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  1. 1. October 15, 2013 Volume 3, Issue 1 TROY’S HOUSE Family and Friends Newsletter HelpFamiliesV isitHospitals APPRECIATION HOSPITAL HOUSING? TROY’S 50TH BIRTHDAY! Send Donations: Troy’s House, 3501 S. 38th Street, Box 56, Tacoma, WA 98409
  2. 2. DAY LIGHT A Prayer For Today Heavenly Father, we thank you for your incredible love, wisdom and precious Word. God we ask that you manifest your holy presence to those in need of healing, restoration, power, protection and fellowship. We pray that you open up our hearts, so we don't hesitate to believe that we can do all things, through Jesus Christ who strengthens us. We know when seeking you, we must be sincere, and be ready to make a deeper commitment. We know you are serious about producing the change in us that will glorify you. Father, we pray for your secrets, the truth and the way. Help us think and speak words to bring forth positive results. Help us align our talents as it relates to your purpose. Thank you for enlightening our conscience. Thank you for your guidance, mercy and grace. God bless Troy and Troy’s House. We strive to obey your will and follow your peaceful path. We promise to give you glory. Amen Where Do We Go From Here? Build a solid foundation, and increase online and offline marketing, advertising, promotions, public relations, mobile text and special events. We shall generate practical projects with realistic goals. Research local sponsors, plan with local retailers and strategize. We shall go with our gut, and send out a clear message to help A Southern California Freeway families visit hospitals.
  3. 3. DAY LIGHT What Is Troy’s House? Troy’s House provides hospital housing to families that visit their loved ones in the hospital. We help patients stay connected with family and friends in their time of need. In addition, we provide housing for out -patients receiving treatments when they travel over 100 miles, one way, to medical facility. Troy’s House shall provide a room, food, transportation, or hotel vouchers to 99.9% of people whom travel to visit Central Coast hospitals. Because of our own experiences, the need for hospital housing on the Central Coast of California is imperative. Troy’s family and friends wanted to visit him on a regular basis, but could not due to cost of gas, food and hotels. “When you think of Troy’s House, think of friends” What Is Included Hospital House Lodging? At Troy's House, most rooms shall have two beds and the comforts of home. Guests are responsible for keeping their room clean during their stay and may exchange their linen each week. Personal laundry facility shall be located on the premises for no charge. A shuttle service shall be provided for runs between Troy's House, in Ventura County, and local hospitals. Does Troy’s House Have Food? Yes. Our kitchen and pantry shall be stocked with food donated by local businesses. We shall encourage staff and the community volunteers to cook at Troy’s House on a scheduled basis. Families are welcome to prepare their own meals. Guests may purchase, label and store food in the kitchen.
  4. 4. BRIGHT LIGHTS Troy’s House 2nd Year VIP’s Every year, Troy’s House give 3 VIP awards to honor our supporters. Congratulations to: Craig Huckins I cannot explain to you how much your friendship has meant to me over the past 35+ years. Your presence in my life is felt every day. I talk to you all the time in my head. I wish I wrote to you as much as I talk to you; you'd have boxes and boxes of letters. I remember us talking on the phone for four hours our senior year. Four hours!!! I've never talked to Leslie Tucker, and anyone else that long. Do you remem- Wilma Greenwood memories with you that I won't write ber that? I have other great down but I will remember them My Dearest Friend, Troy I am so grateful to wish you a always. I hope you have a fabulous very Happy 50th Birthday!!! birthday surrounded by family and There were times when I friends. I so wish I could be there wasn't sure we'd get here but we persevered. ……..CONT’ with you but you know you have my heart - always have and always will. Love you Leslie LESLIE TUCKER HER BIRTHDAY WISH!!! Leslie, THANK YOU for donating your birthday gifts to Troy’s House. You are a loyal and amazing friend. TROY’S HOUSE V.I.P
  5. 5. BRIGHT LIGHTS Troy Back In The Day! WILMA GREENWOOD RAISES FUNDS FOR TROYS HOUSE ON FACEBOOK! ! 8th grade graduation picture! I have known Troy since Jr. High. In fact , I only lived a few blocks away on Lancer avenue! Troy has always been a joy to be around! Even though he was a "ladies man" a big flirt and football star, he never had a "big head". He was kind to everyone, it didn't matter to him what "group" you were in. He was funny and charming.....he still is! If I am ever able to afford to go home for a visit I will most certainly take a road trip to see him! Unfortunately the last time I saw Troy was around our 10 year high school reunion. …....way too Read more at Thank you Wilma! You are and awesome friend. Thank you for your motivation and supporting Troy’s House web store. We love ya, and can’t wait to see what you do next! long! Wilma Greenwood TROY’S HOUSE V.I.P Donate Today
  6. 6. PARTY LIGHTS Troy’s House Party 2014! If you would like to get your friends together to support Troy’s House, We will help you kick off your house party! It’s simple, easy and a fun way to support a great cause. We provide you with a Troy’s House DVD , to introduce our mission. We will design, print and ship the invitations, thank you cards, menu ideas, and suggest various types of inexpensive entertainment. This Holiday Season, make 2014 be your year to live for the greater good. and host an event for a great cause. Happy Birthday with a Purpose !!! If you have a birthday coming up and are planning a party, write on the invitations that in lieu of gifts you'd like your guests to bring a check made out to Troy’s House. For those who cannot attend, ask them to donate online at You can help Troy’s House with small special events. Tell your friends about us to keep Troy’s House moving forward. Thank you Leslie for such a great gift idea! Our 5 Year Plan Year 1, Huge Success! You made OUR Start up happen! Cash Required for - Yr 2—Small Programs,/ Hotel Voucher Program, Technology, Regulatory Exp., Finance Expert, Board Member Training, Non Profit Tax preparations, Professional Charity Prep, Strategic Planning; Research, Business Software; ; Yearly Corp. Expenses $15,000. Cash Required for - Yr 3, Small programs,/ Hotel Voucher Program, Sponsors, Marketing, Advertising, Yearly Corp Expenses, , Local Retailers, Community; Non profit management, /Leadership Team, Networking, $35,000. Lng Term Assets - Yr 4, Unrestricted gifts, Med programs, Partnerships, Collaborations, United Way, American Cancer Society, Non Profit Business Exchanges; Foundations Med Size Programs $50,000. Long Term Assets - Yr 5,, Small Grants, Small Loans, Building, Lease, Utilities, Operations, Deposits, Furnishings/ Unrestricted Gifts Large/Capital Programs Total Start Up Assets 200,000.00 $100,000.
  7. 7. PARTY LIGHTS Become a VIP Today! With your monthly gift of just 7 dollars, you can help patients, families and friends visit hospitals. Troy's Circle VIP Benefits Include:  V.I.P Invitations and passes (complimentary refreshments) to all Troy's House events, with priority seating  Help Families Visit Hospitals   Signature Troy's Circle T-shirt, one per year Troy's House DVD. one per year Troy’s House Family and Friends Newsletter, printed copy, semi-annual All you need to do is go to our website: and click on the Donate button. Make your first donation, and the payment system will do the rest. Click "Re-occurring donation” Your donations are working!! Give the gift of partnership this holiday season!! We need your support. Thank you Thanks you troy house for the purchase of the hotel .We drove from Sacramento to Camarillo to visit troy. Again thanks Sidney Davis box. Mr. and Mrs. Johnny Maxwell for becoming a monthly donor. Your gifts are making a huge difference on a month-to-month basis. Thank you, and we love you!
  8. 8. SOCIAL LITES Whitney Cherre Banks The reason i love the number 22! Troy’s House Fantasy Football 2013 BearCats MoreThanLuck TLB357 Troy’s House Mybrotherskeeper CRAIG HUCKINS Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil: For I am with Troy and he is the toughest s.o.b in the valley. 55isalive Tay2k13 Amocat Gerald Sanders I Remember chasing number 16 around - Awesome I remember that game troy. Thats were Allen Dias yanked that ear ring out of that guy's right ear. Im proud to say that I was your left guard on that team that year. God bless you my brother. Rick Massa
  9. 9. SOCIAL LITES Note: Unfortunately, we could not print all Troy’s Birthday wishes. However, he received your special messages. Thank You! Jim Kringlen Happy birthday my brother you are inspiration. I would be proud to be half the man you are Sir. God bless Wishing you a Happy 50th Birthday Troy! In honor of your birthday I'll be stopping by your website to make a donation to Troy's House! Love ya! Angela Cavalli Harris Troy celebrated his 50th birthday with 30+ family and friends in the healing garden at St. John’s PV Hospital, Camarillo, CA. Thank You Troy for 50 wonderful years. You bring joy to the hearts of so many people. We can’t thank you enough for showing us how to live strong! We are keeping our promise to put Troy’s House on the map! Nanci Legg-Andersen Troy you are a true inspiration of a fighter, keep on keeping on brother!!! Gerry Starowicz Troy, you're a Half Century OLD!! Congratulations and have a Happy Birthday!! I am honored to know you and it's fun to have your relative, Dru, in my art class at Pioneer Valley. Stay strong and keep making Troys House a valuable place for all!! Lisa Clymer-Mathews Remember you like it was yesterday Troy. So impressed by what you have accomplished!!! You have more strength than many of us OLD classmates combined!! Frezzy Cavalli Glad Troy is better. He is one tough guy. Give him a hug for us. God bless him and the family. There is a reason for God to keep him here. Troy must have something big to do.
  10. 10. MOONLIGHT There are values in life that you cannot place a monetary value on. Faith, Love, Courage, Integrity,Trust, Truth, and Honesty are in a club, of just a few. Troy, these are values that you possess, that many people in society will never attain for various reasons. Troy, your DNA contains these values, which makes me proud to be your Brother-in-Law, and a lifetime member. Happy Birthday My Brother, Love Mario A Birthday Prayer From Wade Nelson Father God, Thank you for my brother, Troy, who has been an unshakable teammate (willing to carry us all on his shoulders) & the utmost loyal friend! I ask that you continue to give him the courage and strength that he requires to run his race to the fullest, fighting the good fight, as he provides us all with an amazing example of determination, tenacity, & willingness to battle through the daily struggles of this life. Fill his mind with your peace and his heart with an abundance of your love so it radiates out of him, allowing anyone that crosses Troy’s path (believer or non) to experience a tangible piece of your presence. Psalm 37 assures us that if we delight in you, you will be sure to give us the desires of our hearts. So as Troy celebrates his 50th birthday, I confidently stand on your word and respectfully ask that you give him his hearts desires. I pray that you allow him to fulfill his dreams, be overflowing with your joy, living life to the fullest. And may all that Troy does, bring you glory! In the mighty name of Jesus, Amen WE LOVE TROY!
  11. 11. MOONLIGHT Do we serve the community? Yes we do! Visit Our Website Give a gift today! It’s the wonderful time of the year. Troy’s House shall serve private and public hospitals, ICU’s, rehabilitation centers, emergency rooms, and various medical facilities by referral. We are focused and working together with local social services. We need your continued support! Special THANK YOU’S Thank you to all New Donors! Malik and Erin for your continued support. Thank you Jerry Banks for your tenacity on the road to the hospital, and supporting Troy’s House. Many thanks to Andrea and Natashaa. Thank you Mashae Banks for staying with us since day one! God Bless. Jeffrey, Criss, Holly, Nanci, Kimberly, Rosa , Elena, and Larry! Your gifts are greatly appreciated. Thank you for joining our family to help families visit hospitals. WE LOVE TROY!
  12. 12. A Prayer For Tomorrow Father God, we are so grateful for your incredible power and love. We are grateful for Mrs. Doree Foster, Jerry L. Banks, Dr. and Mrs. Charles Tillman, Willie Stine Brooks., The Holmes family, and Mrs. Christine White. Father, thank you for Dr. Blanca Entrena and Jamie Cuellar, Craig Huckins, Mike and Angela Harris, Eufrasia Cavalli and her entire family. Thank you for Charlene Bassett, Mrs. Clark, Gena Bray, Leslie Tucker, Wilma Greenwood, and Julie Baray. Thank you for Mrs. Naomi Smith, Mrs. Merdie Burns and Rachel Mrs. Nannie Wilkins, and Larry Fondern. Father, we thank you for speaking to ALL of our supporters hearts, and giving them the abundance to bless your plan for Troy’s House. We ask you to lift them up and give them peace. We thank you for blessing them to see the focus of our heart, the purpose of our heart, and the intent of our heart. We thank them for allowing the seed that you planted in us to grow in your time. Amen. A Message From Troy Thank you for your prayers, and support. Dear Uncle Troy, this letter is dedicated to you from your oldest nephew Wendell Hayes Jr. I appreciate all the advise you have given me over the years. I am so glad I have followed them and listened because it made me a much better person than I already was. I became wiser too. It is such a great honor of having you as an uncle. I am so so so so glad that you are my uncle. You cracked me up when you and I were both making fun of Puff Daddy, Mase and all those other jokers.You were saying instead of their company being called bad boy records, their record label company should be called tee hee records lol. One of the best moments I remember when I graduated from Hancock College wearing my robe and cap, as soon as I entered into the auditorium with thousands of other students, your face was the first face I saw. I just wanna say happy 50th birthday uncle Troy and it is such a great honor being your nephew, One luv Wendell Hayes Jr.