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Online Pollution Monitoring

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Online Pollution Monitoring

  1. 1. Smart Sustainability Suite for Pollution Monitoring
  2. 2. The solution comprises of two parts; local software for data acquisition & transmission and server side framework to handle big data & analytics. The local software is installed on an aggregator PC at the plant to acquire parameter data from multiple analyzers over Ethernet and/or RS485 using the Modbus protocol. The software forwards the parameter data to remote servers located at CPCB and SPCB over FTP protocol using a broadband connection. TM SuperAxis server side framework is able to handle data coming from multiple sites and uniquely identify the source and location of each parameter. All the parameter data is segregated and stored in a secure database. This data is made available for viewing to authorized users through secure, user friendly interface over an internet connection. Solution Architecture: Architecture of EcoAxis Software on Aggregator PCSolution Description: MODBUS SerialMODBUS TCP Local Storage Transmitter Highlights ofAxisOEM Software: Minimum Required Hardware TM o The local PC configuration required is desktop grade, Core i3 or higher with 8 GB RAM, 1 TB HDD, 4 USB ports, 1 LAN port o Optional hardware: Additional LAN port for utilising the enhanced security feature described below. Required Software o Windows 8 (or above) OS, Anti Virus – single user licence Interfacing with data source o MODBUS RTU and TCP interfaces running simultaneously - MODBUS RTU, with provision of upto 4 different baud rates via independent COM port (RS232/USB) interfaces Analyser 1 Analyser 2 Analyser 1 Analyser N Analyser 2 Analyser N Aggregator PC Industry Site EthernetRS485 CPCB Server SuperAxis Big Data Framework / Third Party Server Software SPCB Server SuperAxis Big Data Framework / Third Party Server Software Authorized User(s) Local Display Board Company Website WEB Broadband Connection
  3. 3. - Maximum of 32 MODBUS slaves can be configured - Maximum of 480 tags per slave can be configured ¡ TCP - MODBUS TCP connection over and above MODBUS RTU ¡ Existing PC ¡ Our software is equipped to extract data from any ODBC data source. Remote data transfer Broadband via Ethernet O Optional: For enhanced security, connectivity with internet for data transfer is through a separate Ethernet port and IP address. O Optional Local Display Board: If the Local display board is ordered on EcoAxis, AxisOEM connector for the same will communicate with the display board on TCP/IP protocol. Other Features ¡ Time stamping of acquired data from MODBUS RTU and TCP. ¡ Tags acquired at the TCP port are over and above acquired over MODBUS TCP. ¡ Storage period at the AxisOEM is configurable from 1 day upwards. ¡ AxisOEM can be configured to transfer data to upto 6 remote servers, each of them at a unique transfer frequency ¡ AxisOEM GUI provides for viewing, trending and exporting data to a spreadsheet. TM Highlights of SuperAxis Ÿ Generic architecture suitable for suitable for different applications such as CEMS, AAQMS, Water, Weather, effluent monitoring, etc. TM Ÿ Robust web based/SuperAxis framework for storage and analysis of Big Data for managing industrial assets on anytime, any device, anywhere basis Ÿ Development of customised analytics, reports, views, alerts, notifications Ÿ Optional: Integration with maps Ÿ The GUI will provide for viewing, trending, export to excel / pdf to a view only terminal attached with the server as well as the same can be accessed from any device via internet since the GUI is web enabled. - All user access is restricted through authentication and authorisation - Optionally – access over secure sockets can be provided. Ÿ The data sampling frequency at the server level is configurable. Currently, as per our understanding the same is defined by CPCB as 15 mins. Ÿ Provision for backing up data on external devices is available. Ÿ Equipment wise time series historical data is stored in the system.
  4. 4. A.T.E. ENTERPRISES PRIVATE LIMITED T-126, T Block, MIDC, Bhosari, Pune 411 026 T | +91 20 3088 1100 E | W | / (Business Unit: )EcoAxis Waste water effluent disposal monitoring Continuous Measurement & Verification (CMV) Analytics for renewable energy Discrete equipment monitoring Facility monitoring Utilities monitoring Plant process monitoring Understand your most critical challenges Setup systems to collate the most pertinent data Data acquisition & historization Build advanced analytics Generate insights for better decisions Cloud based platform EcoAxis Solution Manual Entry Trending Tabular Data Export to Excel Export to Pdf ax si EYE - Historian EcoAxis Hardware OPC Client Process 1 Process 2 Process 3 Process n Basic Functionality Additional Information Any device, Anytime, Anywhere Alerts & NotificationsAnalytics GURUax si NOTIFYax si Your Scope Our Solution Process 4 Data Acquisition Data Management Advanced Analytics