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Global Med Solutione


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Global Med Solutione

  1. 1. Delivering Telemedicine SolutionsWorldwide Manoel Coelho Director of International Business Strategy
  2. 2. GlobalMed OverviewHeadquartered in Scottsdale, Arizona USA • ISO 13485:2003 Compliant Manufacturer • Hardware engineers • Software developers • Medical Advisory Board • Customer-centric liaisons • Patented and patent pending technologies
  3. 3. Worldwide Foot Print• Presence in over 55 Countries• Over 75 Partners Worldwide• Successful track record with current partners• Continuous Channel Development and Diversification• Certified Products in EU, North & South America, Russia
  4. 4. Global Strategic Alliances and Partnerships
  5. 5. Worldwide Foot Print: Solutions to End-Users
  6. 6. Customer Centric Focus - CARE Continuity Equitable Access Responsible
  7. 7. What is fundamental to telemedicine?• Network connectivity• VC component• Medical peripherals• Store-and-forward software• Trained clinicians• Innovation supportive change management and implementation
  8. 8. 3-pillar approach
  9. 9. Education• Intuitive Technology.• Hands-On Training.• Ongoing Innovation= Continued Education.
  10. 10. Wide Range of Scalable Telemedicine Workstations
  11. 11. Transportable Examination Station (TES™)
  12. 12. Integrated Telemedicine Ecosystem GlobalMed offers one of the only completely integrated telemedicine ecosystems, allowing providers a comprehensive solution set anywhere in the world12
  13. 13. CONiPACS™ Cloud Server
  14. 14. What do you want to see…where do you want to see it?Supporting a vast array of medical scopes and specialist peripherals, seamlessly integrated to physicianand specialist workflows (eg: leading pathologists, dermatologists, pediatricians, neurologists, surgeons,pharmacists, forensic MDs, emergency medicine departments)
  15. 15. Results from listening to the customer: Case Study #1 (US)
  16. 16. Results from listening to the customer: Case Study #2 (Canada) 100+ locations and clinics
  17. 17. Results from listening to the customer: Case Study #3 (Mexico) Entire State, 34 sites
  18. 18. Results from listening to the customers : Case Study #4 (Brazil & Argentina)Base terrestre Estação Petrolífera Hospital Conveniado NOC
  19. 19. Results from listening to the customer : Case Study #5 (Colombia)
  20. 20. Results from listening to the customer : Case Study #5 (Colombia)
  21. 21. Results from listening to the customer : Case Study #5 (Colombia)
  22. 22. Global Reach – Olympic Project
  23. 23. Global Reach – Olympic ProjectFrom: Antonio Marttos []Sent: Friday, August 03, 2012 1:50 PMTo: Manoel CoelhoSubject: London 2012Dear ManoelPlease find attached some pictures of your TES EquipmentWe used it multiple times, twice for abdominal US, 4 times otoscopy, 6 times laringoscopyand 1 EKG.Iit was recognized by visitors from worldwide as a amazing tool for diagnostics.Thanks for leting us demonstrate the tememedicine capabilities in sports medicine.Dr. grangeiro is very happy about the results and will definetaly use it during Rio 2016 games.Best regardsAntonioAntonio Marttos Jr, M.D.Assistant Professor of SurgeryDirector Trauma Telemedicine, William Lehman Injury Research CenterDivision of Trauma & Surgical Critical Care Dewitt Daughtry Department of SurgeryPO Box 016960 (D-40)University of Miami, Leonard M. Miller School of Medicine Miami, FL 33101Phone: 305-585-1178 Fax: 305-326-7065e-mail:
  24. 24. Telemedicine Benefits• Reduced hospital visits and re-admissions• Increased symptom discovery and diagnosis• Better access to care : – For high acuity patients – To specialists from rural and remote locations• Effective triage consultations and disease management• Efficient workflow and reduced operational costs
  25. 25. Thank You Thank you! Videos, case studies, and additional information available at:
  26. 26. Visit Us At GlobalMed_USA GlobalMedia Group, LLC ExamCamera globalsocialmedia + 1 (480) 922-0044
  27. 27. Customization Options
  28. 28. Exemplary Pricing
  29. 29. TotalExam™ Cameras• Small, lightweight, one-handed operation• Automatic white balance• On-board LED light carousel with 3 intensities• Freeze-frame button• Use with a codec or plug directly into a PC• Easy access controls
  30. 30. Video Ophthalmoscope• Full optic view to back of eye• Clear images• Fast, easy entry into undilated pupils Veins• 25° Field of view• Glare reduction Optic disc Macula Arteries
  31. 31. Options for Otoscopes• Crisp full color images of the inner ear• CapSure and DICOM format interoperability• Small, lightweight design for ease of use and mobility• Enlarge tiny details using CapSure, drawing and annotating where needed• Built-in heating system
  32. 32. TotalENT™ • Single-chip camera with built-in light source • Color-balance control • Fine focus • Adjustable window size • Electronic filter minimizes Moiré effects on flexible objects • Available selection of scopes for ENT, sinus and larynx • NTSC & PAL
  33. 33. ClearProbe™ Ultrasound• Affordable, portable, easy-to-use• Plugs into PCs USB port• Software allows on-image measurements, General Purpose Abdominal Probe drawing, annotations• On-probe freeze frame button• Zoom into selected images Peripheral Imaging Probe Endocavity Probe NeoNatal/Small Parts Probe
  34. 34. ClearProbe™ Ultrasound Video Gallery
  35. 35. StethOne™ Stethoscope • Only one unit required for sending & receiving heart and lung sounds • Volume control knob • Auscultation unit always on – no extra software needed • Bell & diagram switch • Diaphragm position to extend high frequency pulmonary sounds
  36. 36. Options for Stethoscopes• No “ear re-training” necessary• LEDs on the Probe alert clinician of operating mode• Amplified Sounds• Digital and Mute Controls
  37. 37. 12-Lead EKG• Preview a complete 12-lead report onscreen prior to printing• Easily retrieve previous records• Copy and past ECG strips into email• Database can store hundreds of thousands of records• Customizable preset menus for simplified review and editing of diagnostic tests• Use on a PC or in conjunction with a hardware or software codec
  38. 38. Spot Vital Signs® LXi• Measures blood pressure in about 15 seconds• Can use Masimo® or Nellcor® pulse oximetry• 50-reading memory• Connectivity-ready for integration into GlobalMed’s CapSure® Store and Forward Automation software• Big, bright LCD display
  39. 39. SpiroPerfect™ Spirometer • View pulmonary function test results from a PC • Clearly evaluate pulmonary obstruction or restriction • Software that includes a real-time Flow/Volume Loop • Disposable Flow Transducers in one simple design for adults and children • Single or multiple flow calibration protocols • Multiple report formats • Incentive screen for patient education