Troys House Family Newsletter May 2012 Final


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Troys House Family Newsletter May 2012 Final

  1. 1. Volume 1, Issue 2 Troy’s House Family And May 15, 2012 Friends Newsletter Spring Issue Reconnecting Troy Banks With Family and Friends Troy’s House, Inc., a non-profit organization “Stand Up For Troy” Walk-a-thon and BBQ , July 14, 2012 INSIDE THIS ISSUE! Troy’s House began with our love for Troy, and his determination Walk-a-thon and BBQ to do great things. Troy is strong spirited man, with a pure peace- at Ernest Righetti High ful heart, who wants to help families in need, and give back to his School community. Supporter Recognition As you may know, Troy attended Ernest Righetti High School and Past, Current and had high hopes to be a great football player. He achieved his goal, Future Events by playing in an undefeated season in his Freshman year, and he Caption describing picture or continued to fulfill his dream as he received VIP awards for out- graphic. Facebook Messages standing performances. Troy remembers years of “hell week” and Of Love To Troy the embarrassing pep rallies. He remembers all the cheers and The Men In Troy’s acknowledgements as if it were yesterday. Amongst all the excite- Life & Family ment, Troy always knew who he was as a person. Troy knew that Tech Spot the greatest thing he could do was represent himself as a loving and loyal person to his family, friends, and fans. Although, Troy Prayer List was a high school sports jockey and obtained honors, he was not Troy Banks, Troy’s Grandmother’ s designed to lead his life as an athlete. To the furthest extreme Righetti Warrior, #22 90th Birthday Celebra- possible, Troy’s life took a tragic turn. He was paralyzed in a car tion accident after coaching a youth football game, on the Central Coast of California. See more of this story at Poetry, Family Recipe, Classifieds After many years of surviving, Troy has higher dreams than ever before. He has Troy’s House, a Letters and non-profit organization to help families and friends visit their loved ones in the hospital. This effort stems from Troy being displaced to Los Angeles and Ventura, California, to receive treat- Testimonies ment for his condition. Troy’s House provides housing for families that travel to visit hospitals. A Message From Troy On Saturday, July 14, Troy’s House is honoring Troy Banks at the Ernest Righetti High School track and field stadium. We invite you to attend our Walk-a-thon and BBQ from 8 am until 2 pm. Donation Corner Registration begins at 8am at the track and field, and the BBQ begins at 11:30 am. Classic Rock of the 80’s with a Soul & Funkfest of music will get the party started! Putt-Putt Golf, Karaoke, Today’s Word and a Skype session to visit with Troy are planned throughout the event. Troy’s House specialtyFather God, I come to You merchandise will be displayed, and available for a donation. Prizes and awards shall be an-today declaring that I am nounced at 1pm. Please bring your children, but no pets are allowed.finished with fear. Thank You Come join us for this marvelous day! Visit our website , to pre-register forfor giving me POWER, LOVE,and a SOUND MIND. the Walk-a-thon, get a copy of the pledge form, and rules and regulations. BBQ Pre-sale dinners are available by calling 772-621-6062 or 805-928-6994. Plates are $8 for your choice of Chicken or Tri-tip, Santa Maria style! A choice of 2 sides are included. Enjoy our homemade desserts!
  2. 2. Volume 1, Issue 2 Page 2 THANK YOU SUPPORTERS!!! Supporter- Angela Cavalli HarrisBecause of you, Troy’s House will tients. Their testimonies will bebe able to achieve and carry out all about You. Beginning on the Cen- Supporter-of our goals in our first year. Along tral Coast of California, You and Dr. and Mrs.the way, we will always “Thank Troy’s House will pave the way toYou” for your generosity, and sup- reconnect families across America Charles Tillmanport and around the world.Troy’s House, in essence, considers We know that economic times arenot just Troy’s life, but the life of hard-pressed on all sides, but notothers. We know that giving of crushed. Simply put, your re- Supporter-ourselves to do something good for sourcefulness and capability allow Louise Hawkinsothers unlocks the potential for us to offer peace to those in need.great things to happen. We want Your gift, support and prayersYou to be encouraged that your touch and bless lives. This mes-support is very powerful and ap- sage is for ALL supporters, equallypreciated. and respectively. You can count on us to fulfill this mission, by exercis-Your donations shall serve our ing our faith in all of you that mademultiple vision, by changing thelives of families and hospital pa- this dream come true. Thank You- for being a blessing. Sincerely. THANK YOU! Supporter- Craig Huckins Thank You For Visiting Troy! Supporter- Jerry Banks 1. Jeff and Tracy with Troy 2. Nicole with Troy Troy’s Mailing Address: St. John’s Pleasant Valley Hospital2309 Antonio Ave., Sub Acute Unit, Room 117A, Camarillo, CA 93010 Supporter- Kerry Brooks 1. Jerry and Mario with Troy 2. Aunt Diane and Mack
  3. 3. Page 3 Troy’s House Family and Friends Newsletter Past Event: Silpada Jewelry by Angela Cavalli Harris, Frezzy Cavalli and Valentina Cavalli 2. Frezzy Cavalli (left) and On Facebook, Angela Cavalli Jerry Banks(right) presenting Harris held a Silpada Jewelry check to Troy, March 24, 2012 fundraiser for Troy’s House. Angela lead with tenacity and grace. She is a soldier with This event was made heart! Angela’s mother, Frezzy possible by: and sister Valentina, hosted a Silpada Jewelry Party in Santa Angela Cavalli Harris 1. Frezzy Cavalli (center), Maria on February 9th. The food Jerry Banks,(right) and was fantastic! Jerry presented Frezzy Cavalli Parker Cavalli (left)., Silpada Jewelry Party the Troy’s House DVD for the Valentina Cavalli guests. Frezzy was able to pre- sent a check for $1014.20 to Jerry Banks, and Shop Silpada Jewelry Troy’s House. Together, they are Victoria Strubble Champions of Compassion. Past Event: Troy’s House Garage Sale Hosted by Jerry Banks and Naomi SmithJerry Banks and NaomiSmith, held a Garage Salefundraiser for Troy’s Houseon April 7th and 8th, 2012.It was a huge success!They raised $701.00!Thank You, for your love ofthe cause, generoussupport, commitment, will,and unity.Victory is on the way!Thank you Louise and Carmen! UPCOMING EVENTS We need you! Call Today! 772-621-6062 Volunteer Opportunities Website Products Coming Soon! Special Offers Skype With TroyIt is our desire to seek volunteers Appointments are TBA ON SALE NOW!for Troy’s House. Give yourself “Like” us on Facebook:something to smile about.- Join us Official “Stand Up For One visitor per month.for our upcoming event Troy “ Walk-a-thon / troyshouseorg If interested, send email:Seeking your assistance.: BBQ T-Shirts Walk-a-thon, Registration We are offering one free gift Table per month, to say Visit our website: BBQ, Prepare Plates or Supervise games Thank You for your support. Call (772) 621-6062 .
  4. 4. Page 4 Troy’s House Family and Friends Newsletter FACEBOOK MESSAGES OF LOVE TO TROY During our first month on Face tablished nearly 100 friends like to give Troy an opportu- book, Troy’s House quickly in our first 30 days. So far, nity to see some of your Julie Gheno learned that it was the place to we have invited our friends comments. Troy appreciates Baray Very happy he is doing better. be! Right away, we found to (2) Slipped Jewelry Par- your prayers, kind support, Many prayers sent friends that remembered Troy ties and recently to our Walk and concerns. He would like your way. Please from high school. Wow! -a-thon/BBQ. Face book is to say “Thank You” from his tell Troy I am think- The response was contagious! amazing! We are having a heart. ing of him and send We had no idea that we could blast reconnecting and get- Note: We have far to many comments to my love ♥ connect with so many friends in ting to know all of you! post them all. These comments were randomly selected. Please contact us , If a short period of time. We es- Most importantly, we would you want to see your comment in the next issue. Whitney Cherre Wilma Greenwood Charlene Casper Banks Terry Belmore Hang Hey Troy! Hope all is Thanks for keeping all tuff. We are send Love u uncle! well. Can you send of us up to date with prayers and best me an e-mail telling Troy he is no doubt the wishes your way #1 Warrior and has about "Troys proven it time after House"? If I am able time. Troy you hang in to help I would like there you will get better to. Thanks old friend Angela Cavalli you and your family are in my prayer. Carol Andreatta Harris Thanks for the update! I Many thanks for keep- will continue to ing us posted!! Troy you pray for Troy! He are a real WARRIOR and Wade Nelson Troy is definitely a I pray the armor of God Holly Gilbertson Lyle has always been trooper! I will heals and comforts you amazingly tough! post your update Continued prayers. He played much of on my status so our sophomore sea- all the prayer son with a very warriors can painful broken continue to pray Criss Jenkins its been to long. I thumb!! Keep fight- for Troy! Tell will be in Cali 3/3-3/11 I am going ing my friend!!! Im him we all love Bev Harris will b to come see you. See you soon my praying for you!!!! him! praying friend! Your story Is important to us. Your words of grace spoken over Troy are useful, so please keep them coming! Desiree Hi Troy, Its wonderful to be in contact with you on FB. You are such a special man and I have always thought the world of you. If Im ever up in your area, I will contact you and come visit. Id love to see you again. God Bless and miss you. Keep in touch!! Craig Hutchins I donated to ease a portion of the burden of families-in-need and to honor my friend Troy, who I can still see running touchdowns. Steve Nicholson Yes I could never forget Troy, always a class act, I visited him when I got out of the Navy, been a while now.....tell him hello for me,
  5. 5. Volume 1, Issue 2 Page 5 Introducing: The Men In Troy’s Life & Family REMEMBERING FATHER JERRY BANKS. REMEMBERING UNCLE, COUSIN , STEVE, REMEMBERING RONNIE Often we think AND REMEMBERING JAQUILLE of people we have loved, and who have loved us. They become a part of us and we carry them around all the time whether we see them or not. WE LOVE YOU- Grandfather, Jerry Cousin Michael WALK-A-THON 2012 CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD PLEDGE FORM OR MAKE A DONATION! We accept flat pledges too. No walking required. Cousin, Todd
  6. 6. Page 6 Troy’s House Family and Friends Newsletter TECH SPOTTroys House Family Newsletter shall be published in October 2011 and May 2012, and every 6 months thereaf-ter. This newsletter shall provide positive information and create relationships with family, friends, and sup-porters. This newsletter shall keep Troy’s Family and Friends informed of things past and things to come.Welcome to Troys House DVD. This 8-minute DVD shall give our friends, family, and supporters a creativebusiness prospective and create awareness of our cause. A variety of videos clips shall be published on ourwebsite to connect with our community throughout the year. Because of your dedication, Troy’s legacy andGod’s plan for Troy’s House shall grow and prosper. For a free copy of the Welcome to Troy’s House DVD,please visit us at www.troyshouse.orgWe have provided Online Giving to simplify individual giving to Troys House. Visit: www.troyshouse.orgJoin us on Faceboook: Troy’s Cousins Continued Trey, Cousin Sean JCousin, Jamaal Marc, and Brandon Troy’s Nephews WENDELLL Marcus and Malik Words of Wisdom You dont have to teach people how to be human. You have to teach them how to stop being inhuman.
  7. 7. Page 7 Troy’s House Family and Friends Newsletter Prayer List: Let Us Use Our Faith and Believe For Healing Jerry Banks Kay Peck-Maxwell and STEM CELLS INFORMATION Family Doree Foster Stems cells are cells that can Dr. Charles and Rose change into other types of Sidney & Veronica Davis Tillman cells. Embryonic stem cells are Mario and Athena Daniel able to transform into a wide Julie Wheeler Norris & variety of types of cells, while Jerry Haynes Family adult stem cells can become a limited number of types ofTroy Banks— pray Andrea Bowers Larry Fondern and Family stem cells. Possible conditionsfor his respiratory sys- Bertha Savoy Natasha Saffo that might benefit from stem cells are diabetes, heart dis- Elder Herman Burns Hajji Saffotem, vision, ulcers, ease, cancer, spinal cord injury, Jethro (Peter) Gupton Ava Singleton genetic diseases, and more.heart and entire body (read more of this story and Steven Johns and Family Butch Stewart watch video ..please visit:to be restored Arthur Brown Troy’s House Family and Friends Troy’s Grandmother, Doree, Celebrates her 90th Birthday!!! On February 27 2012 , Troy’s Grand- mother, Doree Foster, celebrated her 90 th birthday. This special occasion was held on February, 25 2012. Ap- proximately 56 family members and close friends attended. 5 generations of family filled the clubhouse with laughter and joy. The guest of honor, Grandmother, Doree, enjoyed special program, in- cluding live entertainment, by saxo- phonist, DreSean, and organist, Mary. The menu was a delicious as- Grandmother Doree and daughters: Troy’s Aunts: (Left to right) Karolyn, Diane, sortment of foods fit for a Queen! , Jerry, Rose, and Nelly Uncle R.C., Jr., and Grandmother Doree . Aunt Diane and Grandmother Doree Aunt Karolyn, Grandmother Doree, Jerry
  8. 8. Volume 1, Issue 2 Page 8Poetry Corner The Men in Troy’s Life & Family Cont’ When I think of my The people that Registration for the uncle, I think of matter to you Walk-a-thon begins at TROY’S CLOSE FRIENDS bravery And the people you 8 am on Saturday, LARRY Courage, that many matter to. don’t have Troy matters. July 14, 2012. A smile that could The BBQ begins at light up a room Written By: Nephew, Malik And a voice, for 11:30 am.those ears who care Register online or atLife is not measured, the event. by wealth and We offer free web pages for all accomplishment participants that want to re- Its done by the ceive donations online. Contact people you have us at or call 772-621-6062. touched:Family SECRET Recipe: Chicken and Sausage, By MarioPrepare a package crusted Chicken and red pepper flakes, ANTHONYof Hillshire Farms Sausage. Cover and and garlic powder.smoked Beef Sau- turn down heat to To thicken: In asage (cut on diago- medium low for 45 small dish, mix to-nal) Now, salt and minutes on the gether 2 table-pepper 3-5 boneless, stove top. Now, cut spoons of cornstarchskinless Chicken 2 green bell peppers with 1/4 cup of coldbreasts . Brown in a and 1 chopped yel- water. Add mixtureskillet in vegetable low onion. Add to to pot and stir. Cookoil. Add water to a pot. Cook on med 10 minutes longerlarge pot. Bring to a low for 7 to 10 min- and serve over rice. CHRISboil; Add the slightly utes. Season with Add Side items: 3 slices of Avocado and garlic toast.Classifieds The Men Cont’Troy he has Cataracts and We need individuals to helpseeking an Optometrist cook comfort foods for Troy’s Café. This project is set for theLiability Waiver—No Problem. fall 2012. California StateTo help us, please call 805-928-6994 Food Handlers Card required. forward a copy of this emerging-matters/california-food-handler-card/Newsletter to your Family and Jobs in Ventura County, CAFriends. Spread the Word! Looking for jobs at Port Hueneme, Vendor Info: Boeing, Northrup Grumman Vandenberg AFB, or Lockheed Martin.If you would like to sell your Journeyman Assembly Mechanic, 25 yrsproduct at the Walk-a-thon or experience, security clearance jobs o.k. Sidney MarioBBQ event. Call us at 772-621-6062. Troy’s Brother-In-Law Troy’s Brother-In-Law Call Mario Daniel , 772-621-6062
  9. 9. Volume 1, Issue 2 Page 9 LETTERS AND TESTIMONIES A Letter from Craig Huckins Grandmother’s Birthday Continued Hello my friends, I have a very important favor to ask of you. And, sorry, yes, like so many others, I am asking you to dig into your wallets a little. Iknow these are sensitive grounds I tread on and hope you are all cool with my nudging. Please, take a moment and click on the link below. If you are able to chip in a few bucks, or maybe even a little more than just a few bucks, it isfor a great cause and Charity that is in the early start-up stages and could usea little cash flow to get them moving--every little bit helps right now, as it gets them one step higher to that next plateau which leads them towards achiev- ing their ultimate goal. You should find the link and the web site pretty self explanatory and easy tonavigate and donate. But I do want to tell you why this is important to me real quick. My man Troy, was a teammate of mine in both Junior High and High School when I was living in Cali. Dude had AMAZING skills. One of the bestmulti-talented athletes I ever played with, or against. We played both Basket- ball and Football seasons together for four straight years. He was my run-ning back and point guard. I once saw him run for two TDs, throw another ona halfback pass and catch one from me all in the same game (oh yea, this was all while also intercepting two passes on defense).Anyway, what happened to Troy was tragic. In the midst of a promising Jun- ior College football season, you will read that his accident occurred whiledriving home from volunteer coaching a local little league football team when he was about twenty--the teams playbook was blown off his passenger Grandmother Doree, and Cousin Nicole and Erica car seat, when he went to reach for the flying pages he lost control of hiscar. He has been quadriplegic for almost 30 years now. He has battled everyday since then with more courage than most of us have, put together. He hashad so many very close calls over the years, but he just refuses to go quietlyinto that good night. He and his family just had a pretty good scare a couple weeks ago where he was placed in ICU for several days--he is recovering ok, but is having some internal bleeding issues right now, so he is not en-tirely in the clear from this latest tilt. But if I know Troy, and if God is willing, he will. Ok, Ill stop, but I just know that if any of you would have had the chance tomeet him, and witness the mans strength and character, you would not hesi-tate in trying to do a little something to help honor him and the charity that is being created in his name to help people who have family members in the same situation as Troys family has been. A this point, even $5-10 bucks is Saxophonist, Cousin DreSean really valued by the burgeoning charity. Thank you all for your time and consideration. Sincerely with warm regards, Craig The Law Of The FirstWhen you are changing and learning, it is the most exciting time of your life. The older you get, the less you remember because you are not doing anything for the first time. We want to excitingly share with you, Troy’s House. Karolyn. Cousin Trina and daughters Your First charity to help families visit hospitals. RECONNECTING FAMILY IS PRICELESS!
  10. 10. Troy’s House Family and Friends Newsletter Thank You Sponsors VOLUNTEERS AND RECOGNITIONS Veggie Flora Nursery First, we would like to Thank our Father God In JAY’S AUTOMOTIVE Heaven, who revealed this mission to us. GO WARRIORS!!! On July 14, 2012, Connecting the Community COSTCO The Ernest Righetti High School 3501 S. 38th Street, Box 56 Walk-a-thon and BBQ event was made WAL MART Tacoma, Washington, 98409 ERHS possible by: JULIE WHEELER, ERNEST RIGHETTI Troy’s House- Carmen BOARD Find Us On Face book: OF Velasco HIGH SCHOOL DIRECTORS DEB JEFFERS, AMERICAN CANCER SOCIETY Please Visit Our Website! JERRY BANKS. COMMITTED FUNDRAISER TROY’S VOLUNTEERS ST. JOHN’S PLEASANT VALLEY HOSPITAL Donate Online! TROY’S HOUSE BOARD OF DIRECTORS OUR VOLUNTEERS AND TROYS HOUSEHelp Families Visit Hospitals LOVING SUPPORTERS. DONORS For More information regarding our organization, contact Athena Daniel (772-621-6062) 11AM TO 7 PM EST. BOARD OF DIRECTORS PRAYER FOR TOMORROWDear Heavenly Father, as we continue to renew our minds, align ourselves with your word, and seek your anointing, all thingsare possible. We shall give you all the glory, and obey your commandments. We agree to love one another, and continue tofind your will for our lives. We will not be shaken, and will stay on your path. We ask that you grant us another day to helpothers in need Thank You, God, for blessing us with Troy’s House supporters and your heavenly grants. Amen. A Message From Troy Troy Back In The Day DONATION BOXT Please visit our website for more infor- Hello Troy’s House Family, mation regarding our Walk-a-thon./BBQ. We need you to bring your pledges to keep this mission going.! Start a team I hope you have a wonderful or support a team. Stand Up. time. We accept online donations by credit and debit cards. We accept checks by mail. When you think of Troy’s House, Our Next Issue you think of friends. October 15, 2012, Troy’s Birthday! Advertisement Opportunities Love Troy 772-621-6062 Troy Banks and Juliette