Atcore Connect - SugarCRM Call Logging by the Numbers


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Atcore connect reduces call logging clicks and keystrokes by 91% in SugarCRM. All that from just one of the Atcore Connect for SugarCRM features.

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  • Welcome to Atcore Connect Call Logging by the Numbers. Telesales for SugarCRM
  • Lets take a look at a scenario where your organization has 5 meeting makers, each making 100 calls per day using out of the box SugarCRM
  • These meeting makers would be using SugarCRM to make 2500 calls per week.
  • An estimated 1875 calls logged in SugarCRM would be voicemails.
  • 625 calls logged in SugarCRM would have other dispositions that would need to be typed in.
  • Out of the box SugarCRM requires 23 clicks and keystrokes to log one voicemail.
  • That mean that your team will make 57,500 clicks and keystroke per week.
  • With Atcore Connect your SugarCRM users can lower that to 5000.
  • Your SugarCRM users will see a 91% reduction is clicks and keystrokes per week worked.
  • This would take roughly 15 seconds per logged call.
  • With Atcore Connect it would take roughly 2 seconds.
  • What does that mean in minutes saved?
  • In SugarCRM it would take 625 minutes per week.
  • With Atcore Connect, only 84 minutes.
  • This is only for 5 meeting makers in 1 week. Want more ROI, put in your numbers and use 1 year as your timeline.
  • Atcore Connect - SugarCRM Call Logging by the Numbers

    1. 1. SugarCRM Call Logging by the Numbers
    2. 2. BY THE NUMBERS Your organization has 5Meeting Makers which make 100calls per day
    3. 3. That is: 2500Calls per week CALLS PER WEEK
    4. 4. That is: 2500 1875Calls per week Voicemails CALLS PER WEEK
    5. 5. That is: 2500 1875 625Calls per week Voicemails Other Disposition CALLS PER WEEK
    6. 6. Logging a voicemail in SugarCRM requires 23Clicks and keystrokes SugarCRM VM
    7. 7. Your Teams Clicks and Keystrokes 57,500 /wk Base SugarCRM THE METRICS
    8. 8. Your Teams Clicks and Keystrokes 5000 /wk Atcore Connect THE METRICS 57,500 /wk Base SugarCRM
    9. 9. Infinitely Happier Sales People 91%Reduction IN PERCENATGES
    10. 10. Out of the box IN TIME
    11. 11. Out of the box 15~ seconds(per call disposition) IN TIME
    12. 12. Out of the box 15~ seconds 2~ seconds (per call disposition) (per call disposition) IN TIME
    13. 13. Minutes IN TIME METRICS
    14. 14. Minutes 625(minutes per week) IN TIME METRICS
    15. 15. Minutes 625 84(minutes per week) (minutes per week) IN TIME METRICS
    16. 16. This is only for 5 meeting makers. We didn’t include sales people, account managers, support people and other cold callers! THE REALITY
    17. 17. More Productivity Happier Users Higher User Adoption And the best part…. All the Management Metrics you need! NEED MORE?
    18. 18. CONTACT US It’s Coming