and seven stripes B A white cross and nine stripes C Five blue and four white stripes question 3 Which poet, who wrote the Greek national anthem, had studied in Venice, Italy? A Dionysius Solomos B Constantinos Cavaphis C Costis Palamas question 4 Which Greek artist was known internationally as 'El Greco'? A Which Greek artist was known internationally as 'El Greco'? B Nikos Eggonopoulos C Domenicos Theotokopoulos question 5
  2. 2. Which Ancient Greek poet wrote the epical poems Iliad and Odyssey? A Sophocles B Aristophanes C Homer question 6 Which is the formal religion in Greece? A Christian Orthodox B Christian Catholics C Christian Protestants question 7 What was the name of the Archbishop of Greece who died on 28th of January 2008? A Christodoulos B Jeronymos C Chrysostomos question 8 Who is the current President of the Greek Republic? A Constantinos Karamanlis B Carolos Papoulias C Georgios Papandreou question 9 Which is the biggest Greek island? A Crete B Santorini C Zakynthos
  3. 3. question 10 Zakynthos belongs to the following complex of islands: A The Cyclades B The Dodecanissa C The Eptanissa question 11 Which Greek island you should visit to see an inactive volcano? A Crete B Santorini C Zakynthos question 12 Which is the island of the Ionian Sea where the protected species 'Caretta-Caretta' (sea turtle) lays its eggs? A Corfu B Zakynthos C Cephalonia question 13 On which island of the Ionian Sea was the movie 'General Corelli's Mandolin' shot? A Corfu B Zakynthos C Cephalonia question 14 Who was the continent of Europe named after? A An Egyptian Goddess B A Turkish Goddess C A Greek mythological figure
  4. 4. question 15 Which Greek port connects Greece with Italy? A Patras B Piraeus C Thessalonica question 16 Which is the main agricultural product in Zakynthos? A Wine B Potatoes C Olive oil question 17 Which is the most popular Greek food? A Fish and chips B Souvlaki C Sweet and sour chicken question 18 Which Italian football player plays for the Greek team A.E.K? A Kalou B Merino C Pelizoli question 19 Which singer represented Greece in the Eurovision Music Contest of 2007 with the song 'Yiassou Maria'? A Helena Paparizou B Sakis Rouvas C Sarbel
  5. 5. question 20 Which Greek opera singer made an international career in Italy? A Demis Roussos B Maria Callas C Nana Mouschouri