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Smart Sustainability Suite for Water and Wastewater Treatment plants

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Smart Sustainability Suite for Water and Wastewater Treatment plants

  1. 1. Smart Sustainability Suite for Water & Wastewater Treatment Plants
  2. 2. Introduction Do you face these challenges? The solution How we can help you – EcoAxis solution In the water and wastewater treatment industry, there is a continuous demand on OEMs, O&M operators, and plant owners to maximize output–both in terms of quantity and quality–to maintain process parameters at an optimum level, to achieve high availability, and to maximize plant life while reducing operating costs such as man-power, consumables, and energy. Highly complex and continuously evolving technologies in the fields of water treatment (for municipal, industrial, and medical–purposes, effluent treatment (including Zero Liquid Discharge), and sewage treatment add to the overall complexity. This necessitates continuous and aggressive management of operation and maintenance practices to realize high reliability of process equipment and low total cost of ownership of plants over several decades of plant usage. EcoAxis' solution provides a decision support system through continuous monitoring that can integrate plant operations, consumables management, and maintenance processes to help generate information for data-driven decision making. An informed decision can thus lead to savings in operation and maintenance cost, improved life, and performance of the plant. Plant supplier The continuous introduction of new technologies in water and wastewater treatment makes it necessary for plant suppliers to validate new designs in the field and help the end user manage the product and/or plant life cycle efficiently. There is also pressure on the service organization which caters to a large, geographically-spread installed base. Integration of service and supply chains is also a key challenge while deploying resources at remotely located sites. O&M and BOO/BOOT operators It's always a tight-rope walk for O&M operators to manage a plant with the highest possible efficiency at the lowest possible costs and still meet the challenging KPIs of availability, throughput, and quality. Changes in quality and quantity of raw water necessitate continuous process adjustments that need to be monitored by process experts. Avoiding breakdowns by on-time or preventive maintenance and optimizing maintenance practices through condition–based maintenance is the need of the moment. Issues such as scarcity of service resources and the availability of experts from the head office at remote sites add to the complexity of this challenge. Additionally, compliance with environmental regulations with proper accountability is an additional deliverable which these operators have to fulfill End user Keeping the total cost of ownership in control by efficiently maintaining and operating the plant with the maximum yield is the biggest challenge for all plant owners. The end user also needs to simultaneously reduce the costs of consumables, energy, and operation & maintenance while keeping an eye on depleting fresh water sources. The lack of the right information to the right people at the right place and right time leaves plant managers and personnel struggling to meet these challenges. Expansive plants and geographically distributed plant locations only compound the challenges. A centralized online, real-time decision support system that can empower personnel with information on the device of their choice i.e. laptops, mobile phones, or tablets can help meet these challenges. Such a system will involve: 1. Continuous monitoring of remote plant assets for real-time information on: a. Critical process parameters like pH, conductivity, ORP, BOD, COD, etc. b. Productivity c. Availability d. Quality 2. Continuous tracking of critical process parameters that help to: a. Identify and address deviations quickly b. Track equipment health to instill and manage predictive or condition-based maintenance 3. Real-time reporting of KPIs like specific chemical consumption or energy consumption that help to keep track of operational effectiveness and performance 4. Alerts for intimating plant users about critical plant conditions before they get out of hand A.T.E. Enterprises Pvt. Ltd. (Business Unit – EcoAxis) has a machine-to-machine (M2M) technology platform – called – TM SUPERAxis for continuous remote monitoring and analytics of discrete batch and continuous process plant & also monitors utilities like energy, air, and chemicals and is a pioneer of this technology in the country. TM SUPERAxis is a complete suite of hardware and software products integrated into a total solution. This includes embedded data logging gateways, a data warehouse, and a software engine to deliver analytics in the form of reports, dashboards on web or mobile interfaces, notifications over emails and SMSs, and bridges to enterprise applications.
  3. 3. Solution architecture: Data Acquisition & Transmission Customer Scope EcoAxis Solution Application Server Smart Instruments SCADA system PLC Manual Entry (Reasons for stoppage) Value Delivery Additional Information axsi NOTIFY Alerts & Notifications axsi GURU Analytics Basic Functionality Trending Tabular Data Export to Excel Export to Pdf axsi EYE - Historian Any device, Any time, Any where Water / Sewage / Effluent Treatment Plant AICards DICards EcoAxis Hardware OPC Client How it works What can you achieve with an M2M-based monitoring system? Personalized login with role-based & asset-based functionality approach Configuration of alerts, email notification & escalation MIS reports with meaningful analytics Personalized dashboards published as web pages Operations control screens made available to experts for viewing real- time data remotely The solution has been implemented in a number of applications including water and wastewater plants for municipal and industrial processes, effluent treatment, sewage treatment, chillers, cooling towers, and boilers. TM SUPERAxis tracks critical parameters of water and wastewater treatment plant such as pH, conductivity, ORP, flow, pressure, pump run-hours, stoppages, chemical consumption etc. Monitoring of performance and maintenance on a minute-by-minute (or second-by-second) basis, followed by managing the operation of the plant through advanced supervision and diagnostic tools helps reducing plant operating and maintenance costs. The hardware and software components of EcoAxis' solution help in acquiring critical data from various entry points such as control systems (PLCs / DCS) of machinery, instruments, switchgear etc. It also facilitates manual data entry by operators for laboratory test parameters like COD, BOD, MLSS etc. This data is sent to remote or local server over the internet using either an Ethernet LAN or a GPRS or broadband connection. EcoAxis' software and database on the server stores this raw data and creates actionable information using high-end analytic tools. This raw data and analytics are made available to authorized users on any device, anytime, anywhere. Ÿ Take informed decisions and allow greater flexibility in plant operation Ÿ Helps equipment attain peak operational efficiency through analysis of historic data of plant performance during various running conditions and variance in inlet water quality Ÿ Reduce maintenance cost by moving away from breakdown maintenance to condition based to predictive maintenance by detecting defects early and carry out maintenance during scheduled shutdowns rather than through unplanned shutdowns Ÿ Increase plant availability by controlling and effectively managing unscheduled stoppage Ÿ Tracking consumption of dosing chemicals and consumption helps optimizing the cost of a process Ÿ Reduce travel to site by experts, especially in a multi-plant scenario where there can be a scarcity of experts.
  4. 4. A.T.E. ENTERPRISES PRIVATE LIMITED T-126, T Block, MIDC, Bhosari, Pune 411 026 T | +91 20 3088 1100 E | W | / (Business Unit: )EcoAxis Waste water effluent disposal monitoring Continuous Measurement & Verification (CMV) Analytics for renewable energy Discrete equipment monitoring Facility monitoring Utilities monitoring Plant process monitoring Understand your most critical challenges Setup systems to collate the most pertinent data Data acquisition & historization Build advanced analytics Generate insights for better decisions Cloud based platform EcoAxis Solution Manual Entry Trending Tabular Data Export to Excel Export to Pdf ax si EYE - Historian EcoAxis Hardware OPC Client Process 1 Process 2 Process 3 Process n Basic Functionality Additional Information Any device, Anytime, Anywhere Alerts & NotificationsAnalytics GURUax si NOTIFYax si Your Scope Our Solution Process 4 Data Acquisition Data Management Advanced Analytics