Christmas Gifts 2010


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This answer presents info on Christmas gift options for December 2010

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Christmas Gifts 2010

  1. 2. Introduction 3 Best Christmas Gifts for 2010 4 Best Christmas Toys for Babies 7 Best Christmas Toys for Kids(Age 3-6 years) 19 Best Christmas Toys for Kids(Age 6-12 years) 24 Best Christmas Gifts for Teenagers 31 Best Christmas Gifts for Her 31 Best Christmas Gifts for Him 31 Best Christmas Gifts for Parents 37 Query Details 51
  2. 3. <ul><li>Christmas is nearly upon us and it’s time to think about getting those Christmas gifts for your Family, Friends, or your Partner. </li></ul><ul><li>This presentation provides you the Best Christmas Gifts for Year 2010 under five main categories. </li></ul><ul><li>They are </li></ul><ul><li>Christmas Gifts for 2010 </li></ul><ul><li>Christmas Toys for Kids under different age groups. </li></ul><ul><li>Christmas Gifts for Her </li></ul><ul><li>Christmas Gifts for Him </li></ul><ul><li>Christmas Gifts for Parents </li></ul>
  3. 5. 1. Apple iPad The iPad has taken the world by storm in 2010, there is no easier more fun way to surf the web,  watch movies, play games send email, hang out with your friends on social networking sites like Facebook. 2. Amazon Kindle If you or the person you are looking to buy for is an avid reader then the Amazon kindle is the perfect present. With the Amazon kindle you will be able to read books no matter where you are or what you are doing. The kindle stores digital versions of your favorite books (anywhere up to 3,500) 3. Apple iPod nano 16 GB Graphite Redesigned for music and Multi-Touch, iPod nano is smaller and lighter than ever. You can clip it to your sleeve, jacket, or running shorts and keep your favorite songs at your fingertips--along with the Genius feature, a built-in FM radio, pedometer, and more .
  4. 6. 4. Samsung 55-Inch 3D LED HDTV The Samsung LED 8000: delivering the pure thrill of 3D entertainment, connectivity that enhances your life, and visually stunning picture quality. Action leaps off the screen with advanced 3D technology, for a truly immersive viewing experience. 5 . Canon Rebel XS 10.1MP Digital SLR For perfect photos, fast and simple, there's nothing better than Canon's new EOS Rebel XS. With powerful features including a 10.1-megapixel CMOS sensor, Canon's DIGIC III processor, fast shooting and more, it's a digital powerhouse . With simple, easy-to-use controls, a compact design, a 2.5-inch LCD monitor, and Live View Function, it's a beginner's dream come true.
  5. 7. Age Group: Below 3 years
  6. 8. Keep your little one engaged and entertained for hours with the Lamaze Freddie the Firefly. Designed for use from birth on up, this plush toy has a chain link that connects it to any Lamaze toy or play mat. It also comes with the Lamaze link clip for easy attachment to car seats, strollers and high chairs. Bring the exciting world of the rainforest to life with the Fisher-Price Rainforest Melodies & Lights Deluxe Gym. This fun, interactive, and educational activity centers encourages healthy development while entertaining and calming baby. Designed for use from birth on up 1. Fisher-Price Rainforest Melodies and Lights Deluxe Gym 2. Lamaze Freddie The Firefly 3. Tomy Octopals Bath Toy Octopals by Tomy is a fun bath toy that will keep children entertained throughout their entire bathtime. Octopals consists of a mother Octopus with a baby octopus sat on the end of each of her eight tentacles.
  7. 9. 4. LeapFrog Learn & Groove Musical Table Designed for children ages six months to three years, this innovative toy is chock full of learning and musical activities designed to provide visual and auditory stimulation and motor skill development, as well as opportunities to learn about colors, the alphabet, and opposites for older children -- and much more. 5. Jester Jack-In-The-Box Toy What child doesn't love the suspense of waiting for the silly Jester to pop out of his box. The classic jester or &quot;Jack&quot; as many of us call him, &quot;pops&quot; to the traditional tune of &quot;Pop Goes the Weasel.&quot; Jack is sure to be a favorite toy for years to come. Ages 18 months and up.
  8. 10. Age Group: 3-6 years
  9. 11. 1. Fisher-Price Imaginext BIGFOOT the Monster The Fisher-Price Imaginext Big Foot the Monster is a personable and fun wireless remote-control companion that boasts a wide range of reactions and features. 1. Fairy Triad Dome Terrarium For small girls who love fairies, this is going to be a hit. It allows them to grow their own garden for fairies! Girls Boys 2. Calico Critters Townhome Give your children and their Calico Critters a charming place to play with the Calico Critters Townhome. 2. KidKraft Fun Explorers Rocket Ship This one will set children's imaginations to the moon! It comes with a working elevator and a number of important figurines, such as astronauts, space vehicles, aliens, and more.
  10. 12. 3. Inchimals Cute colorful animals numbered on sturdy wooden blocks This is a great concept considering wooden blocks are a classic in children's play! Wooden blocks are timeless. 3. Ben 10 Ultimate Alien Vuescope Ultimatrix Little boys want to be Ben because of his grand adventures. Bens watch has powers beyond imagination that allows him to transform himself into other aliens. What boy doesn't want to do that? Girls Boys 4. Purplicious If you're looking for a gift under $15, this is a great book that 4 year old girls are going to love having read to them over and over again. 4. WEDGiTS on WHeeLS This design toy offers geometric-construction challenges for creative thinking kids-on-the-go! Your child naturally learns the actual mechanics of a wheel, bearing and hub assembly and vehicles designing.
  11. 13. 5. Race to the Roof Game Your kids will be able to learn and improve their skills on matching objects, labeling objects, perceiving small differences (an essential skill for literacy), discussion and social interaction skills when they play this award winning* Ravensburger gift game. Pretend play just got more regal with the introduction of the new wooden Happily Ever After Princess Castle. Castle opens for 32&quot; of castle play and features a working drawbridge, revolving mirror, balcony play and lots of rooms to provide for hours of imaginative play. 5. Happily Ever After Wooden Castle Girls Boys
  12. 14. Age Group: 6-12 years
  13. 15. 1. Nerf N-Strike Stampede ECS The Nerf N-Strike Stampede ECS blaster is one of the most exciting and exhilarating Nerf products yet. If your child loves Nerf toys, then the Stampede is definitely worth considering as a birthday or Christmas present. 1. Barbie Collector 2010 Holiday Doll 2010 Holiday Barbie this Christmas season is celebrating the holidays with this beautiful Barbie doll. Barbie Holiday Doll will be stand in line waiting to get their hands on the fantastic Doll. Girls Boys 2. Princess Doll Making Kit A Girl can make her own adorable Princess doll. Give her a name and make it official with her own birth certificate. No pins or needles required. Everything is included and it’s easy to do. 2. Scrabble Flash Cubes Great for kids eight years and older, this game features five SmartLink tiles that keep track of words and points electronically.
  14. 16. 3. Alex Toys Friends 4 Ever Bracelet Making Kit Two styles, 8 patterns, beads - it's a Friend-zy. Makes 22 braceletsIncludes 4 color-coded looms, 22 colors of floss, beads, beading needle and easy instructions 3. Razor Rip-Rider 360 Drifting Ride-On Razor reinvents the classic three-wheeler of the 1970s with the Rip Rider 360, which replaces the large back two wheels with dual inclined caster wheels. Girls Boys 4. Fisher-Price iXL An exciting handheld device, the Fisher-Price iXL 6-in-1 Learning System is a great introduction to technology that provides plenty of fun learning activities for young children. 4. LEGO Harry Potter Includes 6 characters: Harry Potter, Ron Weasley, Hermione Granger, Hagrid, Norbert and Aragog.
  15. 17. 5. Blockers Game Small kids will really love this aggressive but non-confrontational award winning Christmas gift. Blockers allow players the exceptional opportunity to decide their own course of action through strategic thinking. Develops strategic thinking, visual discrimination and social development. 5. Electrowiz Inventions Science Kit by ScienceWiz Get a jolt from this science kit with electrical experiments guaranteed to entertain and educate your kids in an extremely safe way! Children can build amazing electric inventions. Girls Boys
  16. 19. 1. Xbox 360 Xbox 360 Elite is the premier console package with a massive 120GB hard drive, a high-definition multimedia interface (HDMI) port, a standard definition composite cable, and a premium black finish for the console. Includes black wireless controller and X 1. Pet’s Eye View Digital Camera For any teenage daughter that owns a cat or dog would love to know what their pet does while they are off at school. All she has to do is set the timer on the Pet’s Eye View Digital Camera and the camera will record a shot every one. Girls Boys 2. Boogie Board Paperless LCD Writing Tablet Boogie Board lets you make lists, draw doodles, jot down thoughts all without paper or pencil. Tablet lets you write on it with the included stylus, or even your fingernail. 2. Livescribe Echo Smartpen Amazing smartpen remembers everything you hear, say and write, then lets you replay your recorded audio with a simple tap.
  17. 20. 3. GRIFFIN - IKARAOKE FOR IPOD 3. EyeClops Mini Projector With EyeClops Mini Projector children can create their own big screen entertainment when they connect this pint sized projector that can display an image up to 60-inches when connected to a DVD player, multimedia player, video game console and other video device. Girls Boys 4. 104-Piece Multi Media Art Set The 104-Piece Multi Media Art Set has everything a teen girl who loves arts needs to discover the various drawing and painting techniques. 4. Mindflex A lightweight headset containing sensors for the forehead and earlobes measures your brainwave activity. When you focus your concentration, a small foam ball will rise on a gentle stream of air. Here's how to bring the fun of karaoke home by using musical selections straight from iPod. iKaraoke removes the lead vocals to make your teen girl the star.
  18. 21. Girls Boys 5. Nintendo Wii This is the console that started it all. The Nintendo Wii is one of the greatest ever in Nintendo’s long and distinguished line of gaming systems. Perfect for all ages and both boys and girls. The Wii is currently at the forefront of motion-controlled games, and all teenagers just love playing on it. 5. V-Cube 7 Supercube If you happen to have a brainiac as a daughter, then the V-Cube 7 Supercube is the best choice. She may have been able to solve the regular cube, but this one offers a wide number of permutations as a matter of fact 19.5 duoquinquagintillion. She will actually spend hours upon hours trying to get this cube figured out.
  19. 23. Diamond Jewelry is a perfect Christmas Gift. It’s a gift that is sure to make any girl smile. Solitaire Diamond Studs – Diamond studs are a timeless classic. They can never go wrong. Give a gift of solitaire diamond studs and you can be sure that they will be cherished forever. 1. GTMax iPod Touch Accessories 2. Sony Digital Frame with Swarovski Crystals Capture the sparkle of the holidays and frame her most precious photos with glittering Swarovski crystals on the 7-inch Digital Photo Frame from Sony. 3. TAG Heuer Diamond Accented Watch From world renown Swiss watch maker TAG Heuer comes this diamond accented watch with a pink face for all the lovers of pink out there making it another one of the top 10 best Christmas gifts 2010.
  20. 24. 4. Tiffany Jewellery: Cross Pendant With A Diamond For your mom, wife, girlfriend, or female friend, the sterling silver jewelry may be the best Christmas gifts. Tiffany jewelry has fascinated lots of women with its spellbound beauty. For Christmas 2010, wearing a cross necklace is perhaps endowed with its special meaning. It definitely ranks top among Christmas gifts. 5. Christian Louboutin Boots  For women, there are some necessary items to accentuate their beauty such as perfume, jewelry, and high heels. As a household name in the heels field, Christian Louboutin shoes are characterized by red sole as its signature. Tall boots are top Christmas gifts as there is no better feeling than dipping the feet into the snug and warm boundaries of a tall boot while still making a fashion statement.
  21. 26. Satellite radio fans finally have a great little handheld, portable XM satellite radio receiver, complete with five hours worth of recording time, and a bunch of useful accessories. Plug the unit into an antenna at home for optimal reception, play it through your car stereo via the internal FM transmitter, or tune in while out and about. 1. Portable Satellite Radio Receiver The TomTom XL 340·S Bundle includes the TomTom XL 340·S device plus a Soft Quilted Carry Case. The XL 340·S is complete navigation, in a widescreen device. Switch on and go right out of the box. Spoken turn-by-turn instructions including street names will guide you to any address in the US, Canada and Mexico--including more than 7 million preloaded points of interest.
  22. 27. 3. LCD Digital Camera Binoculars Equally valuable on bird-watching expeditions and operations of international espionage, these digital camera binoculars let you go in for a closer look, and then record the evidence. With 8x magnification and a 2.1 megapixel digital camera (with a 1.5-inch LCD display), you can even produce decent prints when you return from the field. 4. Apple AirPort Express with Air Tunes Enjoy your iTunes music library in virtually any room of your house. Share a single broadband Internet connection and USB printer without inconvenient and obtrusive cables. Create an instant wireless network on the go. 5. Cyclone II Foosball Table The Tornado series of foosball tables is widely considered to be the Cadillac of table soccer, and they're certainly built to last.
  23. 29. Top Christmas Gifts 2010 for Fathers or Grandfathers For high-tech savvy fathers or grandfathers, advanced high-tech gadgets in superior performance should be the No. 1 choice. Given the vast array of high-tech gadgets, it can be super easy to gift this group of fathers and grandfathers. You can pick him a high-end E-book reader, an easy-to-use laptop, a functional cell phone, a quality car DVD player or anything that will fascinate him and makes his life more interesting. For fathers or grandfathers who are sports fanatics, buy them their needed sporting goods such as a set of golf irons, a badminton racket or a cycling jersey outfit.
  24. 30. Christmas Gifts for Mom or Grandmas For 2010, the best Christmas gifts for mother or grandmothers deserve planning include blood pressure monitors, massage tools, cell phones, kitchenware, home decorations, and anything that can help protect her health or make her life easier. For instance, all mums would be happy to be gifted with an oil painting for wall decorating, which will add some flavor and vigor to her lonely home.
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