athandz Newsletter July-Sept 2010


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This quarter's features include:
Information Consumption Patterns in the USA
Sri Lanka- an Unexplored Destination
Introduction to Social Media

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athandz Newsletter July-Sept 2010

  1. 1.     Share your perspectives, opinions and points-of-view on any of the topics covered on our Social Networking sitesNewsletter - 3rd Quarter 2010 (Jul-Sep 2010) The newsletter gives you a brief of interesting topics with rare to find information. View complete sample reports with carefully analyzed and formatted information on the topics by logging into our website. Take the opportunity to interact and exchange ideas and suggestions with the athandz team! This quarters features include: Information Consumption Patterns in the USA   On a daily basis we are flooded with information from email, internet, television etc. Information consumption can be classified as actively receiving & processing information or data.  In our study to analyze the volume of information received by an individual, we   focused on the American consumer.  In our search we discovered some extraordinary facts. - 3.6 zettabytes (a million million gigabytes) – Amount of information consumed in American homes in 2008. - 11.8 hours - The time Americans spend at home receiving information per day. Various ways are there to consume information on the web and people use different tools to satisfy their hunger for information. Try the best tools which make you productive and save time in consuming information. Read More... Sri Lanka- an Unexplored Destination Sri Lanka - known as the “Pearl of the Indian Ocean”, has a long history of natural, cultural and scenic tourist attractions, which draws tourists from all over the world. With the dawn of peace after years of unrest, the country is beginning to disclose its untouched travel destinations, ranging from exotic beaches, parks teaming with wildlife & ancient architectural masterpieces.    Discover the never seen wonders of Sri Lanka & enjoy the hospitality of its people. Plan your holiday and learn about most famous as well as new & untouched tourist attractions in this emerald isle. We have provided a brief of most interesting locations with all the necessary information enabling the travelers to make well informed decisions. Read More... Introduction to Social Media What is social media? What are the benefits of social media? Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube; have you ever thought about how these technologies can help your business? With the media industry & related technologies evolving so quickly, answering these is not always straightforward. To help you understand better, we have done a comparison of leading social media sites. Take a    look at it. Make use of these tools to grow your business. Read More... athandz features on-going, fresh and engaging content - updated monthly - around topics of latest technological trends, new innovations, current controversial happenings and new business insights. It is intended to provide unique insights, knowledge and channel communication between athandz and its’ customer base.