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Cardox Technology for the Steel Industry


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Cardox Technology for the Steel Industry

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Cardox Technology for the Steel Industry

  1. 1. ATD Pressure Gas System Presents: Cardox Technology for the Steel Industry. Safe, Fast and Effective Material Build-up and slag Removal Presented by John Stulack
  2. 2. ATD Pressure Gas System has been safely removing material build–up and blockages in industrial processes and bulk storage for over 60 years.
  3. 3. ATD Provides Cardox Technology to over 300 customers in 50 Countries  Steel Manufacturing  Pulp and Paper Industry  Cement Industry  Lime Industry  Waste Industry  Power Industry  All Types of Bulk Storage  Chemical Industry
  4. 4. Applications Examples:  Pyroprocessing/Calcining – Rotary Kilns – Riser Duct -Preheater – Chimney/Cassette - Ceiling/Roof - Cyclones – Feed Pipes – Feed shelf - Transfer Chute – Downcomer – Cooler.  Incinerators – Combustion Chamber – Duct Work – Grate Cooler.  Power Industry – Super Heater Tubes – Economizer – Electrostatic Precipitator – Boiler Ash Hoppers – Lime silos –Flyash silos.  Steel Industry Iron Ore Pelletizing - Slag Pot Ladles – Coke Battery – Coal Feeders – Blast Furnace - Uptakes - Dustcatcher  Bulk storage/ Silos, Feeders and Rail Cars – Coal – Lime - Gypsum - Finished Cement - Iron Ore - Fly-ash - Raw Meal - Soda Ash – DDG - Bone Meal - Grain etc.
  5. 5. How Does a Cardox Tube Work? The Cardox Tube is loaded with a chemical Pressure Gas Generator and is then sealed with the Tube Head. The Discharge side of the tube is loaded with a Copper Washer and Shear Disc, followed by the operator’s choice of Discharge Head. After the tube is loaded it is then filled with liquid CO2.
  6. 6. Loading the Tube with Generator, Copper Washer and Shear disc. This takes about two minutes with our Loading Table. Filling The Tube with liquid CO₂. This takes about 30 seconds with our Wall-mount Filling Station. Loading & Filling Equipment
  7. 7. Three Main Components out in the field Gripcase Cardox Tube The Base Socket is installed on the outside of the vessel wall in the location where the internal material build-up is to be removed. The Gripcase safely holds the tube in place while it is activated. The Cardox Tube removes the unwanted build-up with a high pressure blast of inert gaseous C0₂. Base Socket
  8. 8. When the Tube is Activated The operator detonates the Tube from a safe predetermined location. When detonated, the Chemical Generator creates heat, converting the liquid CO2 to Gaseous CO2 in 20 milliseconds. It expands at over 500 times its original volume and the gas ruptures the shear disc at 37,000 psi, producing traverse forces up to 15 tons. The CO2 discharge is deflected by the Discharge Head (type depending on application) removing the build-up from the refractory/vessel wall.
  9. 9. Remove Material Build-up While On Line Iron Ore Pelletizing Grate Kiln Larry Car DowncomerBlast Furnace Chokes Build-up in Preheat Coal Feeders/SilosSlag Pot Deskulling Dustcatcher
  10. 10. ATD-Pressure Gas System – Because experience matters. We are your Cardox experts! “We were experiencing funnel flow (vs. mass flow) which leads to rat-holes putting the site at operational risk. We originally brought in a firm, that will remain nameless to clear the rat-hole in an alternate way than yours. This was costly, ineffective, and frankly I believe that firm was milking the job. When we contacted John Stulack he responded to our needs quickly and professionally with his mind on safety. His use of the Cardox System has kept the coal flowing in our silos and has relieved a great deal of stress for the people working in this power plant, not the least of which is mine. John is experienced, courteous and direct which is refreshing. He has helped us numerous times and without his dedication I have no doubt we would have process interruptions.” – Utilities Manager from Pennsylvania Pulp and Paper Industry
  11. 11. Deskulling Slag Pots Ladles Removing Slag from Slag Pot ladles can be very time consuming and expensive. Other methods are dangerous and create undo stress that can often damage the ladle. A single shot from an ATD-Pressure Gas Tube can remove the skull safely without damaging the ladle. This is accomplished at a fraction of the cost of the use of heavy machinery.
  12. 12. Iron Ore Pelletizing: Remove Build-up in the Grate Kiln Pre-heat while on line! Blast Furnace: Remove Build-up in the Uptake, Dustcatcher and Downcomers
  13. 13. Keep Your Coal and Bulk Materials Flowing Frozen coal plugs can shutdown your Coke Battery or coal silos. A targeted Pressure Gas Tube blast of inert gaseous CO₂ dislodges residual material, plugs and bridges safely and quickly. LOAD IT UP LOCK IT IN BLOW IT AWAY!
  14. 14.  All Types of Bulk Storage:  -Cement  – Lime  – Coal  – Iron Ore  – Fly Ash  – Soda Ash  – Gypsum  – DDG  – Bone Meal  – Grain  - Wood Chips Keep Your Silos Flowing with ATD Cardox
  15. 15. Pressure Gas Tubes (Cardox) In Action
  16. 16. Basic Procedure Remove Locking Plate from Base Socket and insert the Drill Guide.
  17. 17. Basic Procedure A Bore is created in the material build-up with a Rock Drill or bar. Softer materials may not require any drilling.
  18. 18. Basic Procedure The loaded Cardox Tube is inserted into the Base Socket at a predetermined depth and locked in place with the Grip Case. The detonating wires are now connected.
  19. 19. Basic Procedure The tube is safely activated remotely.
  20. 20. How do we protect the refractory and Vessel Wall? Our ATD Pressure Gas system is specifically designed to insure there is no damage to the refractory or vessel wall while targeting the buildup. ATD also offers custom Discharge Tubes that insure the operator inserts the tube at the correct depth. Our specialized Discharge Tubes come in a variety of types for your specific application. Heat resistant Tubes and Straight Shot type are also now available!
  21. 21. Advantages using Cardox Technology Safety! Material Build-up is removed from the outside of the vessel. The operator is in a safe area when the Cardox Tube is activated. Cardox is safe to use in nearly every process and material as the discharge is inert gaseous CO₂. The system is specifically designed to insure there is no damage to the refractory or vessel wall while targeting the unwanted buildup. Down time is drastically reduced. Removal of deposits in most applications is achieved in just minutes. Ring removal in kilns averages between 2 – 6 hours with as little as 4 operators. Using Cardox Technology proactively prevents the ring or Build- up from becoming problematic.
  22. 22. Removing Kiln Rings/Build-up WITHOUT Cardox • 24 Hour Cool Down Time • Confined Space Permits • Workers are Subjected to Dangerous Conditions • 24 Hours Heat Up Time • Loss of Production
  23. 23. Thank you for your time! Please contact us for any questions or additional information. We specialize in providing solutions for your specific application. John C Stulack (843-830-8488)