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Top 5-crm-books-slidedeck-atcore-systems


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Have you been looking for some great books to read? Why not read one of our top 5 choices in CRM books. We read the reviews and asked around and in the end this was the top 5 chosen. Let us know your favorite CRM book.

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Top 5-crm-books-slidedeck-atcore-systems

  1. 1. Top 5 CRM Books We read the reviews on Amazon, asked our friends and customers and in the end we found the Top 5 CRM books that are a must read!
  2. 2. CRM at the Speed of Light By: Paul Greenberg
  3. 3. CRM The Foundation of Contemporary Marketing Strategy By: Roger J. Barab and Robert J. Galka
  4. 4. The Definitive Guide to Customer Relationship Management By: V. Kumar, Richard Hammond, Herb Sorensen & Michael R. Solomon
  5. 5. The CRM Handbook: A Business Guide to Customer Relationship Management By: Jill Dyche
  6. 6. CRM Fundamentals By: Scott Kostojohn, Matthew Johnson, and Brian Paulen
  7. 7. TELL US MORE… What books have you read about CRMs that you found helpful? Do you currently user a CRM, if so which one? Or are you looking to implement a CRM, if so contact us and we can help!