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Atechnocrat web solutions_pvt._ltd._profile

  1. 1. Atechnocrat Web Solutions Pvt.Ltd. Company ProfileWebsite: www.atechnocrat.comCategory: Web ServicesPhone: +91-9873931501Address: B-2, Manjusha Chamber, 12, LSC,Saini Enclave Extension, Vikas Marg,New Delhi-110092, IndiaFounded. Since 2006Emp: 30+InEmail: sumit@atechnocrat.comObjectiveAtechnocrat Web Solutions is a Growing IT Company in India. Our services have grown from websitedevelopment with custom & open source development including software development, e-commercesolutions and search engine optimization. Our clients appreciate that they can get all of their internetservices under one roof. The corporate sector satisfied from our quality based services and we have agood relationship. We offer the services since 2006 we growing fast day by day. Web Development Services Open Source Development Custom Development Application Development Open Source Development: We offer Open source Development with Both the Sector Small Industries and Corporate Sector joomla/wordpress/drupal/magento with php/mysql. Open Source technology makes business sense. Besides being free and of very high quality, it is often more powerful than most commercially available products. This is because its shared development harnesses the benevolent brilliance of thousands around the world who are continually developing, improving, and evolving its core. Open source feature is: Cms/portal E-commerce Blog Customization Forum Customization Image Galleries The Advantage of Open Source Development Affordability Excellent code quality and security Mitigation of vendor collapse or software discontinuation Faster innovation No vendor or software lock-in Greater flexibility 1
  2. 2. Custom Development We Offer the Excellence Services in Corporate Sector Across the world Atechnocrat web Solution Provided Cheapest Services in India and world. We maintain our quality and powerful knowledge based service. This is the main resion the Atechnocrat web solutions have Over 100 Indian and abroad satisfied client. We create systems and software that set aside your business to be dynamic and flexible in a way that allows you to complete in this highly competitive and high performance businesses world Custom Web and Software Programming Services Custom E-Business & Ecommerce Solutions (B2B, B2C etc) CRM Solutions SCM Solutions Intranet Application Service Portal Solutions Enterprise Portal Web Enabling Legacy System Custom Components and Libraries Application Development In the Corporate sector small skall or Large Company Both has the requirement in Application Packages Software. And we provide quality based Development through Talented Developer Atechnocrat solutions have a qualified 20+in Developer Team to support the Excellence services. Client/Server Application Component Solution Distributed Application Web Services Database Solution Desktop Application Some Advanced Feature of Application Development PHP and Mysql Web Development Business Website Application For corporate Sector Custom Flash web development You Tube Integration ECommerce Systems Shopping Cart Credit Card Payment Gateway Banner Management system Content Management System (CMS)We create systems and software that set aside your business to be dynamic and flexible in a waythat allows you to compete in this highly competitive and high performance businesses world.We offer Technical Consultants with a wide degree of disciplines to match the needs of yourcompany. 2
  3. 3. Search Engine Optimization The Atechnocrat Web Solutions offer Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Services is the method of making website easy to find in search engines with their targeted and relevant keywords. This could be achieved by optimizing internal and external factors that influence search engine positioning. In the current time every corporate or medium company want to optimize his website for the more traffic and just placing a website on internet does not guarantee its success. While the website may have been developed with the best input of graphics and content, the success can be complete only when it is visible to its target visitors. Atechnocrat Web solution Provide the following services in SEO…….. PPC Management Link Building Services SEO Packages SEO Outsourcing Web Designing In the present time all the sector need an eye caching design Atechnocrat Web Solutions have a number of talented and qualified designer and they do his best job. We have the many more satisfied client here in India and rest countries like (USA, UK, CANADA, AUS, BRAZIL, SWITZ, CHINA many more) Atechnocrat Web solution Provide the services in Designing…….. Static Web Design Website Redesign Custom Website Design Website Maintenance Flash Website Designing E-commerce Website Design Dynamic Website Design Business Website DesignWork Strategies and MethodologyAtechnocrat web solutions methodology is based on the idea that web development can benefit fromknowledge and skills in many areas and attention to six processes and six web elements. Key to thismethodology is a view of the Web as a medium with unique characteristics and qualities to be usedfor web design. This methodology is organized by phases. Phases are typically used to communicate agrouping of deliverables and functional progression within a project timeline and to assess theprogress of a project. Most web development methodologies begin when requirements are definedand end when the application "goes live." This methodology starts even earlier -- when the originalconcept is formed-and does not end until a client post-delivery review of the project is completed. Planning Audience Information Purpose Statement Object Statement Web Specification 3
  4. 4. Web Presentation WebAnalysisOnce a customer is started discussing own requirements, the team gets into it, towards thepreliminary requirement analysis. As the web site is going to be a part of a system, it needs acomplete analysis as, how the web site or the web based application is going to help the presentsystem and how the site is going to help the business. Moreover the analysis should cover all theaspects especially on how the web site is going to join the existing system. The first importantthing is finding the targeted audience. Then, all the present hardware, software, people and datashould be considered during the time of analysis. Audience and purpose? Can it be done? Is it right? Is it working? Maintenance needed?DesignAfter building the specification, work on the web site is scheduled upon receipt of the signedproposal, a deposit, and any written content materials and graphics you wish to include. Herenormally the layouts and navigation will be designed as a prototype.Some customers may be interested only in a full functional prototype. In this case we may needto show them the interactivity of the application or site. But in most of the cases customer maybe interested in viewing two or three design with all images and navigation. Look and Feel Architecture UsabilityImplementation HTML and other technologies Software and systems TechniquesContent writingThis phase is necessary mainly for the web sites. There are professional content developers whocan write industry specific and relevant content for the site. Content writers to add their text canutilize the design templates. The grammatical and spelling check should be over in this phase.CodingNow its programmers turn to add his code without disturbing the design. Unliketraditional design the developer must know the interface and the code should not disturb thelook and feel of the site or application. So the developer should understand the design andnavigation. If the site is dynamic then the code should utilize the template. The developer mayneed to interact with the designer, in order to understand the design. The designer may need todevelop some graphic buttons when ever the developer is in need, especially while using someform buttons. If a team of developers is working they should use a CVS to control their sources.Coding team should generate necessary testing plans as well as technical documentation. 4
  5. 5. Testing Unlike software, web based applications need intensive testing, as the applications will always function as a multi-user system with bandwidth limitations. Some of the testing which should be done are, Integration testing, Stress testing, Scalability testing, load testing, resolution testing and cross-browser compatibility testing. Both automated testing and manual testing should be done without fail. For example it’s needed to test fast loading graphics and to calculate their loading time, as they are very important for any web site. There are certain testing tools as well as some online testing tools which can help the testers to test their applications. For example ASP developers can use Microsofts Web Application Test Tool to test the ASP applications, which is a free tool available from the Microsoft site to download.Atechnocrat Web Solutions Pvt. Ltd. PhilosophyAs a table is supported by its legs, a good Web site is supported by clean design, valid code, semanticmark-up, appropriate content and a logical, user-friendly navigational system. But most of all a sitemust be designed with a purpose. This purpose, the goal of the site, helps us determine theappropriate target audience and the content well need to reach that audience, make a connection,and reach our goal—whether thats selling widgets, promoting a service or disseminatinginformation. This approach is explained in greater detail in my planning Your Web Site Tutorial.Planning and designing the site is only the first step. If we start with a well constructed site thatincorporates search engine optimization (SEO) we can make our sites more findable, but we stillneed to spread the word. By applying the right blend of traditional and social media marketingstrategies, we can not only let people know our sites exist but also let them know the value theyprovide. Technology We Offer Web services with 2.0 technology Advanced microsoft technology Html/xml/mysql/sql/ Programming language: php/java/ on rail All open source /wordpress/joomla/drupal/magento O/s : Windows /Linux/GUI/API Key points of Atechnocrat Web Development Terms Requirement with client point of view Cost Estimation according requirement Process(step by step all points) Analysis Design Testing Delivery Maintenance Domain with Hosting Must Visit Company Portfolio:- With Regards Atechnocrat Web Solutions Pvt. Ltd. 5