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Freelancer: The On-Demand Virtual Workforce


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Traditionally organisations sourced their contingent workforce from recruitment agencies and consulting organisations. However, the contingent landscape is changing fast. Crowd sourcing your contingent workforce using organisations like Freelancer is now a viable and cost effective option. In this presentation, David Harrison, Vice President of Engineering, provided an overview on the capability of organisations such as Freelancer to provide an on-demand virtual workforce.

Published in: Recruiting & HR
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Freelancer: The On-Demand Virtual Workforce

  1. 1. The Next Big Thing David Harrison VP Engineering email: twitter: @freelancer You are here
  2. 2. We live in a remarkable period in history.. a confluence of macro trends. You are here
  3. 3. What does this all of this mean? “Software is Eating the World” – Marc Andreessen
  4. 4. What does this all of this mean? Advertising Physical Software
  5. 5. What does this all of this mean? Telecommunications Physical Software
  6. 6. What does this all of this mean? Retail Physical Software
  7. 7. What does this all of this mean? Books Physical Software
  8. 8. What does this all of this mean? Travel Physical Software
  9. 9. What does tis all of this mean? Drug Dealing Physical Software
  10. 10. What does this all of this mean? Jobs and Services Physical Software
  11. 11. “We are becoming Hyper Connected” - Tom Friedman
  12. 12. It’s 2014. World Population 7,144,000,000 Number on the Internet 2,405,518,376 (33.7%) Source: Internet World Stats & United Nations
  13. 13. The other 66% of the world’s population are about to join the Internet.
  14. 14. North America 273 million users 78.6% penetration Europe 518 million users 63.2% penetration Latin America 255m (of 594) 42.9% penetration Africa 167m (of 1073m) 15.6% penetration Asia 1.077m (of 3922m) 27.5% penetration Worldwide Internet Penetration 2012
  15. 15. Worldwide Internet Growth 2000-2012 0% 500% 1000% 1500% 2000% 2500% 3000% 3500% 4000% North America Oceania Europe Asia Latin America Middle East Africa The other 5,000,000,000 people are coming…
  16. 16. 81% of Users of top sites outside USA
  17. 17. Twice as many Chinese than Americans
  18. 18. The first thing they are doing online is looking to raise their standard of living.
  19. 19. The other 5 billion are on an average wage of $10 or less per day
  20. 20. And it’s never been easier to learn a trade.
  21. 21. Free Stanford Course in AI. Over 170,000 enrolled, 8x the total number of students at Stanford.
  22. 22. Simultaneously every industry is now digitised.
  23. 23. The World is Flat.
  24. 24. The World is Flat.
  25. 25. What does all this mean? What does this all mean? Goods Services Today Tomorrow
  26. 26. Global Marketplaces Market Capitalisation: $71 Billion Global Products Marketplace Market Capitalisation: $116 Billion Global Products & Content Marketplace Market Capitalisation: $60 Billion (private) China to World Marketplace Global Marketplace for Services
  27. 27. With so much change and innovation there has never been a better time to make money online!
  28. 28. We are the global labour exchange We Empower Entrepreneurs. Globally.
  29. 29. In the west, we provide the productivity tool to assist those with a spark of an idea turn it into reality.
  30. 30. In emerging economies, we empower entrepreneurs to start service organisations.
  31. 31. The Online Economy
  32. 32. Freelancer Globally ➔ Started in 2009 (history to 2000) and has more than 300 employees around the world! ➔ World’s largest outsourcing marketplace ➔ ~13,000,000 users from >234 countries/regions ➔ ~6,300,000 posted projects to date ➔ > $1,700,000,000 worth of projects posted savings delivered to small businesses in the west ➔ In top ~300 websites globally (Alexa)
  33. 33. How it works ➔ As simple as eBay ➔ Post a Project (FREE!) ➔ Review bids (60-80 on average), ask for samples ➔ Pick one or more Freelancers ➔ Set up Milestone Payments ➔ Only release funds when the work completes are you are 100% happy!
  34. 34. Certifications History of work, payments & feedback
  35. 35. Tips on Getting the Best Results ➔ The better you specify the project, the better the outcome you will have. ➔ Don’t always go for the cheapest. Make sure they can do the job first. ➔ Ask for previous work, a portfolio or to do a paid/unpaid trial on some sample items. ➔ Pick people with a high reputation & good feedback. ➔ Don’t pay upfront. Use Milestone Payments. ➔ Open your mind. You can outsource anything!
  36. 36. Things I bet you didn’t know you could outsource
  37. 37. Small Business Owner Want better packaging Need a Website Need some new brochures Need to find a manufacturer for new product Sell more! Need to redesign my showroom
  38. 38. 1,232 choices for $490
  39. 39. 46 designs for a website for US$100
  40. 40. 36 people bidding, average of $268! Design a fully functional dune buggy I can drive at 30km / hour
  41. 41. Improve manufacturing process in meat processing industry
  42. 42. Composing a rap song to help Chinese students learn English!
  43. 43. Wifi lawn sprinkler that connects to Facebook, Twitter!
  44. 44. Over 2,500 entries for a speech!
  45. 45. US$25,000!
  46. 46. Bangladesh –
  47. 47. Bangladesh –
  48. 48. Nepal –
  49. 49. India –
  50. 50. “If I just have the spark of an idea now, I can get a designer in Taiwan to design it. I can get a factory in China to produce a prototype. I can get a factory in Vietnam to mass manufacture it. I can use to handle fulfilment. I can use to find someone to do my logo and manage my backroom. And I can do all this at incredibly low prices. The one thing that is not a commodity and never will be is that spark of an idea.” “America’s Dream Team” (Tom Friedman) New York Times Editorial 2010
  51. 51. Accolades • Website of the Year – 11th Annual International Business Awards • Best Enterprise – 19th AIMIA Awards 2013 • People’s Voice Award – 16th Webby Awards 2012 • Deloitte Fast 50 2012 • Company of the Year, Internet / New Media Int. Bus. 2012 • Best Enterprise – 18th AIMIA Awards 2012 • Webby for Best Employment Site – 15th Webby Awards 2011 • People’s Choice – 15th Webby Awards 2011 • Best Export Achievement – 17th AIMIA Awards 2011 • People’s Choice Award – 17th AIMIA Awards 2011 • BRW Entrepreneur of the Year 2011 • BRW Fast Starters 2011 • Best Online Business – Anthill 2010 Awards • Best Global Company – Anthill 2010 Awards • Reader’s Choice – Anthill 2010 Awards
  52. 52. What does this all of this mean? “ is the best thing ever happened in my life.. thanks to this website I am able to pay my school fees in time and not only that, I am paying school fees for my little sibling in primary school. Africa is a third world country (many are below poverty line). I can say my life has changed totally” – Duncan Mwirigi, Kenya “I can tell you loud that you saved my life: I was unemployed 5 years ago, too old to get a good job but too young to retire ... You could return a smile to my old/young face” - Lautaro Lacurcia, Uruguay Thank you
  53. 53. So what are you waiting for?
  54. 54.