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The nia school

  1. 1. Location: SIXTH FORM CENTRE Time: 2.30 - Free Period It says here that What? What’s the Northern that all Ireland Assembly about? IS doing a comic for young people! For all youyounger oneswho have never been inside one of these rooms get ready... It’s coz I don’t like the LITTLE DOES HE KNOW BUT we don’t sound of that - IN A COMIC SHOP NEAR YOU... know anything sounds like a con about the to me! What do Assembly and they KnoW ‘boutthe comic is to Super herOEs andhelp us learn! cool stuff. Look, they’ve A quiz! I’ll be good got a quiz at that. Go on, ask here. me a question! Okay That’s easy! It’s What have any ofQuestion 1. either the Mars those to do with the Blank!What’s an Liberation Army or N.I. Assembly? MLAs MLA? Mighty Lungs Award, and the Assembly... or Midfield Think! left attack! 2
  2. 2. PSSST! MLAS ARE MLAS are members of the PEOPLE who are legislative assembly. see - told members of the you i was good at quizzes! legislative assembly cleveR cloggs says - LEGISLATIVE MEANS LAW MAKING - CAN MAKE LAWS. fair enough. question 2 then! A TOUGHIE but PSST! can you the how do people become mlas? there’s a trick lend me a answer to multiple choice coin so i can is ‘D’. questions. toss it for ARE THEY: the answer? A) chosen at random b) graduates from mla school c) comPEtition winners or d) elected by the people in their constituency mumble cheating mumble 18 x 6 =? mumble don’t know how. 1, 2, 3, 4... OK! there are 18 constituencies which elect 6 mlas each, so how many mlas are in the assembly? LATER... ...64, 65, 66, for 69, 60, 71, goodness sake put those away. 108 there are 108 MLAS! mlas!cleveR cloggs says - A constituencyis an area. thewhole OF NI isdivided into 18 areas (or 18constituencies as we say in the assembly). 3
  3. 3. Okay Smartie Pssst! Any You need to readPants, What do idea what an this - quickly! MLAs do? MLA does? Whoops! Clumsy UNDER THE DESK me. Dropped my pen under the desk. Gosh! Contents Back in a tick... A page from an MLA’s Diary...............1 Photos from an MLA’s Album.............2 A WEEK in the Life of an MLA..................3 A day at the PROPOSING A MOTION Constituency Office! Making a speech Q&A session with FOR DEBATE in the school group8.00 Get Up Chamber8.15 Eat brekkie8.30 Go to Office8.40 Have coffee9.00 Meet SOMe of my constituENTS and discuss THEIR concerns about the local school closing.10.00 Reply to emails from constituENTs EXAMINING A Voting1.00 Attend the Asking questions at SUGGESTION F in the opening of a new a Committee meeting. OR A Chamber. NEW LAW - community centre CALLED A BILL Clever Cloggs says - A Constituent is a person from the constituency (area that the MLA looks after) or as we say in the assembly - represents. 4
  4. 4. A week in the life ofan MLA Clever Clever Cloggs Clogg’s says - when sister CINDY the MLAs MEET says a in the Assembly motion is chamber it’s ‘the topic to known as a be debated’. plenary session.Monday morning – head to the Assembly In the Assembly Chamber Ladies and Gentlemen, speaking for Smarty Pants the motion - the says - DID proposer! YOU SPOT THE SPEAKER? HE’S DEAD KNOW-IT-ALL IMPORTANT NOEL says - In COZ HE chairs the Northern the plenary Ireland meetings Assembly, after making sure the proposer rules are has spoken, followed other MLAs and keeping make speeches order in the for or against Chamber. the motion.After all the debatingthe MLAs vote WEDNESDAY THURSDAY Attend a Attend a Statutory StaNDING Committee! Aye! Tuesday Committee! Another day of debates in SMART ASS SAYS the Assembly - A standing committee is a Chamber group of MLAs - Plenary who look after things such as Sessions the rules and procedures OF the Assembly. Day 2. For example, they choose motions for debate. Clever Friday is Constituency Day Cloggs says - Statutory CommitteeS examine laws in detail, check the work of Ministers in BRAIN BOX charge of says - Government Constituents Departments want MLAs to and hold help them solve inquiries into problems about THINGS LIKE local schools, transport hospitals and and climate roads etc. change. 5
  5. 5. Well MLAs, Blah, Voting on issues, How does he Told you I Blah, Motions, Blah, Changes to do that? was good at proposed new laws, Questioning quizzes! Ministers, Debating, making Speeches, Meeting Constituents,Blah! Blah! Drone! Drone! Drone! Drone, Drone. Hey gang, I’ve What sort of just found secrets does this great it have? book at the gates of Stormont! Whisper! Everything you need to know to start your own Assembly. But I thought we had But this is our own Assembly! all about Don’t we have it The N. I. 1.75 million people inng in 18 every morning in the Assembly. Assembly Hall? Let me try and explain Northern Ireland, livi nstituency it to you O constituencies. each co esent r elects 6 people to repople to thick one! them so 18 x 6 = 108 pe yone. Here’s er make decisions for evthey the They’re the MLAs and science s for part... assemble to make law appoint Northern Ireland and onsibility Ministers to take resp for delivering the services we all need. 6
  6. 6. Smartie Pants Puzzle So they’re And some of the MLAs areBet you can’t do this!! Here’s a the Ministers in charge of Northern Government of Northern Ireland. Can you They sit on the Executivedivide it into its 18 Ireland Committee, which is headed up Assembly. by a First Minister and deputyconstituencies? Gosh! First Minister. The rest of the MLAs in the Assembly That’s check to the work MAKE of the SURE Ministers. they do a good job.ANSWER ON PAGE 14 Hey I’ve a great idea! Let’s Why? So we can run the start our own entire school... Assembly! ...And make it a better place fit for kids OF all ages, from all races, boys and girls, a place they’ll enjoy Yeah! And I coming to and working Yeah! bags in. A place where there All of to be are no bullies, where that! I Deputy we’re all equal... I have bags to First a dream! be First Minister! Minister. 7
  7. 7. It doesn’t work like that! I know but we soon will The party with the most MLAs have if we follow thechooses the First Minister and book!! Hang on, I’ll show the second largest you... party chooses the deputy First Minister. But we haven’t got any MLAs! ool Brill. Let’s get started!! 540 Young People in the Sch class ach workin g in 18 classes. E Compare elects 2 people. this to the board I did s e to make decision earlier 18 x 2 = 36 peoply’ll be our it’ll work!! for everyone. The assemble; MLAs and they’LL and we’ll appoint Ministers ernment! have a school govHow on earth Seems we need a lot Why not just Of course, it’ll You do we tell of press, TV, radio, tell ‘Big be round the better everyone in adverts, campaigns, Mouth’ Bertha school before not, the school? ‘mail drops’, bill all about it, hometime! dork! board poster, ad then tell her Brilliant. shells it’s a secret! I could and kiss you! leaflets to tell everyone! 10 minutes later Stage one. Pssst, hey Bertha did Result!you hear about whisper Hey did you whisper! whisper! hear about the assembly, the POLICIES, word’s all around Parties & the school. Stuff 8
  8. 8. Why should Coz it’s But a vote for me is a voteanyone vote me!! for longer school holidays! for you? That’s my campaign policy! COMPUTER Says - A policy is a plan to guide decision making. Before an election, parties set out their policies on different issues in a manifesto.Wow I’d vote for A shorthim! Guess I need time later! This is a policy... really good! (About It seems 471/2 secs) that each class has candidates with the same policies. Clever Cloggs says: A candidate is a person who wishes to be elected. Candidates are usually members of teams called Parties. Class B Class C Class Class A Nick – No School Nick D ass E Ted – No – No ol Mike – No School School Sc ck – No Scho Uniform Uniform Uniform Unifor hool Te Uniform tion Jim – PE Ryan – PE’s an Option obd – PE’s a m Op Tom – PE’s an Option ’s Fred – Le an Option – n Op Bryan – PE’s an Joe – Less Homework ss Tim – Less ary – Less Hom tion Shazz – Less H omework Health ework Homework y School Mary – Healthy School Homework Sue – He Ash – Healthy School School y Steve – Health Dinners althy Scho ol Dinners Dinners Dinners Dinners Hols Jane – Longer Hols Dan – Longer Hols – Lon Leslie – Longer Rosie – Lo n – 4 D ger Hols eek Marie – 4 Day Week Maggie – ger Hols Shazz – 4 Day Week ay We ek Roisin – 4 Day W 4 Day Wee kThat means theycould join up tomake six parties! • No School Our Uniform Party n • PE’s an Optio six parties are... Party Stage • Less Two Do you know Homework how many parties the NI Party Voting Assembly haS • Healthy and and can you name all of School Dinners other them? Party stuff. arty • Longer Hols P rty a • 4 Day Week P Go to 9
  9. 9. So how do We put one of ...And we give They write in ‘1’ we vote? these in each everyone in the class for their first classroom! one of these voting choice, ‘2’ for their slips which has the second choice and name of each of so on... their candidates. But it has to be Then they put So, all the 1st choice done in secret so their voting slip votes get counted no one knows who into the ballot first and whoever voted for who! box and... makes the target becomes a class MLA CleverCloggs says - this sort of voting is called THE singletransferablevote OR STV! So who To find out else gets we use the ...So elected? ‘transferable Ted’s vote’ system elected of course. on the first count! ARNIE THE ANDROID says- ‘The target is a pre agreed quota. In this case the class has So Ted passes agreed 8 the quota of votes is the 8 with 10. That quota. means he has a surplus of 2...What’s that Well, we checked Here’s the formula And the 2when it’s at all of Ted’s votes to find out what transferred home? and the 2nd choice they’re worth. votes plus on each of them Sue’s 6 was Sue so she’ll votes get all 10 of Ted’s equals transferred votes! 8 so... Sue’s elected! 10
  10. 10. I’ve worked out all So who The biggest the results from gets to party all the classes! be First chooses Minister one of their and Deputy people to First? be FIRst Minister. ... And the 2nd One intense selection session later... biggest party 1 Find out chooses one of Well I’m And I’m The what your their people First Deputy Assembly devolved to be Deputy Minister First has a lot First Minister! Minister of work matters are to do. Look... 2 Form Committees 3 Form an Executive Committee of Ministers What are Well in the What Simple! You’ve to Go to the head - But‘Devolved NI Assembly’s about go to the head I’ve done nothin’ Bad!Matters? case it’s things in our to see what he’s Westminster case? going to let us have given make decisions I thinkWork? the Assembly about! I’ve had a power to make mishap! decisions and laws about! The Assembly Well when you Of course!! Which is our has think about There’s the Education departments it, All our ‘less homework’ Dept... and parties are party... Ministers to about things That’s our look after that affect ‘Healthy School Health Dept... SMARTY PANTS things that our school Dinners’ and says - NI affect our lives! ‘P.E’s an option’ We’ll need Assembly can daily lives. parties. more money tomake decisions buy clothes SO about things That’s OUR which affect And ‘No School Uniform’ Party? Finance DEPT.our daily lives -like education, health,transport AND agriculture. CAN YOU name some MORE? 11
  11. 11. With all their ideas the class MLAs have 2 Hours Later! a friday meeting - with the Head! Headmaster’s Office The Head says we need 30 ÷ 3 Yeh! 10! It would to set up a statutory is 49 be good ifcommittee for each of our Just 3 departments to advise testing! we made the Ministers and check sure their work SO THAT’s each MLA 36 MLAs... suited the committee ...MINUS THE 3 they sat MINISTERS, MINUS on! 1ST & DEPUTY, Minus... ...SPEAKER 10! is... ‘Suited the Well for instance Right! So the ... And some Committee’! it would be good if Education MLAS from theWhat do you the Health Committee Committee ‘PEs AN Option’ mean? had MLAs from the could have Party! ‘Healthy School the ‘less Dinners’ Party and homework’ PEs an option Party. party MLAs... ...And the ‘Healthy School Dinner’ Party! Why do you To make Right. WE NEED MINISTERS Right we’re all want the sure we TO TAKE CHARGE OF ‘healthy get lots OUR 3 DEPARTMENTS set! Let’s bringschool dinner’ of brain AND THEY’LL SIT ON THE about change party? food LIKE EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE WITH for the better! FISH AND THE FIRST MINISTER AND STUFF! DEPUTY FIRST MINISTER. THE MINISTER WILL COME UP Hooray!! WITH IDEAS FOR NEW LAWS AND IMPLEMENT THOSE PASSED BY THE SCHOOL ASSEMBLY. THE CLASS MLAS AND COMMITTEES WILL MAKE SURE THEY DO A GOOD JOB. 12
  12. 12. Volume 493 Issue Number 964 School Assembly PassES 1st Bill!By Sue McWilliams (Upper 6th)It was a great day for school politics when our class MLAsvoted to pass our first Bill, namely the controversial ‘HealthySchool Dinners’ Bill. Our intrepid photographer, ‘Snap’Wilson was there to capture each Stage of the Bill, fromthe moment Class MLA Bill Smith presented the writtenproposal to the Speaker, to the final debate in plenary, andthe successful ‘yes’ vote which meant it would become law.Bill Smith “As the representative of my classmates, it wasmy job to listen to the things they wanted and, since amajority of them wanted healthy school dinners, I proposed Class MLA Bill Smith about to The general principles of the Bill get wellthe Bill”. present the ‘full text’ version and truely debated in plenary. of his proposed Bill to theI believe you had to write it out in detail and present it to Speaker.the Speaker? “Yeah the problem was it had to be withhim 7 school days before it could be introduced to theAssembly!” I heard you got there just before final bell? “Yeh,cut it fine coz of footie practice, but it got there. Its title wasread to the Assembly - and so that was the FIRST STAGEcomplete”.When the general principles were debated in SECONDSTAGE, there was a ‘heated exchange’. “Gosh yeh! Someeejit told big Joe that if the Bill went through there wouldn’tbe sausages on the school dining menu ever again and hewent nuts!”That wasn’t the case though? “No, the Bill is just to give us The committee look at the Bill really The committee also listen to thea choice between what’s already on the menu, and a range closely. views of experts and the pupils.of healthy options”. So the Health Committee looked at thewhole thing? “Yeh, the Committee Stage was whereMLAs studied the Bill line by line and suggested somechanges that would make it a better law. We took on boardwhat the experts and pupils thought. Mrs Cooke, our schoolcanteen manager, was one of those experts.”Mrs Cooke “It was a pleasure to help the kids and I reallyenjoyed creating a new healthy menu for them like GordoRamsey does for all those restaurants in America”.So she had a lot of input? “Oh, she heard a rumour thatJimmie Oliver would pay us a visit, so she made a whole lot The committee report what they found ...followed by a debate.of dishes for him to try like her ‘Lettuce & Brussel Sprout out to the Assembly...Pie’ and her ‘Potato Pudding’”. What happened next? “Thecommittee reported back to the school Assembly and thewhole thing was debated, including the suggested changes,or amendments, as they’re called”.Another final debate.....“And the Bill was voted throughwith a big majority”. So when does the Bill become law? “Ifthis was the ‘real’ Assembly it would get final approval bythe Queen. This is call Royal Assent, but here it went to theHeadmaster”.Headmaster “I believe schools should ensure thatstudents have a good range of healthy options in theircanteens, so I was very pleased to approve this Bill, makingit an Act (law)”.So readers, we have our first new law. We now have theoption of healthy school dinners and everyone has the rightto choose, thanks to your class MLAs! The vote following the final debate. Photos by Ginger ‘Snap’ Wilson. 13
  13. 13. C D E V O L U T I O N Y C G W Can you findN O E A H K U L I M L U N A D the followingY L M K T C M L A B E I L E E words in theR E B M A H C A M L K B O D M Grid above?A S A N I H R E K A E P S V ON C E D E T S G M O R A O R C AgreementE L A T N S T N S K C T O E R AssemblyL B O C A X O E N R E L V K A AyeP P A R T I E S E R L I H A C Chamber CommitteeE O U Q S M D A D E B A T E Y ConstituencyT N X I R S S M I N I S T E R DebateA G C A G R E E M E N T U S R Decision-making DemocracyJ E O A K E Y A W K S N Q D G DevolutionD E L E C T I O N A R T O R D ElectionC O N S T I T U E N C Y R U K Minister Law MLA Parties Plenary Speaker Vote 1. eitecmomt 2. tneiolec 5. ebtead 8. smitreni 3. awl 6. rpskaee 9. brmerm fo het esvtilgleai sylmbase 4. teov 7. ttcyncuosine 10. amteplrain iduslbign Down South Armagh Newry & South Tyrone Valley Bann Fermanagh & Lagan Strangford Upper 3 4 26. Speaker Antrim 1 Ulster Tyrone5. Debate 10. Parliament Buildings South West Mid4. Vote Leglisative Assembly Antrim East 4. Belfast West3. Law 9. Minister of the Antrim Foyle 3. Belfast South Londonderry 2. Belfast East North2. Election 8. Minister East 1. Belfast North1. Committee 7. ConstituencyANSWERS TO UNSCRAMBLE THE FOLLOWING: ants Puzz le martie P ANSWERS TO S ANSWERS TO WORD SEARCH: 14
  14. 14. O R D S S W abo ut m bly ? O A sse now land R o u k Ire C 2 o y ern t d rth Wha1 o th e N 5 3 8 4 6 7 9 10 b ly ssem S andA E 8] Irel rn es [ U 7 ] a tiv o rthe [9] by re [ resent s [11] the N em erationCL e th dh p er o loc ate ted re Matt ment t go vern consid c f b ly is of ele on …… govern ve s to ages o em er Ass numb ass law the UK s tati st nd sen arious [9] S re ROS orthersnof choo he pow g power Irela sing a er to p s from rep ugh v tee lect mitAC The N oces has t errin o ly e ses thr om ree le f it pas …C eop th e…1. he pr mbly ransf as e t ch p law orm 3. T he Ass ess of hi in w ed new er f c Mi nist 4. T he pro ent os ] [11 y First rnm a prop 7. T ove bly t 0] of g iven to s sem d depu [1 form me g [4] …A an 8. A na e … e First T e bly f th 9. h Assem be rs o ters, th the s ] Mem l Mini bly [7 WNA stands artmenthe Assem fo r ta DO ML ep f 2 . 1 0 D ting o he ee 5. T full m 6. Plenary 10. Committee 4. Transfered 6. A 5. Executive 9. Bill 3. Election 2. Legisative 8. Democracy 1. Belfast DOWN 7. Devolution ACROSS ANSWERS TO CROSSWORD: 15
  15. 15. Belo w plac is a e t to t d besi able of he c de orre the w words a ct w ro n ord ng def d defin init i ions tions. . Co T nnec he wor (1) De t th ds e co have volu rrec be tion t de en fini (A ) A ty tio n pe o (2) Co hav e th f politi nsti repr ei ca tuen cy esen r say o l system tati n ves who w where (B) Th and i the ll becom people eU law Irela K Parl s th e their nd A iam at w loca ent ill b (3) Ple indu l ma ssembl tter y th has give em ade nary stry s in e po n th . , ed N wer e No ucat orthe ion, rn I to dec rthern (C) A p hea re id lth, land, su e about (4) Memb a MLA rticular agri c cult h as the ers s to lo ure, Leg of repr cal are etc. Asse islat esen aw mbl iv h y (M e (D) Me t th em. ere the (5) Dem LAs) m peo ocra app bers of ple elec cy oint the t Dep ed t Asse artm o ta ents ke c mbly w (E) Ch . harg h e of o have (6) Min air ord s the m Gov b iste er a ernm een rs nd e eeting ent nsu s of ring th (F) The rule e Asse s ar mbl idea e fo y For of a llow , keepi (7) Repr e (the xample cting o ed. ng esen , n be tati elec people MLAs on ted) livin repr half of . g in es so (G) A the ent the meone area ir el (8) The form al whe constit se. re t Spe ake Asse mbl discuss hey uents r y Ch io wer amb n abou e (9) Exec (H) Th er tas ubje e te ct in utiv Dep nM the Com e uty inis mit Firs ters tee t Mi , toge(10) De nist t (I) Fu er f her wi bate orm th ll m eeti this the Fi ng o . rst a f th nd (J) Th e As sem e in bly the divi p dua The eople o ls elec re a t re 1 f North ed to s 08 o e e f th rn Irela rve and em. nd i r n th eprese e As n sem t bly. (10) - (G) (5) - (9) (9) - (H) (4) - (J) (8) - (E) (3) - (I) (7) - (F) (2) - (C) (6) - (D) (1) - (B) WORD CONNECTION: ANSWERS TO 16