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More About Athena School of Management


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Learn more about Mumbai's latest, state-of-the-art business school and all it has to offer to students who wish to pursue a meaningful and exhilerating post graduate management diploma.

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More About Athena School of Management

  1. 1. Ref: -AthenaSM -0004 Our Motto is “Consilio Et Animis” which is Latin for “By Wisdom & Courage”.
  2. 2. INTRODUCTIONThe Athena School of Management is one of the few business school in India with an educationmodel that constantly evolves to meet the current opportunities and challenges in Corporate India.The modern landscape of Corporate India has created a huge demand for people who demonstrateleadership in overcoming inherent roadblocks.We at Athena prepare our students for this dynamic and ultra-competitive environment byconstantly and extensively providing interface with industry leaders to incorporate their learning inour course content and delivery methodology, this will help to equip our students to tacklereal-world challenges with “wisdom and courage”.
  4. 4. •1 ACADEMICS Case Study Methods, based on real world business scenarios. Encourages individual ingenuity and the courage to ask tough questions and stand accountable for their decisions. Course Content is designed based on input and interface from the Corporate Sector. An Inductive Learning Model, that teaches individuals to manage organizations and also how to grow and learn in life. Innovative subjects such as Visual Merchandising, Lifestyle Design etc… . All faculties are PhDs and the visiting faculties from top corporates. .
  5. 5. • 2 CORPORATE INTERFACE Campus located at Hiranandani Business Park, Home & Headquarters to some of the largest MNC’s – Delloitte, JP Morgan, Tata AIA, CRISIL…. Summer Internships with leading Corporate Houses. Gain first hand experience under the guidance of Industy Leaders. Monthly seminars for students to interact with role-models and leaders in the Corporate World Visits to Industrial Hubs, Financial Markets and service units.
  6. 6. 3 • INTERNATIONAL OUTLOOK A Leadership programme from the Australian Institute of Management in Australia. Programme conducted by Top Academic and Corporate faculties of Australia. 5 days intensive training at the institute, interaction with students. Actual programme available for top corporates with more than 5 years of experience. Visit to top Australian companies like DeBeers, BHP Billiton, Rio Tinto, and sight seeing to conclude the 7 days trip.
  7. 7. 4 • ALL ROUND DEVELOPMENT Power Dressing, Grooming & Lifestyle sessions. Students will also be a part of Debate, Current Affairs, Dramatic etc. clubs to improve their communication and interpersonal skills. Learning Foreign languages ( Spanish / French) Engaging in community services and social programs by being a part of The Rotaract Club (Youth Wing) Outdoor activities such as trekking, adventure sports etc… Visits to naval warships, historical landmarks…….
  8. 8. SEMESTER 1 SEMESTER II SEMESTER III SEMESTER IV• Business Communication • International Business •CORE PAPERS •CORE PAPERS• Computer Applications in • Financial Management • Strategic Management • Entrepreneurship Development Management. • HRM • Operations Research • Business Strategy and Business• Organizational Behavior Plan Creation • Production & Operations • Management Control Systems• Quantitative Methods Management• Financial Accounting • Marketing Management •SPECIALISATIONS • SPECIALISATIONS• Business Law • Management Accounting • HRM • HRM• Principles of Management • Management Information • MARKETING • MARKETING System• Managerial Economics • FINANCE • FINANCE • Research Methodology• Emotional Intelligence & •I T & OPERATIONS • IT & OPERATIONS Managerial Effectiveness • E-Commerce and Digital Marketing
  9. 9. PLACEMENT SERVICES Job Assistance for students. Tie up with various Multinational and Domestic Companies to help our students. Placement services not only facilitate employment but over-all grooming for long term success. Constantly taking feedback and insight from our vastly experienced corporate advisors.
  10. 10. CAMPUS & FACILITES Fully Air Conditioned campus with Wi-Fi enabled and Panaboards. E_ Library with unlimited access to more than 500+ management books, Indian and Foreign journals for case studies. Learning resources such as text books from renowned authors like Philip Kotler, Stephen Covey etc.. for self study and references . Hostel located within walkable distance from the campus. Cashless Medical Facilities for all students in case of emergencies.
  11. 11. • Notification of Shortlisting/ • Enquiry & Interest RejectionA D • Written Test, Group • Submission of Application Form Discussion and / or and Relevant DocumentsB E Interview • Detailed Evaluation by the • Admission Notice to Athena Admissions Team Selected CandidatesC F
  12. 12. “The PGPM is designed to push studentsout of their comfort zone. …………..”But at the end of this two – year programme,they will be comfortable pretty much anywhere– whether it is a boardroom or a ballroom.