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contested space and constructions of identity: "being muslim" in new york city


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contested space and constructions of identity: "being muslim" in new york city

  1. 1. contested space and constructions of identity: “being muslim” in new york city a research project by ateqah khaki & daryl meador participatory research & social inquiry, nitin sawhney the new school Photos by EPA/JUSTIN LANE, Wilson Dizard, Spencer Platt/Getty Images
  2. 2. impact of NYPD surveillance on muslim american communities SUPPRESSING RELIGIOUS SPACES >>suspicious congregants >>hesitant community leaders >>fear and refrain from appearing overtly “muslim” SILENCING SPEECH AND ACTIVISM >>silencing speech and political activism, >>suppressing engagement ranging from participating in public debates and protests to friendly coffee-house banter DAMAGING NPYD/COMMUNITY RELATIONS >> breaching communities’ trust IMPACT ON COLLEGE CAMPUSES >>silencing activism >>alienating their student groups >>affecting their academic choices
  3. 3. developing a research question how has NYPD surveillance impacted the way american muslim individuals and communities in new york city manifest and express identity?
  4. 4. participants DIALA SHAMAS fellow at “clear” cuny<< co-author of “mapping muslims” report<< R & M >>community activists & organizers >>recent brooklyn college graduates >>best friends
  5. 5. methods >>informal interview >>workshop >>cultural probes
  6. 6. in the words of our participants "I think the most difficult part of being part-time activist, part-time organizer, part-time whatever... it's always trying to let your community know... this is seriously something that is affecting you, your families, your friends." -R "Whether it's youth, whether it's talking to the older generation, whether it's even talking within our own circle, I feel like literally everywhere we go, we radicalize these apolitical friends." -R
  7. 7. emerging themes >>fear of surveillance and suppression of expression >>inter generational divides >>muslim student organizations >>community gender dynamics & activism >>religiosity and willful avoidance
  8. 8. looking and moving forward >>many shortcomings of our work >>R & M as co-researchers >>potential for intervention >>other applications for our research
  9. 9. thank you! questions? comments? (feel free to stay in touch >> ATEQAH@GMAIL.COM)