TROY’S HOUSE FAMILY AND                                    FRIENDS NEWSLETTER   A NON-PROFIT ORGANIZATION                 ...
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VOLUME 2, ISSUE 1                                                                                        Page 3           ...
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Letters and Testimonies                                   Letter and Testimonies Cont’Dear Pastor Napoleon Kaufman, April ...
TROY’S HOUSE FAMILY AND FRIENDS NEWSLETTER                                                                                ...
TROY’S HOUSE FAMILY AND FRIENDS NEWSLETTER                                                                 Page 8 THANK YO...
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Troy's House Family and Friends Newsletter October 15 2012


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Volume 2: Issue 1

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Troy's House Family and Friends Newsletter October 15 2012

  1. 1. TROY’S HOUSE FAMILY AND FRIENDS NEWSLETTER A NON-PROFIT ORGANIZATION VOLUME 2, ISSUE 1 October 15, 2012Inside This Issue OUR FOCUS 1 Help Families Visit Hospitals New Board 2 Of Directors HAPPY 49th BIRTHDAY TROY! 2 YR. PLAN 3 Our Focus is on YOU! We help families survive under The Power of Community.RHS Walk-a-thon 3 pressure, and give them shelter & BBQ Strength and UNITY!. in the midst of critical times.. Tech Spot The purpose of Troy’s House is 4Thank You Visitors FOR YOU and the COMMUNITY LIVE, LOVE, GIVE to dwell and have a peaceful place to Poem and 5 stay when YOU travel to visit Central Thank you Coast hospitals. TROY’S HOUSE Supporters WE CAN HELP YOU, THE FAMILY, IS FOR WHEN YOU TRAVEL TO SOUTHERN A Message From 6 CALIFORNIA TRAUMA CENTERS, YOU! !!! Troy REHAB CENTERS, DOCTOR’S VISITS, Free Gift Offer EMERGENCY ROOMS, ETC. WITH FEARLESS CONFIDENCE, Today’s Word: TROY’S HOUSE, Biblical Hebrew SHALL GROW AND BE THERE Family visits bring smiles Elo-Him, means, FOR YOU! to hospital Patients. TOGETHER WE CAN MAKE HOSPITAL GOD and Creator Laughter is medicine for PATIENTS’DREAMS COME TRUE! our soul. of the Universe. Yah-Weh; means, Our 2nd Year Journey The GOD of Israel. Wow! What an incredible experience our first year has been. As we are thanking you for our first year, we know that this journey doesn’t end, but a new pathThe Loving Redeemer. begins. Recognizing the power of the Community, in the non-profit world, our El-Shaddai means, passage is very clear to meet our second year goal. We know that by justice, due to our supporters, we shall work harder and form relationships to expediteThe GOD of more than our mission. We are going to keep fighting to pull families together, supporting our community, and celebrating life. By faith, may the knowledge and every-enough. Almighty God. thing we need to succeed be provided. As we travel together to change lives, let’s help families fight through trauma, while visiting hospitals. Together we Shalom means, can put Troy’s House on the map! Our destiny is in sight, because God is our Peace be with you. professional tour guide. Troy’s House is a meaningful destination.
  2. 2. TROY’S HOUSE FAMILY AND FRIENDS NEWSLETTER Page 2 TROYS HOUSE EXECUTIVE OFFICERS BOARD OF DIRECTORS MARIO AND ATHENA DANIEL, MASHAE BANKS, NATASHA SAFFO, AND TROY BANKS EXECUTIVE ADVISORS AND STRATEIC PLANNERS LARRY FONDERN, ERIN SIGEL, MICAELA HERNANDEZ, EDWARD SAFFO AND GLORIA SARCOS (Photos Not Shown: Rachel Roberts, and Patsy Brown) FACEBOOK MESSAGES OF LOVE TO TROY Kent Altice Yo Troy!! Robbin Locksley Tanisha Angela Cavalli Happy "Good morning banks have Peters Harris Birthday yourself a wonderful "Happy "Happy Birthday My birthday thinking of you on birthday Troy! Love you my Brother!!! cousin friend!" this special day love you and Hope U miss you your friend for life. Jim Kringlen Troy" have A "happy birthday Bruce Adams Created a special Fantastic big boy! have a birthday greeting for you! Day!!! great day"
  3. 3. VOLUME 2, ISSUE 1 Page 3 Our 2 Year Plan Highlights  Formal Annual Report  Seek letters to VIP Public Register for NAHHH Officials Membership  Develop Strategic Plans  Implement Foundation (National Association of  Tax & Accounting Expert— Grants Hospital Hospitality Houses) Volunteer  Develop Donor recognition 501c3 Tax Exemption, pre-  Develop Policies and Proce- Program pared, status pending dures Board Member Handbook  Identify Local Professional CA State Tax Exempt  Plan and execute 3-5 fundrais- Fundraisers ing events Marketing Strategies;  Plan Major Capital Building Public Image  Publish 2 Newsletters Campaign Seek Partners and  Register in Social Media Net-  Test Drive Troy’s Café Corporate Sponsorships works, Mobile Tech  Utilize Professional Legal expert—Volunteer  Recruit PR Spokesperson Consultants “Stand Up For Troy” Walk-a-thon & BBQ was a Good Day!It was a very important day for food was ready to serve at At the Walk-a-thon, we received overall whom attended the Walk-a- 11:30, and the vendors were set $2700 in donations, not counting thethon & BBQ at Righetti High up and ready for business. Our BBQ and merchandise efforts. Dona-School. It was the day to see Board Members reunited. Al- tions are still coming in, so we can say, July 14, was a good day!old friends, and meet new ones. though, we had food enoughIt was the day to walk the track for two times the amount offor old times sake. It was the people, we sold whole trip-tips Wacky Photo Pics created a customized photo booth forday to Skype with Troy and eat at the end of the event. The Troy’s House Walk-a-thon & BBQthe most delicious Santa Maria most significant time was the Style BBQ. Skype session with Troy. Troy enjoyed the opportunity to join Your photo in. We would like to Thank all It was a of you the attended the event. good day! Valentina and Aldo shall be re- Your membered as our first guest! photoThe pros outweighed the cons. We hope to see you at our nextAs we chatted, and walked, event, next summer.there was classic rock and funk Your Time will reveal a new dimen- photomusic of the 80’s playing from sion of exciting activities atthe Press Box speakers. The Troy’s House. Waiting to Skype with Troy Thank You Volunteers!! Thank you Angela Cavalli Harris
  4. 4. TROY’S HOUSE FAMILY AND FRIENDS NEWSLETTER Page 4 MEDICAL TECH SPOT scientists and supporters FDA GIVES MIAMI School of Medicine, has believe they are key to received permission from finding cures for paralysis. PROJECT TO CURE the Food and Drug Ad- In what will be the only PARALYSIS ministration to begin a FDA-approved cell therapy- GREEN LIGHT TO revolutionary Phase based clinical trial for sub- BEGIN HUMAN 1 clinical trial to evaluate acute spinal cord injury in the safety of transplant- the United States, investi- CLINICAL TRIAL ing human Schwann cells gators plan to transplant a Study Represents to treat patients with patient’s own Schwann New Hope for recent spinal cord inju- cells at the injury site in Treating Spinal Cord ries. the hope of ascertaining Found mainly in the pe- safety that will allow fur- Injury ripheral nervous system, ther trials to proceed. July 31, 2012 — The Schwann cells are essen- .Approximately 1.9% of the U.S. population, or some Miami Project to Cure tial to sending appropri- 5,596,000 people, report some Paralysis, a Center of ate electrical signals form of paralysis. 1,275,000 Excellence at the Univer- through the nervous sys- are paralyzed as the result of a sity of Miami Miller tem, and Miami Project spinal cord injury. UC IRVINE, CATHANK YOU FOR VISITING TROY! St. John’s Pleasant Valley hospital, Camarillo, CA 93010 BLESS YOUMICHAEL,ANGELA, AND EUFRASIAHARRIS FOR STOPPING BY ALL THEWAY FROM VIRGINIA.THANK YOU MICAELA FOR VISITINGFROM SANTA MARIA.!THANK YOU MASHAE FOR VISITINGFROM WASHINGTON. FACEBOOK MESSAGES OF LOVE TO TROY cont’ Mark Dennis Leslie Tucker Mary Chase Brown Gladys Hernandez I lived just around Please let OMG! I had no idea I you Troy. Brandy Parker the corner (on Troy know this had happened to Miss you Mountain View) that I love Troy! My name is Hello my you and wanted to him, and Mary Chase Brown James have most show my support. praying for and I was friends def been in him. with Troy back in the Jones my prayers… Thanks so DAY!! I attended SM Hey, Troy long much. High and then at time, I am sorry I love you Hancock when Troy to see that you played ball. My heart are in the hospi- very "Hi Troy, I hope you are doing well and staying away from ICU! Thoughts and Prayers always! goes out to him and tal or maybe much...xoxo Do you remember that we were 8th grade his family and at the you are out graduation partners? Haha... It sure doesnt seem same time, Im so know, all I know Brandy that long ago. Take care and stay strong Troy! proud to see the is I hope you are work you are doing! doing better. Much Love to you. xo" Theresa Graf Wishard
  5. 5. VOLUME 2, ISSUE 1 Page 5 Poetry cornerAs a little girlI would climb on your lap just to stare at your faceLaying my head on your chestListening to every beat of your heartWhich palpitated to the sweet music playing from your soulOur hearts danced to the song of LifePressing my head in closer to hear the rhythm more loud and clearPressing to feel the uproar and vibration of your voice when uopened your mouth to speakAll would listen...I always felt special to have a front row seatThe motion of you breathing would even put me to sleep OUR FIRST YEAR $7000!Privileged Thank You!To be in the presence of your dominion and authority WE CAN CONTINUE TO GROW IF YOU DONATEAnd now a young woman THE SAME AMOUNT IN 2013.I look at you in admirationI see the strength and generosity of your complete self DONATE THIS YEAR ONLINE!Listening to every word with great anticipationWaiting for nuggets of wisdom and inspiration WORDSFor us to move mountains and create a stir OFTo heal and prophesize in Truth Wisdom!To BELIEVE is the CUREfor all who are called Sunday’s Best The ungrateful feel that it isYes me too below them to show any kind Picture on left: of appreciation. They areMy Dear Uncle, I believe in YOU. Mashae Banks under the delusion that and Jerry Banks. showing gratitude By Mashae Banks diminishes their worth. But it is this sense of apprecia- THANK YOU FOR SUPPORTING US! tion, that elevates and ex- pands the human spirit. Where’s the Money Promotions & During our second A lack of showing Going? Websites year, any gift, gratitude is actually a sign Dear Supporters:  Business Travel large or small, of arrogance. As you may know,  Assets & shall go towards We are many start up non- Business “Start Up Costs” Grateful for profits do not have Capital accounts. These You,the funds necessary  Accounting & funds are for a Thank You! for business “Start Data Systems lease deposit Up Requirements”  Office Supplies account, Utility such as: & Equipment deposits account, “Thank You” for your  Federal & State Licenses, Market- continued support!  Shipping Registrations & ing, Advertising, Tax Prep  Marketing NAHHH Member-  Strategic & Funds ship, Corporate & Troy’s House is Business Plans (Newsletters) monthly expenses. Coming Soon!
  6. 6. Letters and Testimonies Letter and Testimonies Cont’Dear Pastor Napoleon Kaufman, April 16, 2012 Barbara County residents that must travel to Los AngelesThis letter is a request to place a special prayer County when their loved ones are treated at their nearestin your heart for my brother, Troy Banks. I Level 1 trauma writing you because I think you may have Although, Troy’s family and friends must drive 200 miles,met Troy in Orcutt, CA at a youth football event. roundtrip, to see Troy, we have been blessed with approxi-Troy coached youth football from his wheelchair mately 300 supporters for Troy’s House within our first year!and went on to win an undefeated season! Praise God! At Troy’s House, we follow after righteousness andHe spoke to you before you went to play at UW pray for Troy to have deliverance and restoration very soon.Huskies, and the Oakland Raiders. I believe that men of God whom follow his commandments and love his neighbors were made to live in gardens, not hospitals.I saw you preach on television, and decided to Troy’s House shall continue to exercise our faith, and believe insend this letter because of Troy’s current medi- the outflow of the power of condition. He resides in Camarillo, CA, ona ventilator. His body, vision, lungs, and speech May God’s power flow towards Troy, because he is the righteousness of God and believing to receive a spiritualneed to be restored. Troy is struck down, but healing.not destroyed. God gave him the ability to over- Thank you, Napoleon, for your time, we pray you can visit Troycome and not give up. Troy’s family and friends soon. Giving God the glory.pray that Troy will rise above his circumstancesand have peace and completion in his life. How-ever, I thought that maybe you could stop by the If you would like to send a letter or testimony to Troy’s House,hospital and pray for him, or send him a copy of please email us at “”. We would loveyour DVD. Unfortunately, the hospital does not to share your story about Troy, or your experience when youhave the Church Channel, but I am sure he will were in need of a hospital house on the Central delighted to see and hear from you! It’s timeto get Troy healed! Family CircleAs previously mentioned, Troy is displaced from How well do you know your family members?his family and friends, and resides in Cama-rillo, CA. Neither Santa Barbara nor San LuisObispo counties have sub-acute care facilitiesthat can assist him. Troy’s spirit is high, and hefights every battle with the God’s amour. Troychooses life every day, and has fought obstaclesno man should bear. He never let bitternessget in his heart, and his love for other people hasmanifested in his community. Write Names Of Children Here:As you may remember, Troy is a gracious per-son, with an attitude of ease and refinement.Troy is selfless, and wants to help other people.Troy has inspired us to start a non-profit organi-zation, called Troy’s House. This mission wasplaced in my spirit and I found it written in 1Peter 4:8-9. Troy’s House shall own and operatea hospital house in Ventura County, CA, simi-lar to a Ronald McDonald or Fisher House. Thishouse shall fill the need, nationwide, when fam- Write Names Of Children Here:ily members and friends are called to visit aloved one in Central California hospitals. Thishouse shall be special for our northern Santa
  7. 7. TROY’S HOUSE FAMILY AND FRIENDS NEWSLETTER Page 7 THANK YOU SPONSORS FREE GIFT Contact Us!! BECAUSE WE KNOW THAT Troy’s House, Inc. WALMART Corporate Mailing Address: YOU HAVE A MEANINGFUL 3501 S. 38th Street INTEREST IN TROY’S HOUSE, Box 56 WE WOULD LIKE TO BUILD A Tacoma, WA 98409 SANTA MARIA INN JOYFUL RELATIONSHIP WITH YOU. Phone: 772-621-6062 E-mail: SILPADA JEWELRY, By Angela TO HELP US CATER TO YOUR Tax Id # 45-1756517 Cavalli Harris SOCIAL INTEREST, PLEASE HELP FAMILIES VISIT HOSPITALS COSTCO WHOLESALEGIVE US A CALL, TEXT, EMAIL, OR FACEBOOK MESSAGE. Home Motors LET US KNOW YOUR SOCIAL CAR MA BOUTIQUE INTERESTS, AND FUNDRAIS- DONATE NOWING IDEAS. WITH YOUR OPIN- (In Old Orcutt) ION, WE CAN PLAN AND ENJOY OUR UPCOMING We’re on the Internet: EVENTS. JAFRA COSMETICS, WITH OUR APPRECIATION, By Carmen Belasco TROY’S HOUSE WOULD LIKE TO SEND YOU VEGGIE FLORA NURSERY A KEYCHAIN OR A SIGNATURE INK PEN. JAY’S AUTOMOTIVE PLEASE VISIT OUR WEBSITE: Add Promo code: Troy49pen orTroy49key In the contact us section. www.troyshouse.orgAllow 3-4 weeks for delivery.One gift per household. A Message TROY BACK IN THE DAY! From TroyThank you for the many blessings. Pictures Wanted:Trust and thankfulness will get you Troysafely through the day. Back In The Day,Trust protects you from worrying Please email us atand obsessing. “”.Thankfulness keeps you fromcriticizing and complaining. -Watch for those sister sins thateasily entangle you.TROY- BANKS-
  8. 8. TROY’S HOUSE FAMILY AND FRIENDS NEWSLETTER Page 8 THANK YOU Thank THANK YOU VOLUNTEERS ERNEST UPCOMING EVENTS! RIGHETTI You Jerry Banks We want to Thank all of HIGH SCHOOL, and Coming Soon, Troy’s Café! our volunteers whom FOR Andrea Comfort Foods For Charity helped with the set up, HOSTING the Walkathon Registra- Bowers Troy’s House, Inc., and our partners are cooking OUR tion, BBQ, DJ, Merchan- WALK-A- home-cooked meals for you! Your dise, and the clean upTHON EVENT. tenacity Whether you enjoy something grand or simple, we can crew. Thank you to ourGO WARRIORS! and bring that satisfying meal to you. Our team of vendors: Silpada Jewelry, SECOND volunteer chef’s are hard at work creating classic by Angela Cavalli Harris,JULIE WHEELER garage sale NORRIS, YOU lunch or dinner meal deals for you in Car Ma, Wacky Photo donationARE AWESOME! Today’s modern world. Pics, and Carlos the gave us the Tri Tip Guy!THANK YOU deposit In December, you can place an order online at We want to Thank ST JOHN’S thatPLEASANT pushed our Walmart, Costco, Jafra VALLEY goal over or contact your local Troy’s House Cosmetics, and Jays HOSPITAL the top. Automotive for sponsor- NURSING representative. Your love ing Troys House. Inc.STAFF AND and Please visit our website to view our menu of Thank you to Bev andCHW ADMIN- support has delectable soups, stews, and exotic entrees! her mother for the ISTRATORS meant so beans. Thank you to FOR YOUR much toOUSTANDING Troy’s Winter Projects 2012 Debs husband, Doug, SUB ACUTE for the pallet of water, House. CARE. YOU You are TROY’S HOUSE INTRODUCING ice, and coolers. We HELP very impor- want to Thank the TROY’S CAFE FAMILIES tant to us 4TH QUARTER DRIVE American Cancer Society SLEEP AT and we Comfort Food for for their support. Thank NIGHT. want you DONATE QUARTERS Charity. you Craig and Laurie WE LOOK to know IN OUR PROMOTION Troy’s Signature Miller for coming, from that your BOXES Oregon. Thank you to FORWARD Purple Blossom time is TO SERVE Pepper Jelly Frezzy Cavalli and her greatly AT YOUR LOCAL YOU! entire family for their appreciated! Available Online. RETAILER! love and huge support. Thank you Words cannot express your generosity, kind- PRAYER FOR TOMORROW ness, and extra goodLord, please show me areas in my life where I need your wisdom. Lord, please show me how to not let trouble affect my heart. looks! Thank you Jenni-Teach me how to fight negative words with positive words. Please fer and Home Motors for show me how to hold on to my peace. Lord, teach me how to your support. Thank you depend on you. Jerry Banks, Top Pledge I pray that my prayers give birth to your blessings. Winner, and for support- Lord, you can depend on me to do your will. ing Troys House. Inc. Thank you for blessing and protecting me. Thank you Santa Maria Thank you for your future grace. Inn for your gift!!